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WACKYWalk'r has been making premium pet products since 2004. All of our products are safe, and designed to enrich the lives of our 4-legged friends. Our no pull leashes make a more enjoyable walk for those at BOTH ends of the leash. Everything is made by hand in North America.

The WUNDERball is made from our excess leash material, which not only keep costs down, but helps us do our part in becoming a more eco-conscience, forward thinking, sustainable company. 

The WUNDERball, a first of its kind, just received its patent for the unique design and beneficial features. Their odd shape and great colors make them an irresistible impulse purchase. Made from natural rubber, they bounce better than synthetic rubber and unpredictably, they also roll further than other balls. WUNDERballs float, remove plaque and tarter, AND they are indestructible. 

There is no other fetch toy that does so much.  Our retail partners start with the 36 ball countertop display. (12 small, 12 medium and 12 large).  Then they order refill bags of 12 in the size of their choice.  When placed near the register, our retail partners are averaging more than 50 balls per month.

Countertop Display - Regular Price $234 - Special Offer $199 for 36 balls & FREE SHIPPING!
Sell for $8.99-$16.99 each

  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • 100% Made by Hand
  • Made in North America
  • Indestructible
  • Safe for your pup and the Planet
  • Patented
Countertop Display
Countertop Display

Comes preloaded with 36 Balls, (12 small, 12 medium, 12 large) Replenish display with refill bags in the sizes you need. Sell for $8.99-$16.99 each - Special Offer Now Only $199 and free shipping

They Float!
They Float!

WUNDERballs cannot be punctured and are not hollow. They will always float - making them the choice for fetch with your water loving dogs.


WUNDERballs are now available in XL. It's HUGE! Size does matter when it comes to playing fetch with those big guys. Bigger than a softball and just as durable as the smaller sizes.

Indestructable - Guaranteed!
Indestructable - Guaranteed!

WUNDERballs are tougher than tough. In addition to removing plaque and tarter, the WUNDERballs are indestructible - Guaranteed!


WUNDERball for Dogs - Countertop Display - Save $35 & FREE Shipping!

First time WUNDERball retailers on Wholesalecentral receive $35 OFF a countertop display of 36 indestructible, made by hand & patented dog balls. Attention pet stores, dog groomers, dog trainers, veterinary clinics & C-stores. Reg. $234 - NOW ONLY $199. Sell for $8.99-$16.99 ea. Code WCWunderball


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 We have been voted "Most Exceptional Toy" 2020 / 2021