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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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2009 Wholesale News Archive

January 2009

Business Strategies - Marketing Closeouts - The Pleasure Principle

Business Strategies - Retailing to Etailing

Business Strategies - Tips for Cutting Taxes

Business Strategies - Tips for Selling in Tough Times

Company Profiles - Buyers Love Kelli's Gifts

Company Profiles - Hot Liquidation Deals on Electric Scooters

Company Profiles - Top Line Fragrances

Company Profiles - Trendy Apparel from Hudson

Kiosk Korner - New Products or Tried and True?

New Products - Accessories for Handhelds

New Products - Barack Obama Products

New Products - Color Me Flip Flops

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks January 2009

New Products - KAAA Car Seat Covers

New Products - Psalm 23 Jewelry

Product Trends - Excess Holiday Inventory

Product Trends - Profiting from Bamboo Apparel

Web Tech Tips -

Wholesale News - Boosting Email Marketing

Wholesale News - Home Depot Speaks Spanish

Wholesale News - Off-Price Apparel Show Feb. 15

Wholesale News - Online Buyers Expand Spending

Wholesale News - Relaxed Return Policies

Wholesale News - USPS Rates Rise

Wholesale News - Ranked the No. 1 Wholesale Trade Site on the Internet

February 2009

Business Strategies - Avoid Bad Check Losses

Business Strategies - Beating the Giant Chains

Business Strategies - Cash Flow: Key to Survival

Business Strategies - Due for a Makeover?

