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Best Electronic Devices Fuel Sales

Nov 1, 2012

  Berlin, Germany, ballooned with excitement at this year's annual Internationale Funkausstellung (Radio and Television Exhibition). Fingertips were the focus for technology and engineering executives as they gathered to kibitz about the latest touchscreens, smartphones and tablet accessories. Stealing the show was the new Samsung S pen, which gives users more connection than ever with tablet screens and takes a step towards "hover" screens. Controlled by hovering a finger over an icon rather than by tapping it, many of the show's electronics are quickly eliminating the requirement for physical contact.

  When the Apple iPhone 5 was released, customers were eager to get their hands on the first iPhone to feature a larger screen. Now, however, iPhone owners are unable to use the cases from their old devices on the upgrade. The need created by iPhone 5's growth spurt is one that Fifo Wireless, a manufacturer and distributor of cell phone accessories, was only too glad to fulfill with a line of cases for iPhone 5, as well as new home chargers, car chargers and a three-in-one charger. "The three-in-one is a combination of home and car chargers, which also features a USB port, so that users may power any electronic device that would otherwise require a connection to a computer or laptop," says Gary Rep, VP of sales and marketing." There are varieties available for iPhone and iPad, as well as for USB phones and Android. The firm carries products to suit 98 percent of the cell phones being used today, including many older models no longer being sold.

  Fifo's products retail for $11.99 and wholesale for $6. The Fifo wholesale program includes display rack servicing every few weeks. "A driver will come to replenish the rack, and if he or she sees that an item isn't selling, the driver will remove it and put something new out," explains Rep. Feedback on products that are slower to sell is relayed back to the corporate office so that future designs and packaging can be changed in accordance with popular demand.

  The Fifo Wireless website is designed as a support system for the relationship that representatives build with buyers personally or over the phone. "Normally, we recommend that customers call first, unless we've met them at a show," Rep reveals. From that point, a customer login is established and the site functions as a catalogue. Its clean design makes it easy to locate and choose products for reordering, and it plays a key role in communicating information about Fifo's latest products. Items themselves come in trilingual packaging, and the site also features a dropdown bar allowing customers to read about the merchandise in one of 66 languages.

  Equally noteworthy in terms of visibility is Weiita International Corp., whose specialty is outdoor lighting equipment and sporting optics. "My parents had started a similar business in Europe 20 years ago," Xuan Ji, company owner, says. Ji traveled overseas to attend college, and while she was in the U.S., decided to go into the lighting business as well. With products that include tactical, sporting and camping flashlights, headlamps, lanterns and a "fireplace" rod mounted on a tripod, the company keeps an inventory of reliably tough gear for even the darkest evenings.

  "Our lights have a brightness reaching up to 800 lumens, with the exception of the Saurus F65, our ultra bright flashlight featuring 1,600 lumens. That is extremely bright for these sizes of lights," Ji points out. Most models also operate with a few different settings so that the user can control the intensity. Currently, the most popular models are the Sparker F8455 and F8455c, which feature a rotating zoom system to focus or broaden the light beam. This flashlight features high, low and strobe settings, with two-hour battery life on the high setting and eight-hour life on low. All of Weiita's products range in wholesale price from $2 to $150, with a minimum order of $200, and consistently earn 100 percent markup.

  Weiita International Corp.'s website displays a select group of products in the homepage slider. Images are large and detailed, with meticulous product descriptions. A row of icons is displayed with each item to show whether or not it has a zoom feature, what type of battery it requires and other pertinent information. Finding specific items on the website is completely hassle free, due to a search function and the site's clean organization.

  Another company focused on tomorrow's technology is Tech007, provider of Bluetooth enhancers, speakers and cell phone accessories. As one of the few manufacturers slated to offer official Apple products for iPhone 5, starting in November, Tech007 sets the mobile bar high. Its innovations deliver products featuring sound expansion technology and solar panel power, all in compact designs built for efficiency. "Rather than getting a muffled sound, our customers get crisp audio from Bluetooth devices when they use our speakers," explains Julie Jones, director of operations. "I have Bluetooth speakers that do not utilize surface expansion technology, and the difference is incredible. Even the tiniest Nanobeat speaker executes surface expansion vibration generating more than twice the effective sound of the average competitor." Tech007's best sellers right now are its surface vibration speakers, which mount on any hard surface and send sound waves through it. With one portable product, nearly any object, such as a table or cabinet, can be made to emit intense sound.

  Aside from maximizing audio, Tech007 also is a leader in putting power back into mobile users' hands. With its newest product, customers can use solar energy to charge their cell phones, making it unnecessary to be wired to a wall. "The product comes in the form of a key chain and features a flashlight," explains Jones. The solar charger key chain connects via USB cable to any mobile device and can bring it back to life after around 30 minutes in the sunlight. "It's a great emergency tool, but it's also our way of going green." The product wholesales for $8 and retails for $21.99, with other Tech007 products pricing up to a $129.99 MSRP. A minimum order of around one dozen may be required with custom-made products.

  The company website features an informative slider bar on the homepage, highlighting a few of its best sellers and new products. The top menu guides users to all product and contact information, as well as to where they may register or login to the site. Each page features a row of buttons allowing for the text content to be enlarged for easier viewing.

  This year's electronic conceptions have pushed conventional limits of where power sources are drawn from and to what extent that power can be used. From multi-purpose gadgets to eco-friendly key fobs, the demand for more and better devices is sounding worldwide.

 For more information:

 Fifo Wireless
 10900 NW 21st Street #210
 Miami, FL 33172
 Toll Free: 800-922-1602
 Tel.: 305-592-7906
 Fax: 305-592-7908
 Email: Online form

 Weiita International Corp.
 1185 Edgewater Avenue
 Ridgefield, NJ 07657
 Tel.: 201-943-0785
 Fax: 347-732-4709

 3000 NW 79th Avenue
 Miami, FL 33122
 Toll Free: 877-694-4994
 Email: and Online form

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