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Minimum Order: $96.00

Welcome To GFD Imports, The Wild Berry Incense Distributor
Wild Berry Incense is a Retailer's Dream!

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  Item # Description Price Unit
NAG 15 Nag - Champa
Nag-Champa 15 gram box. There are 12 boxes of Nag Champa that weigh 15 grams each.
12.50 per dozen
SCMT250 Pocket scale 250g.
ON SALE!! Was $24.99. Now only $21.99!!! WOW! DigiWeigh Pocket scale 250g.x0.1g. These are fast selling scales.
21.99 each
SCAP Small End Cap Display ONLY
Small End Cap Display ONLY
350.00 each
STBIG Starter Kit Biggies
Starter kit for 19" biggies
289.00 1
HACK Suede Hacky Sacks, assorted dozen
Beautiful Suede Hacky Sacks, assorted dozen
24.00 dozen
STO W/OAKT Wild Berry Incense Fragrance Oil Starter kit with Oak Tester Bar
Oak tester bar, with a specially made under-the-counter merchandiser which includes six half ounce bottles of 12 wholesale fragrances.
271.00 Each
STO W/ OAKO Wild Berry Incense Fragrance Oil Starter Kit with Storage Rack
The Oak tester bar is available with space for 6 bottles of each wholesale fragrance to be displayed on the countertop.
296.00 Each
STS Wild Berry Incense Shorties Starter Kit
Smaller stick, same BIG fragrance!
273.00 Starter Kit
ST18 Wild Berry Incense Stick Starter Kit 18
Two bundles each of our best selling (or a mix of your choice) 18 fragrances. Pluse all you will need to get started.
353.00 Each

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