Yacovia: Advanced Projector Screens

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Yacovia Projection Screens - The next generation of projection displays is here.
Our screens are manufactured using our Visible-Light Spectrum Control patented technology to minimize the interference of ambient light. This allows our projector screens to perform well in light environments just as they would in the dark.
To see videos of our screens, visit our website: www.yacovia.com

Our Line of Products:

Storefront Screens - Rear projection applications
In-Store Screens - Rear projection applications
Classroom Screens - Front projection applications
Conference Room Screens - Front projection applications
Home Theater Screens - Use with almost any projector
Gaming Screens - In-home use with low lumen projectors

  • Large screen sizes
  • Incredibly competitive pricing
  • Superior performance
  • Ambient Light Rejection
  • Patented Technology
  • Vibrant colors
  • High Contrast
Storefront Screens (R9 Series)

Our storefront screens are rear projection, ambient light rejecting displays. Dynamic shapes and sizes. Very aesthetic and easy to install.

Banner Screens (R11 Series)

R11 provides versatility for image and video displays. Place displays in your shop or store that pop! These screens give store owners versatility to display specials, discounts, and deals.

Home Theater Screens (Y series)

Y series changes the game. Ambient light rejection, very vibrant with deeper darks. Get top of the line performance at a fraction of the cost.

Gaming Screens (P Series)

These screens are built specifically for use with pico-projectors. Provides gamers with a large, vibrant display at very affordable prices.


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