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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $96.00

Incense Burners & Oil Diffuser :

  • Assorted Burners
  • Ceramic Burners
  • Glass Burners
  • Incense Cone Burners
  • Incense Oil Burners
  • Incense Stick Burners
  • Oil Diffusers
  • Smoking Bottles
  • Soapstone Burners
  • Wooden Burners

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    LTR Brass Light Ring
    brass light ring
    6.00 per dozen
    CSIB Canoe shaped boat burner
    Canoe shaped boat burner
    5.00 each
    CB Ceramic Boat Burners
    Ceramic boat burners Assorted
    5.00 each
    CCF Ceramic Round Plate Frog
    Ceramic Burners Frog Design Assorted Colors
    3.50 each
    CSA Ceramic Stash & Ash
    Ceramic Stash & Ash stick burner
    5.00 each
    DWBB Deluxe box burner
    Deluxe box burner with storage
    4.25 each
    DCWBB Deluxe carved box burner Out of Stock
    Deluxe carved box burner with storage
    4.00 each
    FCWB Extra fancy carved box (storage only)
    Extra fancy carved box (storage only)
    5.00 each
    XFCC Extra fancy carved incense coffin box burner
    Extra fancy carved coffin box burner with Storage for Wild Berry Incense.
    6.50 each
    XFRTC Extra fancy round top coffin box burner Out of Stock
    Extra fancy round top coffin box burner with Storage
    6.50 each
    WIB Flat wood boat burners, assorted
    Flat wood boat burners, assorted
    12.50 per dozen
    SSOD Large Soap Stone Oil Diffuser
    Soapstone Oil diffuser/ ASSORTED
    7.50 each
    SSODM Medium Soapstone Oil Diffuser
    Soapstone oil diffusers medium size
    5.00 each
    SCS Shortie Coffin
    Coffin Burner and Stash for Shortie Sticks
    3.00 each
    6.00 Each
    SB Smoking bottle
    Glass Smoking bottle
    8.00 each
    SIB Soapstone Incense Boat
    Soapstone boat burner
    2.50 each
    SIP Soapstone Stick Burner
    Soapstone Stick burners come assorted
    3.00 each
    SBCB Standing Brass Cone Burner
    Standing Brass Cone Burner
    3.50 each
    WBO Wood box burner with open storage
    Wood box burner with open storage
    2.50 each
    WIP Wood plate assorted
    Wood plate , assorted soapstone center or carved
    3.00 each
    WIBI Wooden incense boats with brass inlay
    Inlay designs in Brass, Dozen
    12.50 per dozen

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