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Family Owned and Operated for Over 25 Years!

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  Item # Description Price Unit
90Degree 90 Degree Postal Scale
90 Degree Postal Scale in Case
2.50 each
AAAZSH Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo kit
Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo & Conditioner Kit includes: 1 Shampoo, 1 Purifier, 1 Conditioner Penetrate and remove impurities from deep within the hair shaft. Leave the hair clean and pure. Money Back Guarantee Sold in a case of 12 kits; $7.95 per bottle.
95.40 dozen
AAGL7-24 Classic straight glass shotgun pipe, 8" long 3/8" tube
Old school glass bowl pipe
4.40 each
AAGL7-26 Classic straight glass shotgun pipe, 4" long 3/8" tube
Old school colored glass pipe
3.30 each
AAGL7-28 Classic straight glass shotgun pipe, 4" long 1/2" tube
old school, colored glass pipe
3.25 each
AGL12-43 Classic glass oil pipe
Old school glass oil pipe
3.85 each
AGL2-10 Classic Twisted Shotgun, glass pipe
Old school, glass pipe
6.60 each
AGL7-1 Classic straight glass shotgun, 8" long 1.5" tube
Old School glass pipe
8.80 each
AGL7-18 Classic straight glass shotgun pipe, 8" long 1.5" tube
Old school colored glass pipe
8.25 each
AGL7-19 Classic straight glass shotgun pipe, 8" long 1.25" tube
Old school colored glass pipe
7.15 each
AGL7-30 Classic straight glass shotgun pipe, 8" long 1/2" tube
Old school colored glass pipe
4.25 each
AGL7-65 Classic smokers glass pipe
Old school glass pipe
7.70 each
AGL7-69 Classic smokers glass pipe
Old school glass pipe
5.50 each
AGL7-9 Classic Steam Roller pipe, 6" long 1.75" tube
Old school glass pipe
8.25 each
AParty Party Pouch
Velour pouch containing all of the essentials; SAT, bat, screens, lighter and poker.
3.99 pouch
AYS Yellow Snow
The Original Terminader brand Synthetic Urine. Novelty SYNTHETIC URINE, Compare to Quick Fix,detox drinks, Magnum,carbo clean, and other brands.
86.30 dozen
Champa15 Satya Nag Champa Incense
15gm single incense stick
0.99 each
  Champa40 Satya Nag Champa Incense
Genuine Incense Single Stick, 40gm
1.99 each
Concert1 CONCERT KIT, Acrylic Box, Pipe, Papers, Clip, Lighter, Screens
*Concert Kit in Acrylic Box, with Pipe, Papers, Clip, Lighter, and Screens. *USA High Quality Pipe Parts. Assorted Color combinations.
3.75 each
CP120 Pewter Skull Key Clip
Alligator clip with skull key.
2.50 each
CP121 Pewter Jack Daniels Clip
Alligator clip with Jack Daniels label.
2.50 each
CP122 Pewter Flying Wheel Clip
Alligator clip with pewter wheel with wings.
2.50 each
CZEP Zeppelin with Colored Sleeves
Zeppelin available in Nickel or Brass finish with assorted colored sleeves.
1.50 each
DC7 Staight Diamond Cut Pipe, USA Top Quality Parts
Straight Diamond Cut Pipe in assorted Colors, available in Nickel Finish.
1.75 each
DUG1s Small Wooden Dugout with Brass Bat
Solid Wood Dugout with Brass Bat. Overall height 2 3/4".
5.25 each
GOLD60 Terminader Gold 60 - Detox Drink
Terminader Gold 60 Detox Drink - Choose 17oz or 20oz. Sold by the box/12 bottles in a box.
90.00 Box of 12
GUITAR Brass Guiter Clip
Brass Guitar Clip
3.49 each
KC01 Pewter Jack Daniels Key Chain
Pewter Key Chain, Jack Daniels Label
1.95 each
KC02 Pewter Skull Key key chain
Pewter key chain with pewter skull key.
1.95 each
KC03 Pewter Dancing Bear Key Chain
Pewter key chain with dancing bear.
1.95 each
KC04 Pewter Bat Key Chain
Key chain with pewter bat.
1.95 each
KEY Solid Brass Key Clip
Solid Brass Key Clip
3.49 each
LADY Brass Lady clip
Brass lady clip
3.49 each
LgPouch Large Fire Proof Pouch 17" x 12.5"
Fire Resistant Document Pouch Bag. Big size 17" x 12 1/2" FREE Water Proof Pouch included. Fire Proof Pouch is a high-tech bag made of a space-age, fire-retarding Fiber material.
34.95 each
NB5 Wood & Metal Pipe, USA Top Quality Parts
Metal Pipe with wood sleeve, available in Brass or Nickel Finish, Brown or Black wood stem.
1.75 each
NBSAT Brass or Nickel SAT, We Only Use Top Quality USA Parts
*SAT(bullet) available in Nickel or Brass. *USA High Quality Pipe Parts.
1.50 each
  Numb Magic Numb Cream 30gm
Numbing Cream, 30gm, 5% Lidocaine
8.95 each
ONYX Onyx Pipes
Assorted Onyx Pipes, 2-2.5" and round onyx stones. Quantities limited. Order while supply lasts. NEW LOWER PRICE!!!!!!!
2.99 each
OnyxL Large Onyx Pipe Out of Stock
Large Onyx Pipe - Approximately 3" Long. Assorted colors & shapes.
4.25 each
PIC-1 Assorted Picture Pipes, We use only High Quality USA Parts
*Assorted Picture Pipes,available in Brass or Nickel Finish. There are over 400 pictures to choose from. *USA High Quality Pipe Parts. CHOOSE FROM THE DROP DOWN LIST OR CHOOSE ASSORTED.
2.50 each
SAT Anodized SAT, Mixed Colors, Top Quality USA Parts Only,
*Anodized SAT, Available in five colors, Black, Purple, Green, Red, or Blue with Black Boot. *USA High Quality Pipe Parts.
1.49 each
SmPouch Small Fire Proof Pouch 9" x 5"
FIRE PROOF POUCH is a high-tech bag made of a space-age, fire-retarding material. Protects your vital documents up to 1200 degrees. Fire Resistant Cash Pouch Bag. 9" X 5" comes with FREE Water Proof Pouch.
24.95 each
T5 Tye Dye Chamber Pipe - Made in the USA
Tye Dye Chamber Pipe in assorted designs,available in Nickel or Brass Finish, Made in the USA.
2.95 each
WC01 Wood Stem Clip
Alligator clip with wooden peanut stem. Available in Black and Brown wood.
2.25 each
WC02 Wood Bat Stem Clip
Alligator clip with 2.5" long wooden bat.
2.50 each
WZEP Zeppelin with Wood Sleeve
Zeppelin with Wood Sleeve, Available with in Brass or Nickle finish.
1.75 each

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