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** E-Cigarette / E Vape : RDA :

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    12386 Nimbus Style RDA
    Nimbus Style RDA
    4.00 EA
    12387 Patriot Style RDA - 22mm - Stainless Steel
    Clone Patriot RDA Dripping Atomizer. Unit price: $6.00/Each.
    6.00 Each
    AT0018** Aqua Atomizer Clone
    Full stainless steel Aqua atomizer, similar to the popular Kayfun atomizer. Original price: $25.00/ea, now is $5.95/ea
    5.95 ea
    AT0027 Patriot Style RDA - 22mm - Black
    Black patriot style RDA. 22mm diameter. Match with most Mods. Unit price $6.95/ea.
    6.95 EA
    AT0028 Patriot Style RDA - 22mm - Gold
    Patriot Style RDA - 22mm - Gold
    4.00 EA
    AT0029 IGO-W3 Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    Stainless steel IGO-W3 style RDA. Unit price $6.95/ea.
    6.95 ea
    AT0032 Patriot Style RDA - 22mm - Frost
    Patriot style frost RDA made from PMMA and stainless steel. Unit price $5.95/Each.
    5.95 Each
    AT0034** Lotus Style RDA
    Lotus Style RDA
    5.00 EA
    AT0035 Hcigar AIOS-T/D atomizer
    The HCigar Aios rebuildable atomizer clone is constructed from stainless steel that will match nicely with a Chi You type mod. It has the capability of using a single or dual coil, with a nice airflow control function. Special price: $9.95/ea, used to be $23.00
    9.95 EA
    AT0037** 3D Atomizer Clone
    Clearance Price: $4.99/ea.
    4.99 ea
    AT0042 Raijin RDA
    Raijin RDA with airflow control system. 4 internal posts. Unit price $8.50/ea.
    8.50 EA
    AT0043 Trident V2 Atomizer Clone
    The new Trident V2 rebuildable atomizer clone offers some new features from it's predecessor. With better airflow design and a facelift in overall physical aspects, the V2 maintains the popular 3 posts and copper connection for the ultimate conductivity. Unit price $9.95/ea.
    9.95 EA
    AT0054 Kraken RBA - 26mm - Brass
    A larger version of Kraken with 26mm diameter. Unit price 9.95/ea.
    9.95 EA
    AT0055 Stillare RDA - 26mm
    Introducing the 26mm diameter Stillare RDA clone. The rebuidable drip atomizer is made from a stainless steel material, has five brass posts. Unit price $9.95/ea.
    9.95 EA
    AT0058 Enigma Style RDA - Stainless Steel
    The Enigma RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) clone by Infinite is a fantastic atomizer that provides high quality construction. Unit Price 9.95
    9.95 Each
    AT0065 Castle RDA Clone
    Castle RDA Clone
    4.00 Each
    AT0066** 26650 Kayfun V3.1 RBA
    Unit Price $9.50/Each.
    9.50 Each
    AT0067 Tobh Atty V2 RDA - 30mm - Gold / Black
    28mm size RDA. Unit Price 9.95/ea.
    9.95 Each
    AT0073-1 22mm Tobh Atty V2 RDA (S.S. Central Post)
    Stainless Steel. S.S. Central Post. Unit Price: $9.95/Each.
    9.95 Each
    AT0074 W6 Style RDA Clone
    W6 style rebuildable dripper with adjustable airflow ring(6 airholes). Unit price $9.95/ea.
    9.95 EA
    AT0075** Patriot Style RDA - 28mm
    Patriot clone with 28mm inner diameter. Fit for mods using 26650 batteries. Unit price $9.95/ea, used to be $13.5/ea
    9.95 EA
    AT0076 Copper Taurus RDA Clone With 22mm diameter
    Now introduce you the copper version Taurus dripper. 22mm diameter. Unit price $6.00/ea.
    6.00 EA
    AT0085 Enigma Style RDA - Copper
    Copper version Enigma RDA with stainless steel muffler drip tip. Unit price $9.95/Each.
    9.95 EA
    AT101 Nucleus Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    Stainless Steel Nucleus Style RDA. Unit Price:$9.50/Each.
    9.50 Each
    AT103 Crown Style Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer
    Stainless Steel Crown Style RDA. Unit Price: $9.95
    9.95 EA

    212 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] <Next Page>