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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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2011 Wholesale News Archive

January 2011

Business Strategies - Moving To Mobile Ecommerce

Company Profiles - Kalan's Keys to Success

Product Trends - Bright Future for Sunglasses

Product Trends - Exit Sales Tackles Fishing Gear Online

Web Tech Tips - SEO Sweet Sixteen

Wholesale News - Bad Review? No Boost for You!

Wholesale News - E-Shoppers Love Free Shipping

Wholesale News - Stay Connected For Success

February 2011

Business Strategies - Five Reasons Why Shoppers Don't Buy

Company Profiles - Banner Year For Party Animal

Company Profiles - Puttin' on the Blitz at Mr. Checkout

Company Profiles - Summit Road Launches New Site

Product Trends - Toy and Game Forecast

Web Tech Tips - Is Chat Dead or Live?

Wholesale News - ASD Vegas Opens Feb. 27

Wholesale News - Treat Credit Data With Care

March 2011

Company Profiles - Hot-Selling History?

Company Profiles - New Golf Game Pays Off

Product Trends - Fearless Halloween Forecast

Web Tech Tips - Landing Pages Drive Conversion

Web Tech Tips - Planning Promotions

Wholesale News - Coping With Ecommerce Change

Wholesale News - More Retailers Move To Ecommerce

Wholesale News - New Ecommerce Site Design Links Catalog with Product Prices

Wholesale News - Online Retail Sales Rise 11 Percent

April 2011

Business Strategies - Product Comparison Sites Let Retailers Reach Shoppers

Company Profiles - Fragrance Maker Inspired To Launch New Products After Brush With Death

Company Profiles - Offers Complete Ecommerce Solutions

Product Trends - Dropship Business Pushed To The Foreground

Web Tech Tips - Using trust symbols on your website to drive more sales

Wholesale News - ASD Show 2011: Traffic Good, Exhibitors Pleased

Wholesale News - Ecommerce Sales on Upward Trend Through 2015

Wholesale News - Ecommerce Sites With Valuable Information Rank Higher

Wholesale News - Introduces First Ever Wholesale Product Directory

Wholesale News - Launches Wholesale Video Channel Featuring Wholesale Supplier Videos

May 2011

Business Strategies - Add Video to Your Marketing To-do List

Business Strategies - Google Product Ads

Company Profiles - Fashion Wholesaler Thrives With Great Prices And Variety

Company Profiles - Killerbeads Offers Guaranteed Sales To Ecommerce Jewelers

Product Trends - Online Merchants Go Wild

Web Tech Tips - eCommerce Social Media Marketing Done Right

Wholesale News - Web Expert Offers Selling Tips

June 2011

Business Strategies - Myths Surrounding PPC

Company Profiles - Delivers Top Of The Trend Fashion Just In Time

Company Profiles - Responding To Customer Needs, Toy Network Continues To Evolve

Product Trends - Leading Holiday Suppliers Offer Trend Advice For Seasonal Success

Web Tech Tips - Building Ecommerce Business With Blogs Means Both Challenges And Rewards

Wholesale News - Five Ways to Stop Cart Abandonment

Wholesale News - Gift Show Grows To Largest In U.S.

Wholesale News - Polling Customers On Facebook Pays Off For Ecommerce Merchants

Wholesale News - Rising Gas Prices Thwart eCommerce

July 2011

Business Strategies - New Payment Frontiers: Smart Phones

Business Strategies - Nurturing Customer Loyalty

Company Profiles - Buy4Store Finds New Ways To Serve Retailers

Company Profiles - Steal Deal Inc. Fully Optimized For Search Engines

Product Trends - Footwear Suppliers Basic Styles And Tropical Sandals Are Hot

Wholesale News - Alibaba's Payment Problems

Wholesale News - ASD Show July 31 - Aug 3

Wholesale News - Asia America Trade Show

Wholesale News - Etailers And Facebook

Wholesale News - Pow! Body Jewelry Supplier Lands Comics Licensing Deal

Wholesale News - SEO Tips for Electronic Retailers

August 2011

Business Strategies - Clear Web Words Make Profits

Business Strategies - Good Videos Can Boost Web Business

Business Strategies - Sales Tax 101

Company Profiles - DPJ Wholesale's Global Perspective

Company Profiles - Ruby Imports Costume Jewelry Trends

Product Trends - Gift And Decor Wholesalers Adapt and Thrive

Wholesale News - Banner Ad Boom

Wholesale News - Facebook & eCommerce

Wholesale News - Investing In Web Merchants

Wholesale News - Made In America

Wholesale News - Web Sales Tax Fight Looms

September 2011

Business Strategies - The Perfect Cart Experience

Company Profiles - Great L&H Trading Is Making Business Bright

Company Profiles - Historical Parchment Replicas

Company Profiles - Mountain View Movies Specializes In DVDs And Games

Product Trends - Spring Trends Focus on Value

Web Tech Tips - Optimizing Search Results for Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Google + Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Online Sales Maintain Double Digits

Wholesale News - Podcasts Enrich Wholesale Suppliers Marketing Campaigns

Ocotber 2011

Business Strategies - Google Universe: Tools To Build Your Business

Business Strategies - Mapping Multi-Channel Sales Funnels

Company Profiles - Erply's New POS System Offers Six Compelling Strengths

Company Profiles - Grill Topper Leaves a Searing Impression at Retail

Product Trends - Wholesalers Find Profits By Expanding Sales

Wholesale News - Dollar General Sells Online

Wholesale News - International Ecommerce

Wholesale News - Online Sales Rise

Wholesale News - Web Tax Issues

November 2011

Business Strategies - Best Approach for Online Sales

Business Strategies - Driving Conversion with Photography

Business Strategies - Profits & Pitfalls of Global eCommerce

Company Profiles - Bethel International markets college products

Company Profiles - Flipping Over Burger Flippers

Product Trends - Novelties & Souvenirs Forecast

Wholesale News - Cart Abandonment?

Wholesale News - Going Global

Wholesale News - More Buying at Lower Price Points

Wholesale News - Tablet Ecommerce Heats Up With Amazon's Kindle Fire

Wholesale News - Wholesale Central's improved product search

December 2011

Business Strategies - Effective Email Marketing

Business Strategies - The Truth About Traffic

Company Profiles - ThermoServ Beverageware

Company Profiles - World Trading 23 Expands

Product Trends - Fragrant Smell of Success

Wholesale News - Google Trusted Store Program Revealed

Wholesale News - Mobile App Sales Rising

Wholesale News - Profitable Social Marketing

Wholesale News - Safeguard Against Holiday Outages