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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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2012 Wholesale News Archive

January 2012

Business Strategies - Making Your Website Mobile

Company Profiles - Air Play Fragrances

Company Profiles - Mother's Day Gifts

Company Profiles - Personalized DVDs by Mediak

Web Tech Tips - Mobile Marketing Trends

Wholesale News - 2012 CES Preview

Wholesale News - China eCommerce Explodes

Wholesale News - Facebook Shopping

February 2012

Business Strategies - Local Marketing With Google AdWords Express

Business Strategies - Social Media Grows Up

Company Profiles - Pride Products

Company Profiles - Wuu Jau Company

Product Trends - Handbag Wholesalers Fashion Forecast

Wholesale News - Abandonment Update

Wholesale News - Big Spending Tablet Users

Wholesale News - Google Takes On Amazon

Wholesale News - Mobile Cyber Monday

March 2012

Company Profiles - Boosting Liquidation Innovation

Company Profiles - Conklin Fashions

Company Profiles - Drop Shipping by Kole Imports, Part One

Product Trends - Fear, Fun & Profits This Halloween

Web Tech Tips - Analyzing Google Analytics

Web Tech Tips - Your Guide to the New Google Analytics

Wholesale News - GENCO Marketplace Wins Exclusive Contract to Liquidate Returns for Home Depot

Wholesale News - Leading Internet Wholesale Source Surpasses 700,000 Product Milestone

Wholesale News - Marketing Via Pinterest

Wholesale News - Staples Expands Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Support Local Online

Wholesale News - Walmarts Online Innovations

April 2012

Business Strategies - 7 Strategy's SEO Expertise

Company Profiles - Flipo Group - Twenty Years of Innovation

Company Profiles - Global Imports Offers Wholesale Bargains

Company Profiles - Via Trading Liquidation

Product Trends - Back-to-School Online

Product Trends - Online Payment Trends

Web Tech Tips - Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Wholesale News - Apple Rocks Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction Flat

Wholesale News - Gas Fuels Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Google Privacy in Question

Wholesale News - Wholesale Central and Pinnacle Cart Forge Partnership

May 2012

Business Strategies - Six Secrets of Successful eCommerce

Company Profiles - Kole's Wholesale Buying Tips

Company Profiles - Western Express For Western Success

Product Trends - Drop Shipping For Retail ROI

Web Tech Tips - Data Segmentation for Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Clash of the Retail Titans

Wholesale News - Web-Only Retailers See Growth

June 2012

Business Strategies - Email Marketing: 4 Success Factors

Company Profiles - MoH Innovates Online

Company Profiles - Robert Greenspan: Wholesale Legend

Company Profiles - Western Express: USA Made

New Products - Evergreen Arctic Chill Towels

Product Trends - The Live Chat Choice

Web Tech Tips - Conversion Funnels for Web Profits

Web Tech Tips - Walmart Dives Into Social ECommerce

Wholesale News - Wholesalers See Big Holiday Season

July 2012

Business Strategies - Innovative Toys Create Sales

Business Strategies - The Green Revolution

Business Strategies - Using Social Media to Grow Business

Company Profiles - Fortune Products Pioneers

Company Profiles - The Right Renovations at Accessories Palace

Product Trends - Free Shipping Worth Waiting For

Product Trends - Online Sales Continue to Climb

Product Trends - Social Gifting Trend

Product Trends - Timely Trends

Web Tech Tips - Marketers React to Google Changes

Web Tech Tips - Peer-to-Peer Reviews

Web Tech Tips - There's an App for That

August 2012

Business Strategies - Broadcast Your Brand with Video Marketing

Business Strategies - Consumers Demand Simple Site Navigation and Reviews

Business Strategies - Nine Tips for Mastering Google Remarketing

Business Strategies - Tablets Trump Smartphones

Company Profiles - Scents That Sell

Company Profiles - Themed Jewelry Goes the Distance

Company Profiles - Vapor Corp. Files for Padded Patent

Product Trends - Impulse Gifts Grab Sales

Web Tech Tips - Google Search Goes Shopping

Web Tech Tips - Mobile Online Transactions

September 2012

Business Strategies - 9 Lessons For Running an Ecommerce Business

Business Strategies - Shipping is Key to Shopping Carts

Business Strategies - Small Businesses Eye Big Sites

Company Profiles - Collectibles Create a Craze

Company Profiles - Kheops-Meaningful-Business

New Products - Sterling Helps Reduce Costs

New Products - The TOPS of the Game

Product Trends - Smack Talking Tees

Product Trends - Wrap the Holidays in Fun, Flirty Accessories

Web Tech Tips - Ecommerce Essentials to Grow Your Business

Web Tech Tips - The Sky's the Limit with Cloud Computing

Ocotber 2012

Business Strategies - Ecommerce Holiday Checklist

Business Strategies - Retail ECommerce to Grow Significantly

Company Profiles - Adams Creates RealComfort Barstool

Company Profiles - FLOMO - New Valentines day product line

Company Profiles - New GENCO Website Brings Greater Convenience

Company Profiles - Sterling Reduces B2B Credit Card Processing Fees

Company Profiles - The Spirit of St Louis Wholesale

Product Trends - A Whole Lot of Love

Web Tech Tips - The Best Apps for Your Business

Wholesale News - Asia America Trade Show Booms

November 2012

Business Strategies - Conquer eCommerce with Drop Shipping

Business Strategies - Engage Customers with Email

Business Strategies - Six Design Tips to Generate Sales

Company Profiles - Merling, Inc. / Licensed NFL Products

Company Profiles - Stunning Low Cost Product Photos

Web Tech Tips - Apple vs Samsung

Web Tech Tips - Best Electronic Devices Fuel Sales

Web Tech Tips - Inside Quick Response - QR Codes

Web Tech Tips - Marketplace Fairness Flack

December 2012

Business Strategies - eCommerce Musts for SEO Success

Business Strategies - Free Shipping Builds Profits

Business Strategies - USPS Hike in 2013

Company Profiles - DVA Wholesales Diverse Goods

Company Profiles - Gifts with Presence

Company Profiles - Sharp Looks From Pacific Solution

New Products - Mungi Bands are Kid Magnets

New Products - Pretty Hot & Tempting Keychains

Product Trends - Product Showcase - Hot Shades

Web Tech Tips - Popular Smartphone Apps