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Broadcast Your Brand with Video Marketing

Aug 1, 2012

With television, radio, websites, brochures, social media, fliers and billboards, options for advertising and marketing can be overwhelming for online retailers. Now, the big thing is video marketing. Do you really need to embrace this newest form of marketing and is it worth the expense? The short answer is, probably. Video marketing is a way to promote your products and services through the use of video, either online, on DVD, at tradeshows or via other systems. It is an opportunity for you to put your face and voice out there with the rest of your marketing messages. That is not to say that you, the business owner, must be in every video, but rather that "you," as a company, seize the opportunity to speak directly to potential buyers or clients. Client testimonials on video are also very powerful and allow your satisfied customers to explain how you helped them in a way that is much more trustworthy than a written testimonial.

Typically, video instills a warmer feeling than does the written word because it is personal, natural and conversational. As a result, research shows that retention rates are higher and conversion times are quicker when people watch a video rather than read text. Video helps make websites "sticky," meaning that people tend to stick around longer and absorb more of your message. According to KISSmetrics, an analytics platform, visitors are 144 percent more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. In addition, including instructional and how-to videos increases the page's stickiness, which, in turn, increases conversion rates.

According to, 64 percent of advertisers believe that digital video is equally or more effective than television advertising. This is largely due to online video's ability to target specific demographics, including behavioral targeting. Advertisers also find digital video advertising brings a better bang for their buck, compared to the very expensive medium of television. Furthermore, videos created specifically for your website can be repurposed creating an even greater return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollar. Videos can be used in a tradeshow display, training programs, social media or at a client meeting to help close the deal. They also can be incorporated into future video projects, including company overviews, annual luncheons or dinners, and other creative concepts.

Ten years ago, it was considered cutting edge to have a website. Now, your business relies on your website. One year ago, if you had a video on your website, you were considered cutting edge. In two years, if you do not have video on your site, people may wonder if you are a legitimate company. A video also blends seamlessly with social media marketing. Many companies are jumping into social media as a free or inexpensive form of advertising, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+. In fact, studies show that people who use Twitter prefer video links to article links. Posting a video to your Facebook business page increases fan interaction and YouTube video tags aid in search engine optimization, placing your company higher in search results. YouTube surpassed Yahoo! and became the second most popular search engine in 2010, second only to its parent company Google. As a result, videos appear in 70 percent of search results. Go ahead, search for your product or service and see how many videos appear in the first few pages, and make note of any sites where videos can be posted for free.

The main reason video is so effective is because it is a "whole brain" experience and involves several senses. Not only do you see and hear the video, you feel the emotional impact of the video and, by clicking on the video, you are even incorporating touch. Each of these senses reaches a different part of the brain, helping potential buyers remember your product or service whether they are a visual, auditory or kinetic learner.

When adopting video marketing, there are several factors to consider. First, show your passion. You believe in your products and services so let that passion come through. Next, incorporate testimonials and let your satisfied customers sell your products. Be sure to show emotions like shock, humor, sadness and joy. These all help the viewer remember you. Find what makes your product or service different, and share those details. Finally, remember to keep your video short and simple. Two to three minutes is best. A long, complicated video can be confusing so the simpler the better. There are many benefits to video marketing and it is worth considering creating a video. If the thought of tackling video marketing yourself is a little overwhelming, there are video marketing solutions providers, such as E Video Productions, Flimp, vLink Solutions and numerous others that can guide you through the process.

Darcie King, along with her husband Kristopher, launched E Video Productions (EVP) in 2001. EVP has created effective marketing pieces for such organizations as Viking Yachts, Kimball Medical Center, Axon Global, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, and HealthSouth Tinton Falls & Toms River to name a few. In 2008, Darcie was a finalist in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business as Best Entrepreneur. Darcie is passionate about giving back to the community by donating time and services to organizations such as Weddings For Heroes, Grace Initiatives and The Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care. Darcie graduated from Elizabethtown College with a BA in Mass Communications. She worked for NBC30, CT as a studio camera operator and CGI Communications as an online video editor before starting EVP.

For more information:

915 Lacey Road, lower level
Forked River, NJ 08731
Tel.: 609-242-3760
Facebook: evideoproductions
Twitter: @evpDarcie
YouTube: evideopr

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