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Buyers Network Speeds Transactions

Jul 1, 2008
by Christopher Heine

In addition to all its free and convenient features, also allows users to utilize a free Buyers Network. There are countless reasons to utilize this unique and easy-to-use feature. First and foremost, it is simply the best source for quality wholesale products at great prices.

Maybe that is the reason why it currently has over 30,000 members(a number that continues to grow. The Buyers Network is a huge part of the success story, as every day it allows members to see how the Internet can grow their business exponentially. More specifically, merchandise resellers no longer have to spend days roaming the earth to discover the products they seek, nor need they browse the web for endless hours to find the best prices, because the process of search-and-discovery is centralized at

That is just the beginning. Here are the three best reasons to join the free Buyers Network:

1) Product Locator Service
The Product Locator Service, an adjunct to the many other search methods at, provides buyers and sellers with a unique and efficient way to find one another online. This multi-dimensional forum lets buyers anonymously post product requests and allows sellers to input item listings in a message-board style thread. Buyers can select specific product categories and broadcast a merchandise request to more than 1,500 potential distributors. The request will also be posted on the public board for 60 days. For the sake of privacy, suppliers will not see a buyer's email address unless it is intentionally included in the message.

Whenever a qualified seller posts a response on the buyer's request thread, an email is automatically sent to both parties to alert the buyer of an offer and help the seller keep track of sales leads. This facilitates the potential transaction and saves time by not having to run back to the board or scurry around on the Internet. Buyers and sellers can close the deal before it slips away.

2) Order History Service
Companies can keep track of their order histories from all 600 plus Seller Stores by clicking on the My Orders button on the top of the homepage. Members can review all their purchases, whether they were placed just minutes before or many months prior. After every order, the buyer receives an email confirmation from the supplier for instant review.

This feature not only assists with accounting, but also minimizes paperwork around the office. Without the Buyers Network, a retailer or distributor that conducted business with five, ten or 20 different suppliers would have to go to all of the separate web sites or sort through pages of email or spreadsheets in order to recount exactly what occurred. The My Orders feature simplifies the whole process.

3) Magazines Boost Product Searches
All Buyers Network members are eligible for free subscriptions to Web Wholesaler Magazine ($39.95 annual value), the magazine for online wholesale buyers, and Cover Magazine ($24 annual value), the independent retailer's source for business news and wholesale merchandise. These magazines supplement a retailer or distributor's product research capabilities and help them find hotter products and better offers with access to thousands of listings and detailed product advertisements. Joining The Buyers Network
Ready to sign up for the free Buyers Network? The first step to becoming a member is to simply visit and Click the "What Is It?" link, which is located near the top of the homepage.

Enter your email address into the proper field and select a password. The next step entails letting the site understand what type of company you are with. The information you give in this phase will only make your time at the site more productive. Be assured that your business information is absolutely secure with

You will have the option to receive email alerts for more than 60 specific retail categories. Members can pick as many alerts as they wish, or none at all. The registrant can also choose between automatic or manual login for each visit to

Within minutes of completing the membership application form, you, the new member of the Buyer's Network, will receive an email that allows you to get right down to business.

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