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Minimum Order: $100.00

Kitchen Items :

22 items found: Page [ 1 ]

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

  Item # Description Price Unit
**Black36bags Wholesale Jumbo Size Black color Bags
size"28*20 (measure taken without counting the handle). high quantity. 200pcs in a box
26.00 case of 200
*ThankYou Bag Wholesale ThankYou Bag 1000ct White Out of Stock
one box 1000pcs, size: 12"x 22"
20.00 box of 1000pc
GD0001 Wholesale Stainless Steel Sink Strainer - 2pc/card
*2pcs per card as show in picture * 85 cents / card * One large and one small sink strainer
10.20 dozen
GD0002 Wholesale Metal Forks - 15 cents/fork
*12 bags of metal forks *75 cents per bag of 5 forks *only 15 cents per fork
9.00 dozen bags
GD0003 Wholesale Metal Spoons - 6pc/bag 12.5 cents per spoon
*12 bags of metal spoons *6pcs of spoons per each bag *ONLY 12.5 cents per spoon
9.00 dozen bags
GD0005 Wholesale Single Piece 2.5" Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Strainer
0.60 each when purchased by the dozen.
7.20 dozen
GD0008 Wholesale 4pc assorted size Strainer
$0.65 each when purchased by the dozen.
7.80 dozen
Item108 Wholesale 12 pcs small Bamboo Cutting Board, 9.5"*13"
$2.25 each when purchased by the dozen. Size 9.5"*13"
27.00 dozen
Item1120 Wholesale Wine Opener
$0.65 each when purchased by the dozen
7.80 dozen
item120 cookingknife Wholesale stainless steal cooking knife/ copper
3.75 each when purechased by the dozen. size: 11.50"*4"
45.00 dozen
Item128 Wholesale Bamboo Cutting Board
size: 12"x8"x1" $1.95/ea
23.40 dozen
Item140 Wholesale 6 pcs assorted colors Sponge Cleaner
$0.70 each pc when purchased by the dozen.
8.40 dozen
Item141 Wholesale 12pcs Sponge cleaner
$0.70 each pc when purchased by the dozen.
8.40 dozen
Item36 wholesale 12 pack set of 4pcs Toothpicks
$0.75 each (set of 4pcs) when purchase by the dozen.
9.00 dozen
Item48 Cutting Board Wholesale 12 pcs Big Bamboo Cutting Board 11"*15"
$3 each when purchased by the dozen. Size: 11"*15"
36.00 dozen
Item49 Wholesale 12 pks of plastic Chopping Mats
$0.65 each pack (2 pcs in a pack) when purchased by the dozen.
7.80 dozen
Item50 Wholesale 12 pks of 3 pcs Cooking set Out of Stock
$0.85 each set whhen purchased by the dozen. 3 pcs in a set
10.20 dozen
Item51 Wholesale 12 pcs of BBQ / Cooking Clamp
$0.65 each whhen purchased by the dozen, assorted colors in a dozen.
7.80 dozen
Item52 Wholesale 12 pcs 7" Round Mesh Strainer with Handle Out of Stock
$0.65 each when purchased by the dozen.
7.80 dozen
Item625 Wholesale 12pcs Green color sponge cleaner
8.40 dozen
Item702 Wholesale Latex Washing Glove
2 size M,L. $0.75/ea when purchase 2 dozen
18.00 2 dozen
Item81 Wholesale 12 pcs of Stainless Steel Cup
$0.75 each when purchased by the dozen
9.00 dozen

22 items found: Page [ 1 ] All shipping charges are calculated after the order has been placed. We will calculate the weight and dimensions of the package to find out the shipping charge. If you would like to know the shipping charge, please place the order, and in the note to seller box, please indicate "call me for shipping charge". We will calculate the shipping charge, then call you to let you know. If you disagree with the shipping charge, we will then cancel your order. If you are fine with your shipping charge, we will then process it for shipping. All sales are final. If you have any problem after receiving the order, please contact us ASAP. E-mail us at, or call us at 616-452-6860. We thank you for your business.