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Air Play Fragrances

Jan 1, 2012

Air Play Fragrances launched in September of 2011, a line of four oil-based, all-purpose air fresheners, backed by hip-hop stars, Nelly and the St. Lunatics. Currently distributed in convenience stores, liquor stores, and through mass merchandisers, the air fresheners are sold retail and wholesale through, and produced by Superior Fragrances.

The Air Play line has been in the making for about two years. "We first got started with Blu Bolden, COO of Derrty Entertainment, which is Nelly's label," says Jillene Docter, vice president of operations for Superior Fragrances. "The guys were very involved with choosing the fragrances, making sure that the formula is 100 percent safe for the environment and safe for people's health. They wanted it to be compliant in every state. It's very long lasting, and will definitely outshine any of the other air fresheners on the market." There are currently four varieties available: Red Riot, which features a strawberry apple scent; Green Light, which is more of a fresh, clean fragrance; Blue Chill, currently the most popular, which contains a slight scent of melon; and Pink Sugar, which is a vanilla cashmere fragrance. "We had to have approval every step of the way," Docter notes. "We first put together a nice portfolio, putting an idea in the hip-hop icons' heads and throwing some suggestions out there. From that portfolio, the guys all sat down and picked out the basics. What colors do we want to use? How many different scents do we want to start with? How many bottles do we want in our displays? What can look attractive and still be small enough where convenience stores will put it next to Five Hour Energy on their counters? In two years, we've thrown a lot in their direction, and they've sent a lot of ideas back."

The care dedicated to packaging was a large part of the process necessary in getting the product on the market. Included in the recommendations was the idea to make everything black, Nelly's favorite color, with small, clear hashes that go around and up the back of the bottle, so the user can see how much of the product has been used. Initially, Air Play plans on targeting the St. Louis market, where Nelly and the St. Lunatics are based. Because they are local, the members of the group are able to do promotions for the fragrances, including dropping by certain convenience stores in the area that carry Air Play for a few hours to do bottle signings and hand out free samples. In addition, Superior Fragrances is working on local commercials, advertisements and billboards, as well as contests on the radio to give listeners free products.

Many new companies have been hurt by trying to move too quickly, and Air Play is going to take a city-by-city approach in marketing the fragrances. "Our goal is to hit St. Louis hard, get some products moving in this area, and then pick our next target," Docter says. "We want to make sure that everything goes perfectly. We don't want any flaws because we're representing somebody whose image is really important, so we really want to take it step by step and hit every channel that we need to, making sure we're crossing our T's and dotting our I's." She adds that there may be additional scents or an expansion into other products.

While the celebrity endorsement is helpful, the product stands on its own and will garner significant repeat business for buyers. "We really wanted to appeal to everybody, and not limit it to just a certain demographic," she adds. "If there are people out there who have no idea who Nelly is or who the St. Lunatics are, I really feel like they are still going to pick the product up and check it out because of its classy look. Nelly didn't want a giant picture of his face on the bottle, and we didn't want that either. There are other celebrity endorsements out there, and you can get the point across without being too blunt or bold about it." However, for those who are familiar with Nelly and the St. Lunactics, the Derrty Entertainment logo is on the bottle, in a small, incognito form.

The Air Play website is currently live and consistently streaming new promotions, as well as noting where the group is performing and visiting next. It has sections for both retail and wholesale customers, with a contact form for customers interested in buying wholesale to get more information. In addition, the fragrance's site offers cases of 12 for each of the four scents, as well as the option to get three each of the four fragrances, for $31.20. Minimum order is only one case, and quantity discounts are available. The price falls to as low as $27 per box with higher volume purchases, and there are special offers in the works for deals such as buy one, get one free. Each box comes with an individual display.

For more information:
Air Play Fragrances
6962 Highway 111
S Roxana, IL 62087
Tel.: 618-254-0200
Toll Free: 855-254-0200
Fax: 618-254-7421

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