Business Strategies - Focus on Your Business

Business Strategies - Words That Make Or Lose Money

Company Profiles - CSB and the Ex Factor

Company Profiles - GPS Tracking from Valor System

Company Profiles - Twisteez Crafts Profits

Kiosk Korner - Kiosks Combine Novelty & Utility

New Products - Animal Trophy Puzzles

New Products - Astrojax Expands Line

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks February 2009

New Products - Frame Photos in Heart Art

New Products - Mini Helicopter

New Products - Trio of Lovable Pals

Product Trends - Asias Got the Goods

Product Trends - Fashion Accessories Spring Forecast

Product Trends - Growing Sales With Sunglasses

Wholesale News - FTC Studies Minimum Price Rules

Wholesale News - Hackers Attack Retail Sites

Wholesale News - Mall Wants Small Retailers

Wholesale News - More Time Spent Online

Wholesale News - NRF Seeks Tax Holidays

Wholesale News - Online Fraud Climbs 11 Percent

Wholesale News - Payroll Tax Holiday

Wholesale News - Skechers Plans Kids Clothes

Wholesale News - Survey: Independent retailers best at Christmas

March 2009

Business Strategies - Banks Boost Business

Business Strategies - Consumers Set Priorities

Business Strategies - Indys Buck Tide

Business Strategies - Retail Landlords Make Deals

Business Strategies - Store Survival Solutions

Company Profiles - Awesome Wholesale Expands

Company Profiles - Bargains At Discount Wholesalers

Company Profiles - Brand Names From Continental

Company Profiles - Small Sizes Equal Big Profits

Company Profiles - Variety And Service Are Priority At Mid-America Liquidators

Company Profiles - Warm Mouse Is Hot

Kiosk Korner - Diverse Products Push Sales

New Products - Bow Wow Bag

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks March 2009

New Products - Fashion Scarf Clasp

New Products - Hand Crafted in Mexico

New Products - Icons for Easter

New Products - Koozies Beverage Covers

New Products - The Baggler Bag

New Products - Twisteez Wire

Product Trends - Fashion Accessories Forecast

Product Trends - Renewable Stationery

Product Trends - Sunglasses Forecast

Web Tech Tips - Belkin Gets Caught Buying 5-Star Reviews

Web Tech Tips - Decreasing Cart Abandonment

Wholesale News - Biz Uptick Expected

Wholesale News - Golden Triangle Shows

Wholesale News - Home Depot Drops EXPO

Wholesale News - Natural Products Expo

Wholesale News - Study Sees Web Gains in Downturn

Wholesale News - U.S. Ecommerce Comeback Seen by 2010

Wholesale News - Upcoming Promotional Dates

Wholesale News - Value Price Expo Expands

Wholesale News - Web Club Touts Deals

Wholesale News - Web Sales Rising

Wholesaler of the Month - SalesOne: Sharing Success With Retailers

April 2009

Business Strategies - Build Loyalty Inside and Out

Business Strategies - Future Retail Formats

Business Strategies - Three Big eCommerce Tips

Company Profiles - Dakota Steel Art For Wind Spinners

Company Profiles - Duke Blankets Bedding Market

Company Profiles - Fun For Kids From Peabodys

Company Profiles - Great Prices & Brands at

Company Profiles - Innovative Products at Silver Streak

Company Profiles - Roth's Choice

Kiosk Korner - Framing Kiosks for Success

New Products - Cornucopia of Skulls

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks April 2009

New Products - Fashion Clutch Bag

New Products - More Bling for the Buck

New Products - Smoking Without Fire

New Products - Zaps Flying Insects

Product Trends - Anti-Aging Market Booms

Product Trends - Apparel Bargains & Trends

Product Trends - Green is Recession Proof

Product Trends - Hemp: Not Just For Textiles

Product Trends - Small Electronics

Product Trends - Website Pays Shoppers

Web Tech Tips - How to be a Wholesale Central Power User

Wholesale News - 3 Most Important Web Pages

Wholesale News - Discounters Reign

Wholesale News - Mines Wholesale

Wholesale News - Landlords Loosen Up

Wholesale News - New Show at Meadowlands

Wholesale News - NRF Defends Same As Cash

Wholesale News - Payments From Bank Accounts

Wholesale News - Sites Wield Influence

Wholesale News - Stimulus Bill Falls Short

Wholesale News - Store Pickup Gains

Wholesale News - Target Opens New Stores

May 2009

Business Strategies - Controlling and Reducing Fulfillment Costs

Business Strategies - Increasing Average Orders

Business Strategies - Profit From Anchor Closings

Company Profiles - Postage From Your PC

Company Profiles - Trendy Fashion Fun at Doki Geki

Kiosk Korner - Safe Kiosks and Profits From Security

New Products - Animal Card Game

New Products - Aqua Bling

New Products - Aquarium with Frogs

New Products - Arrowcopter Flying Light

New Products - Bling Strands for Hair

New Products - Bra Barrette

New Products - Canine Welcome Signs

New Products - CLUE: 24 Edition

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks May 2009

New Products - Electronic Card Dealer

New Products - Electronic Cigarettes

New Products - Grip N Sip

New Products - Home Fish Hatchery

New Products - Incense Display Kits

New Products - Jewelry with Marbles

New Products - Meet the GreeNees

New Products - Orbit Wheel

New Products - Original Shammy Cloths

New Products - Patriotic Neckbuddy

New Products - Pony Tire Swing

New Products - Popular Peace Signs

New Products - Pumgo Scooter

New Products - Safe Water from Ech20

New Products - Sconces Go Wireless

New Products - Tear Bottles

New Products - Teddy Scares

New Products - The Cricket Toy

New Products - Totem City & Totem Nature

New Products - Towel Cakes

New Products - Tranquila Beverage

New Products - Vapor Water

New Products - Versatile Lemonade Stand

New Products - Vintage Bottle Openers

New Products - X-ing Signs

New Products - Yackle Balls

Product Trends - Jewelry and Watches Shine Online

Wholesale News - Big Success At GTS Expo

Wholesale News - Fighting Payment Fraud

Wholesale News - Cuts Fee

Wholesale News - More Web Taxes Looming

Wholesale News - Web Merchants Win in Court

June 2009

Business Strategies - 4 Ways to Increase ROI of Your PPC Campaigns

Business Strategies - Accept European Payment Preferences

Business Strategies - How Web Surfers Find Retailers

Business Strategies - Is Live Chat Right for You?

