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Easy DVD Profits

Aug 1, 2008
by Judi Perkins

Those who equate low priced DVDs with poor quality have never purchased from, a company which manufactures about 100,000 DVDs on-site every day using professional, digitized, high-definition printing. In fact, there is a video taken by Mike Belson, Manager of Internet Operations for the company, posted on YouTube. It walks the viewer through the copying and printing process, showing the colorful packages rolling off the line and panning the aisles in the warehouse where millions of DVDs are stocked and ready for shipping.

Belson was hired in 2004 to bring the company online. Prior to his arrival, sales came in by phone. Since Belson's background was in setting up ecommerce channels for companies, he was the obvious choice for the job. Both he and the company's owner knew that taking the company online would facilitate customer purchases, as well as provide SuperDVDMart with a new market not available through existing sales channels. started with adult films, but eventually branched into mainstream. "People are buying these DVDs by the hundreds of thousands," said Belson. "Since we manufacture DVDs, the dollar DVD seemed like a good business to get into, and it was."

The company began its online venture by partnering with Liquidate Direct, an ecommerce solution provider that sets up and hosts storefronts and lists storefront product on other sites, like eBay. "The idea was to sell product on a wholesale and retail basis through multiple channels," said Belson. "Additionally, we could help retailers set up their own online storefront and get them into the online business of selling this product."

Retailers with brick-and-mortar storefronts, or existing websites, who wish to continue their current business model, can buy through's website or over the phone. For individuals or large retail customers who want help with a ready-made solution, SuperDVDMart offers two packages to help make easy money.

There is the Platinum package for larger operators who ship at least 1,000 units per day, and the Gold package, which according to Belson, is more appropriate for 90 percent of those who want to sell their product. "Our main customer base ranges from individuals looking for business opportunities at home to general merchandise retailers and video stores. We have people selling our product on eBay, Craig's list, in the classifieds and at swap meets, as well as distributors(the range is quite large."

The Gold package is the ultimate drop ship set-up. It helps a retailer build an online presence using's website model. It is a replica website, but one which the retailer owns. Benson explained, "They buy product from us, set their own prices and use our software and technologies to merchandise their product. Since it is a hosted solution, it requires very little technology infrastructure or equipment on the customer side."

The hosted storefront handles all aspects of the retailer's order, including updating their website with product and managing all the fulfillment operations. "Checkout, shopping cart and all the back-end operations needed to efficiently fulfill customers' orders are included," said Belson. "Their store front is integrated with our back-end operations. The shipping department receives orders in real time, processes and ships them within 24 hours."

When you are talking about hundreds of orders a day, efficiency is important. "If you want to keep customer satisfaction high, and that is a priority for us, then it is very important that there be a proper system in place," said Belson.

Additionally, there is a great deal of flexibility for the retailer, because he can carry other products too; for instance, DVDs from other suppliers. "They can sell any product they wish, but the products that we have in our inventory will be loaded by default," said Belson, "It is a money-making website where you can make a solid return. All the merchant has to do is process the credit cards and market the site, and since we help them set up a merchant account it's really a breeze."

Selections are in packs of 120, at about 75 per DVD. There are 20 categories available, including cartoons, Westerns and action titles. Each pack has multiple copies of various titles within that genre and the customer orders by category, not title. The titles included in the 120-pack are decided by SuperDVDMart. "If they order Westerns, they will get only Western movies, though we give them a breakdown. They cannot ask to take out a particular title."

Belson stresses the marketability of the DVDs. "We put a lot of care into the packaging and the presentation. Put them on the counter and people will pick them up and buy them. That's how simple it is," he asserts.

He emphasized the benefit of dealing with the manufacturer and the commitment SuperDVDMart has to its customers. "The customers are dealing with a company that is going to be here for the long term and who can offer them the product support they need," he said. "We do our best to help them move this product as fast as possible."

An added benefit is that when it comes to movie selection, as Belson said, "We know what sells. That is our area of expertise. Retailers need to find a supplier that has good product, buy that product, place it on their checkout counter and let it sell itself."

Where do the movies come from? As Belson said, they are not the latest releases. "They are older titles, many of which are in the public domain. Many of the DVDs are double features," said Belson. "They still have entertainment value with well known actors and are often impulse buys. We package them to sell. The price is attractive and the covers are good, so why not?"

Belson spells out their company philosophy. "We are here to support our customers through the buying process and beyond and to make sure that they can maximize their opportunities. The budget DVD market is growing and we are leading the way," said Belson. "We produce top-selling dollar DVDs, and can be counted on for the long term. We have an excellent product and assortment that will generate profits."

Minimum order is $100.00. Movies are sold by category, 120 per pack.

For more information, contact:

Demt Inc.
Super DVD Mart

Mike Belson
12450 Burbank Blvd. #140
Valley Village, CA 91607
Toll Free: 800-648-7185
Tel: 818-764-6939
Fax: 818-308-8288

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