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Bolster Global eCommerce

Feb 1, 2008
by Christopher Heine

Global eCommerce has incredible possibilities when it comes to sales. Buyers are able to find the best prices, and sellers can connect with the greatest number of customers. And it all can happen from any point in the world. It sounds like a virtual win-win situation, but not always, since the medium still has some sticking points. If you are a small business with limited resources, the Internet might be the most important international sales opportunity for your company. However, with all the fraud going on in eCommerce, how do you convince visitors to your website that you are a legitimate business? Here are five simple steps.

Step #1. Build Confidence
The primary tool for effectively selling internationally is still a quality website. Without a doubt, a good looking site goes a long way toward building customer confidence in your company and its products.

Unlike domestic customers, foreign patrons often find it difficult to verify your company's credibility through traditional methods. Your website may be the only opportunity you have to convince out of country customers that your business is capable of delivering a quality product.

If you need a better website, schedule a redesign as soon as conceivably possible. Do not go cheap on the effort. Hire a design firm who has an excellent portfolio. If you are open with them in terms of your spending parameters, they will likely work with you.

Step #2. Provide Product Information
Your website might be the only avenue foreign customers have to learn more about your products. To be more effective, you may need to modify your current website to provide more detailed information about the products you are offering. An option is to design a webpage tailored to foreign customers. The international page can be accessed via a link on the main site, making it easy to find. Consider making your site multilingual. For instance, wholesale company, Savvi, has begun offering product information in English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese to maximize exposure via

Step #3. Research International Clients
While the Internet is a great way for customers to discover your products, it is also a fantastic opportunity for your company to scout potential clients that may be interested in the products you export. Start by using, Google and Yahoo searches for international distributors and retail outlets that specialize in selling products similar to yours.

Sellers and retailers are always looking for new merchandise, and your product might be a perfect fit. Along the way, you can expand your search to include specific types of foreign agents that can help place your product on store shelves.

Step #4. Respond to Global Email
Survey results from BTB marketers continue to disappoint the experts. While globally minded businesses allow customers to contact them via email, many firms do not respond to international email as quickly as they do to a North American prospect. This way of thinking is becoming quickly outdated. By providing an email avenue for exchange, you are making an implicit commitment to respond to inquiries on a timely basis. Every marketer should try to hold up their end of the bargain.

Step # 5. A Safe Site
You want to make sure that the potential buyer does not feel like you might take their money and run, or misuse their credit information. One way to project security is to work with firms that offer relevant services and web logos.

Hacker Safe, Scan Alert, TRUSTe and ControlScan can be great ways to boost confidence during checkout. Numerous case studies have shown that security logos significantly bolster sales conversion rates. In addition, the aforementioned companies offer service packages for the needs of small, medium and large businesses.

For more information, contact:

Scan Alert/Hacker Safe
860 Napa Valley Corporate Way, Suite R
Napa, CA 94558
Tel.: 707-224-7656

ControlScan, Inc.
340 Interstate North, Suite 347
Atlanta, GA 30339
Tel.: 800-825-3301
Fax: 800-825-2207

685 Market Street, Suite 270
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel.: 415-520-3400
Fax: 415-520-3420

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