Business Strategies - Multichannel Marketing

Business Strategies - Wholesalers Expand Online Offerings

Company Profiles - Customized Sunglass Displays

Company Profiles - Everything Tie Dye

Company Profiles - Simple Products: Simply Success

Company Profiles - Western Style Expands

Company Profiles - Winning Sports Souvenirs

Kiosk Korner - Picking Kiosk Product Winners

New Products - A Storied Lincoln Commemorative

New Products - Adding Motors to Bikes

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks June 2009

New Products - Still Loving Lucy

New Products - Versatile Photo Transfer Kits

Product Trends - Grab and Go Green

Product Trends - Opportunity Knocks For Home Furnishings and Housewares

Web Tech Tips - Finding the Wholesale Products You Need

Wholesale News - ASD Launches Liquidation Expo

Wholesale News - Major Retail Groups Merge

Wholesale News - Push to Repeal Shoe Tax

Wholesale News - SBA Offers New Online Resources for Small Businesses

Wholesale News - Social Network Boosts Local Retail

Wholesale News - Study Confirms Shift to Online

Wholesale News - Website Discounts Lux Home Goods

July 2009

Business Strategies - Common Pay Per Click Mistakes

Business Strategies - Exploring Free Shipping Options

Business Strategies - Test Marketing For Success

Business Strategies - Using Color to Influence Shoppers

Company Profiles - Anjay Traders

Company Profiles - Barber and Company For the Love of T-shirts

Company Profiles - LLD Gift of Knowledge

Company Profiles - Partnerships Drive Growth At Inmar CLS

Kiosk Korner - Sentiment Sells Fresh Products

New Products - Cure Breast Cancer

New Products - Editor's Hot Product Picks July 2009

New Products - Hand Held Protection

New Products - Handy Clam Pack Opener

New Products - Key Ring Plus Pouch

Product Trends - Footwear Fashion Forecast

Product Trends - Plant Essences Make Profitable Scents

Wholesale News - New ASD East Trade Show

Wholesale News - No Espanol at HomeDepot

Wholesale News - Research Prompts Quick Buys

Wholesale News - Retailer Buying Strategies

Wholesale News - Rosetta Goes Retail

Wholesale News - Toys R Us Expands

Wholesale News - Web Satisfaction Drops

Wholesaler of the Month - Via Trading Live Auction Leader

August 2009

Business Strategies - 7 Ways to Tighten Your Belt

Business Strategies - Christmas and Holiday Buying Preview

Business Strategies - Making Emails Personal

Company Profiles - 2moda For Great Value and Low Prices

Company Profiles - Auctions at A&W Surplus

Company Profiles - Deals on DVDs

Company Profiles - Discount Wholesalers Adds Big Brands

Company Profiles - Dollar Store Items From JKE

Company Profiles - Lamps Light at Touch

Company Profiles - Partnerships Drive Growth At Inmar CLS

Company Profiles - Phone Cards Are Winners

Company Profiles - Sunglasses From Mass Vision

Company Profiles - Turning New Profits With New Leaf Trading

Kiosk Korner - High Margins For Kiosk Success

New Products - Animal Print Handbags

New Products - Colorful Shains

New Products - Hottest Fall Handbags

New Products - Murano Glass Pendants

New Products - New Book By Jonah White

New Products - Top Seller at $5 Store

New Products - Tornado Air Freshener

New Products - Trendy Fashion Handbags

New Products - ValueRays Warm Mouse

Product Trends - Housewares and Gifts Fall Forecast

Product Trends - Natural Pet Products

Product Trends - Top Housewares Trends

Wholesale News - CheapTweet Stores

Wholesale News - Five Paid Search Myths

Wholesale News - NRF Opposes VAT Tax

Wholesale News - Online Retailers Shift Tactics

Wholesale News - Retail Crime Jumps

Wholesale News - Website Aids Loans

Wholesaler of the Month - Business Booms at Overstock Avenue

September 2009

Business Strategies - 9 Ways to Improve Marketing

Business Strategies - Checkout Options Flourish

Business Strategies - Loyalty Programs on Rise

Business Strategies - Success Begins at Home: Advice for Your Home & Product Pages

Company Profiles - All That Jazz

Company Profiles - Best Foot Forward

Company Profiles - Cracco Jewelry from Brazil

Company Profiles - D.C. Jaymes & Company

Company Profiles - Green Equals Green Dollars

Company Profiles - SavesUCash Makes U Money

Company Profiles - Vanguard Sunglasses Inc.

