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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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2013 Wholesale News Archive

January 2013

Business Strategies - Cyber Monday Shatters Mobile Records

Business Strategies - Ecommerce in 2015

Business Strategies - Facebook Offers Viral Advertising

Business Strategies - Fight Online Fraud

Business Strategies - Mobile Sales Drive Profits

Business Strategies - New Year, New eCommerce System

Business Strategies - Strength in eCommerce Sector

Business Strategies - Transform Viewers into Buyers

Company Profiles - Enlightening Decor Products

Company Profiles - Get a Foothold with Cheap Wholesale Socks

Company Profiles - Haute Fashion at Deep Discounts

Company Profiles - New dog and cat product is a sign of a pet owner's love

Company Profiles - Showers Burst with Aromatherapy

Wholesale News - Launches, Supercharges the Buy Local Movement

February 2013

Business Strategies - mCommerce: Adapt or Die

Business Strategies - Time Equals Money

Business Strategies - Video For Your Website - Tactics to Build Online Sales

Company Profiles - A Taste of Milk and Honey

Company Profiles - Master Cutlery with Top Notch Knives

Company Profiles - New and Improved Scribbleband

Company Profiles - Pain Relieving Massagers Provide Soothing Profits

Company Profiles - Smart Surplus Goods for the Environment

Wholesale News - Offprice On Top

March 2013

Business Strategies - Google Feeds Your Appetite for Success

Business Strategies - Increasing Sales with CRM

Business Strategies - SEO: Make Your Website Work

Company Profiles - Big Profits in Surplus Inventory

Company Profiles - Dive into Sport Optics / Weiita International Corp.

Company Profiles - Keep Toothbrushes Germfree

Company Profiles - Leather Belts Made in the USA

Company Profiles - Polarview Sunglasses are FAA Approved

Wholesale News - A Message from the CEO

Wholesale News - ASIA AMERICA - Where Smart International Buyers Go in Miami

April 2013

Business Strategies - Guide to Product Listing Ads

Business Strategies - Order Fulfillment

Business Strategies - Start a Business with Drop Shipping

Business Strategies - U.S. eCommerce Sales to Hit $370B by 2017

Company Profiles - Keep Bugs at Bay

Company Profiles - Sales Sizzle with Cooling Towel