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Sage :

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    BULK SAGE-1 4" White Sage Smudge Stick
    4" California white sage smudge stick
    1.75 each
    BULK SAGE-10 Black Sage 4" Smudge Stick
    Natural black sage 4" smudge stick
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-11 9-10" Black Sage Smudge Stick
    Natural black sage 9-10" smudge stick
    3.25 each
    BULK SAGE-12 Dragon's Blood Sage 9-10"
    9-10" natural dragon's blood sage smudge stick
    6.00 each
    BULK SAGE-13 4" Blue Sage
    natural blue sage smudge stick 4"
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-14 4" Dragon's Blood Sage
    Natural dragon's blood sage 4"
    2.50 each
    BULK SAGE-15 Yerba Sage 9-10"
    9-10" Yerba sage smudge stick
    6.00 each
      BULK SAGE-16 3-4" Torch Sage
    White torch sage smudge stick. 3-4"
    1.75 each
    BULK SAGE-2 5-7" White Sage Smudge Stick
    California white sage smudge stick 5-6"
    2.50 each
    BULK SAGE-3 8-9" White Sage Smudge Sticks
    8-9" California white sage smudge sticks
    3.00 each
    BULK SAGE-4 Yerba Sage 4"
    4" Yerba sage smudge stick
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-5 Shasta Sage 4"
    4" Shasta sage smudge stick
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-6 4" Pine Smudge Stick
    Natural pine smudge stick 4"
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-7 Juniper 4" Smudge Stick
    Natural juniper smudge stick 4"
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-8 Desert Sage 4" Smudge Stick
    Desert sage smudge stick 4"
    2.00 each
    BULK SAGE-9 Copal 4" Smudge Stick
    Natural copal 4" sage smudge stick.
    2.50 each
    PALO SANTO Bulk Palo Santo (Holy) Wood
    4" Palo Santo holy wood
    27.00 lbs
    PK-1 Blue Sage
    Pack of three 4" blue sage
    4.50 each
    PK-10 Mountain Sage Pre-Pack
    3pc mountain sage smudge sticks 4"
    4.50 each
    PK-12 Palo Santo Sticks
    Pre-Pack of Palso Santo Holy Wood Sticks
    4.50 each
    PK-13 Loose White Sage
    Pre-Pack of loose California white sage
    4.50 each
    PK-14 Pre-Pack Palo Santo Powder
    Palo Santo powder pre-pack
    4.50 each
    PK-15 White Sage Pre-Pack
    California white sage pack of three. 4"
    4.50 each
    PK-16 Black Sage Pre-Pack
    3pc Pre-Pack of 4" black sage smudge wands
    4.50 each
    PK-17 Sage Smudge Kit
    White sage smudge kit. Comes with one white sage wand, palo santo sticks, one abalone shell, and a feather.
    4.50 each
    PK-18 Pre-Pack Black Sage 9"
    9" Black sage smudge stick pre-pack
    5.50 each
    PK-19 Pre-Pack 9" White Sage
    9" White sage pre-pack
    4.50 each
    PK-2 White Sage Torch
    Three pack of natural white sage torches.
    4.50 each
    PK-3 Pre-pack Copal Sage
    4" three piece pack of copal sage.
    4.50 each
    PK-4 Juniper 3pc Pack
    3pc pack of 4" Juniper smudge sticks
    4.50 each
    PK-5 Pine 3pc Pack
    3pc Pack of 4" Pine smudge sticks
    4.50 each
    PK-6 Palo Santo Chips
    Pre-pack of Palo Santo chips
    4.50 each
    PK-7 Yerba Santa Sage 3pc Pack
    3pc Pre-Pack of 4" Yerba Santa smudge sticks
    4.50 each
    PK-8 Dragon's Blood 3pc Pack
    4" Dragon's Blood 3pc pack
    4.50 each
    PK-9 Desert Sage 3-Pack
    3pc pre-pack of Desert Sage 4"
    4.50 each
    SWEET GRASS BRAID Sweet Grass Braid
    30" Sweet grass braid
    4.50 each

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