Herbal Nitro (Energy Pills)

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Since 1999, we have been creating herbal supplements with only the highest quality ingredients. We ensure this by sourcing the ingredients ourselves so your customers don't have to worry about weird, foreign chemicals in their supplements.

TO ORDER CALL: Dante at (951) 217-2332

Our high-selling item is boxes of Extreme Energy 99-cent packets, in a 50 count. Known by customers nationwide as "red packet" or "Nitro pills," these energy pills fly off the shelf. Turn your counter space or store into a PROFIT MACHINE.
Contact Dante at (951) 217-2332

  • Great Margins
  • Fast Seller
  • Easy Buy (99 cents)
  • Hot, Stand-out Design
  • All Natural (Vegan)
Extreme Energy Packets

A strong, premium energy supplement, forged with natural herbs that unite to give you an otherworldly experience of powerful energy.


Supplier Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler

Price Point: Value Price

Minimum Order: 1 Box (50 ct)

Payment Accepted: Major Credit Cards, Paypal

Sample Packs: Yes


 Hands down BEST energy booster I have ever used and I have used this for YEARS! Start with just one because it packs a punch. I won?t use anything else. Loyal, long time customer." - Kathryn N.