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Banners and Scrolls :

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  • Black Light Tapestries

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    Banner-10 Banner #10
    Small High Dignity Banner
    4.75 each
    Banner-12 Banner #12
    Medium Chakra Banner
    3.50 each
    Banner-2 Banner # 2
    Small Lotus Banner
    6.50 each
    Banner-3 Banner #3 with sayings
    cute small banner with positive words
    6.50 each
    Banner-4 Banner #4 Large with sayings
    Large banner with different positive sayings
    12.00 each
    Banner-5 Banner #5 Lotus
    Large banner with lotus flowers and sayings
    12.00 each
    Banner-7 Banner #7 Small Pastel Grow Triangle
    Small Pastel colored triangles with inspirational words
    3.00 each
    Banner-8 Banner #8 Mini triangle saying banner
    Mini triangle banner with positive words
    4.50 each
    Banner-9 Banner #9 Mini Chakra
    Mini triangle chakra banner
    2.50 each
    BLT-012 4-Shrooms Black light Tapestry Out of Stock
    Black light tapestry with four mushrooms that are bright and fun! 28x22
    7.50 each
    BLT-035 Naked fairy black light tapestry
    Black light tapestry with a fairy with a purple star wand. 28x22
    7.50 each
    BLT-043 Black Light Tapestry Planet/Star burst
    Black light tapestry with Saturn like planet in a star burst. 28x22
    7.50 each
    BLT-105 Black Light Tapestry Hemp Leaf Tree
    Black Light Tapestry with Hemp leaf like a tree. 28 x 22
    7.50 each
    BLT-107 Black Light Tapestry Hemp Leaf
    Black light tapestry with hemp leaf and swirls 28 x 22
    7.50 each
    BLT-110 Black Light Tapestry Spiral
    Black light tapestry with a spiral 28x22
    7.50 each
    BLT-203 Black Light Tapestry Heart Cloud
    Black light tapestry with a heart shaped cloud type of design very cool! 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-205 Black Light Tapestry Two Fairies
    Black light tapestry with two woodland like fairies. 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-206 Black Light Tapestry Pyramid Mountains
    Black light tapestry with pyramids 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-207 Black Light Tapestry Eye with Hands
    Black light tapestry with a big eye and two hands. 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-208 Black Light Tapestry Ying-yang
    Black light tapestry with Ying-yang design. 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-211 Black Light Tapestry Fairy on the Hill
    Black Light tapestry with a fairy sitting on a hill with some mushrooms. Fairy is holding her head in her hands. 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-214 Black Light Tapestry Dolphins
    Black light tapestry with 3 Dolphins 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-216 Black Light Tapestry Dragon
    Black light tapestry with Chinese Dragon circling the world
    15.00 each
    BLT-218 Black Light Tapestry Hemp Leaf Tree
    Black light tapestry with Hemp leaf trees . 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-220 Black Light Tapestry Meditating Alien
    Black light tapestry with Meditating Alien with brainstorm cloud. 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-222 Black Light Tapestry Goofy Shroomies
    Black light tapestry with some goofy mushroom guys that look like the Casper ghost friends! 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-223 Black Light Tapestry Ohm
    Black Light Tapestry with Ohm design 65x43
    15.00 each
    BLT-225 Black Light Tapestry Spiral
    Black light tapestry with spiral 65X43
    15.00 each
    BLT-243 Black Light Tapestry Chakra Wheel
    Black light tapestry with Chakra wheel
    15.00 each