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Kole Imports 310-834-0004
CLIP-ON Glasses and Eyewear in Display Rack 8 pc- Qty 1
"Perfect for outdoor wear and driving. Clip it over your glasses for a smooth transition or use our; over SUNGLASSES. It has a multi-layer coating, reduces glare, UV 400 protection and reduces eye strain. This set included 6pc of CLIP-ON SUNGLASSES and 2pc over SUNGLASSES and metal display rack."
Category: Vision Care
Price: 5.5
item uploaded: 12/14/2018
Maul Sales 609-730-0135
SUNGLASSES - Strike King - Polarized - CLIP-ON Flip-Up
SUNGLASSES - Strike King - Polarized - CLIP-ON Flip-Up. Polarized. Choice of color. Amber or Gray. Amber is carded, gray as shown. CLOSEOUT!
Price: $5.00 each

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