Kiosk Korner - Building Brands At Kiosks

New Products - Celebrating The King of Pop

New Products - Documenting History

New Products - Eco Friendly Kids Line

New Products - Girls Tees & Tanks

New Products - Hurry Up Dice Game

New Products - Tasty Energy Mints

Product Trends - Gift Wholesalers Hopeful for the Holidays

Product Trends - Toys & Novelties Extravaganza

Web Tech Tips - Wholesale Central hits 600,000 items

Wholesale News - Buyers Seek Bargains

Wholesale News - Content Trumps All

Wholesale News - Dollar Stores Thrive

Wholesale News - Flea Marketers Spawning

Wholesale News - No To Health Mandates & VAT

Wholesale News - OfficeMax Partners with Payless

Wholesale News - Retailers Sell Accessories

Wholesale News - SBA to Buy Loans

Wholesale News - Small Biz Bullish

Wholesale News - Social Networks Lack Marketing

Ocotber 2009

Business Strategies - Comparing Comparison Sites

Business Strategies - Current Customers are Key to Profits

Business Strategies - Loyalty Differs Online and Off

Business Strategies - Paid Search Boosts Sales

Business Strategies - Renegotiating Leases

Business Strategies - Swine Flu Strategy

Business Strategies - Tips for Discounting

Business Strategies - What's Hot for the Holidays?

Company Profiles - Low Cost Biodegradable Bags

Company Profiles - Plus Size Wholesale Fills Niche

Company Profiles - Recession Proof Pet Products

Company Profiles - Trendy Wallets and Handbags

Company Profiles - Unique Selection at Red Barn Ranch

Kiosk Korner - Kiosks Rev Up for Christmas

New Products - Banking on Nostalgia Again

New Products - Firefly Lighter

New Products - Glittering Drinks

New Products - More Pleasure from Health Rockers

New Products - Things that Go Splat!

New Products - Turn iPhone into POS Terminal

Product Trends - Dress for Less - the New Normal

Product Trends - Green Profits: Take A Deep Breath

Product Trends - Jewelry and Watches for Holiday Profits

Wholesale News - Abandoned Cart Email

Wholesale News - Broadband Widens Reach

Wholesale News - Named Official Wholesale Directory of The Transworld Merchandise Cente

Wholesale News - Fed Extends Loan Program

Wholesale News - Opinions Sway Youth

Wholesale News - PayPal for Teens

Wholesale News - Sears Adds Toy Shops

Wholesale News - Web Helps Small Biz

November 2009

Business Strategies - Effective Email Marketing

Business Strategies - Knowing Your Market Share Will Set You Free

Business Strategies - Lifestage Predicts Web Shoppers

Business Strategies - Marketing Trends for 2010

Business Strategies - Valuing Customer Retention

Business Strategies - What Makes Web Retail Tick

Company Profiles - Ahead of the Trend at

Company Profiles - Beads Corner

Company Profiles - Global Linen

Company Profiles - Spectrum Packaging Has Customer Service in the Bag

Company Profiles - Sweats & Thermals from K & C

Kiosk Korner - Kiosks Spread Fun

New Products - Grrr-nola Bars for Dogs

New Products - Inspirational Coins

New Products - Relaxing Soda

New Products - Scents from Expanding Beads

New Products - Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters

Product Trends - Conserving for Profit

Product Trends - Fragrances and Scents for High Margins

Product Trends - Souvenirs Update & Forecast

Web Tech Tips - Join the Social Networking Party

Wholesale News - Accountant Offers Help

Wholesale News - Closeout Central Partners with TMC

Wholesale News - Comparison Shopping

Wholesale News - Going Global

Wholesale News - Optimizing Conversion

Wholesale News - Overstock Avenue: New Name and Website

Wholesale News - Push for Internet Privacy

Wholesale News - Toys R Us Opens Pop Ups

Wholesale News - UPS Adds Web Printing Service

December 2009

Business Strategies - The Future of Web Video

New Products - Colorful Hair Twirlz

Product Trends - Fragrances Forecast

Web Tech Tips - Shared SSL Certificates vs. Private