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Minimum Order: $100.00

Handbags :

  • Hobo
  • Leather
  • Thai Bags

    (*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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      Item # Description Price Unit
    HOBO-1 Sling Hobo Bag
    Sling hobo bag with multiple designs available
    9.00 each
    HOBO-2 Hobo Backpacks
    Backpacks available in multiple designs and styles.
    12.00 each
    HOBO-4 Hemp Backpacks
    Multiple designs available.
    12.00 each
    LHB-1 Leather Bag with Flower Star
    Synch leather bag with design and tassels.
    6.00 each
    LHB-4 Leather Backpack
    Medium sized faux soft leather backpack with punch out design.
    9.00 each
    LHB-6 Small Leather Pouch Out of Stock
    Faux leather pouch with beaded tassels
    4.00 each
    LHB-7 Small Leather bag with Tassels
    Soft faux leather bag with tassels
    4.00 each
    THAI BAG #10 Thai Messenger Bag
    Sold as an assortment of colors
    6.00 each
    THAI BAG #14 Thai Backback
    Sold in an assortment of colors
    9.00 each
    THAI BAG #15 Large Thai Backpack
    Sold as an assortment of colors
    11.50 each
    THAI BAG #16 Medium Thai Bag with Clasp
    Sold as an assortment of colors
    7.00 each
    THAI BAG #17 Thai Fanny Pack
    Sold as an assortment of colors
    10.00 each
    THAI BAG #23 Medium Sinch Thai Bag with Owl
    Sold as an assortment of colors
    6.00 each
    THAI BAG #25 Small Thai Purse
    Convenient when you want to travel light. Great for holding phones and small wallets. Sold as an assortment of colors.
    4.00 each
    THAI BAG #4 Thai Douffle Bag
    Sold in assorted colors
    8.00 each