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All Tribe Silver 702-426-1904
Buffalo Horse Hair POTTERY Etch Native American Navajo
The horse hair burns when it touches the hot POTTERY leaving a Dark stain cooked into it, making a beautiful and unique one of a kind pattern on each piece. Buffalo completely hand Etch. All Etching will vary each piece and sign by the artist. Small Buffalo 4" Tall, 6 1/2" Long
Category: Native American POTTERY
Price: $9.00 Each
Horsehair POTTERY Horse
Native American Horsehair POTTERY Horse Approximately 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide Design may Vary
Category: Native American POTTERY
Price: $18.00 Each
James Benally POTTERY Spirit Bear
Dimensions:8"H 12"L 2" W James Benally bold etched on red clay. Picture are Sample Only.
Category: Native American POTTERY
Price: $45.00 Each
The Globe Imports 407-290-0963
Ceramic Vase with Moriage Flowers
"The Overall Shape of This Beautiful Delicate Ceramic Vase is Inspired by a Tulip Bloom - Decorated in the Japanese POTTERY Moriage Style with Raised, Applied Decorations of Flowers Cascading Down Around the Vase from the Lip"
Category: Home Decor
Price: 39.95
item uploaded: 07/02/2018
Western Metal Wall Decor
"Representing the American Southwest and All It's Grandeur on a Grand Scale, This Metal Wall Decoration has Everything You Can Think Of: A Wagon Wheel, Cowboy Boot, Cactus, Rope, Saddle, Western Hat, and Indian POTTERY"
Category: Americana
Price: 44
item uploaded: 07/02/2018

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