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Fashion Wholesaler Thrives With Great Prices And Variety

May 1, 2011

EMart Wholesale has a simple and solid philosophy that is serving the company well in these troubled economic times. "We import fashion jewelry and accessories," says the company's co-owner Dee Traitel, "and we put them online for low prices." Her customer base consists of small and independent retailers who sell costume jewelry, accessories and more, and the company website lists a wide range of categories, from beauty products and hats to scarves and sunglasses.

"We sell to small boutiques, kiosks in malls and flea marketers," says Traitel, "and we specialize in fashion jewelry, especially in dozen packs, which are value priced. We sell a lot of crystal jewelry, as well as other accessories like gloves and hats and things like that."

That value proposition is key to the company's success. By selling to customers that seek a good value, EMart Wholesale has thrived despite the economic downturn. "Since the recession hit, items offered in dozens have sold well," explains Traitel. "People can buy them in bulk at lower prices, and then mark them up to higher prices. We sell more of our crystal sets than anyone else online that way." With a careful eye toward offering the right product at the right time of year, EMart Wholesale sells larger amounts of merchandise at very reasonable prices. "Now that prom season is coming up, I sell a lot of dozen-packs," says Traitel. "You can get a three-piece crystal set with earrings, necklace and bracelet for $4.20, at the right time of year."

Customers are using these products to obtain very rewarding margins. "Buyers who purchase dozen pack jewelry might pay $6.50 per dozen, for example. Some retailers can sell it for $5 per piece, while others can only sell for $2 per piece, depending on where they are located and how they present their items." That means on a $6.50 wholesale price, sellers are turning $24 to $60 at retail, and margins like that give retailers reason to come back to EMart as steady customers. Traitel continually engages in research to make sure she is offering the most competitive prices possible. "I do look at my competitors' websites," she says, "and for the ones who do the same volume as we do, we're about five to ten percent cheaper than they are."

EMart Wholesale was founded by Dee Traitel's mother, who brought the business savvy needed to launch a wholesale firm. At the same time, Traitel was picking up other invaluable web business skills. "The company was founded in 2003, and the website in 2005," Traitel recalls. "My mom started the company, and I was going to college for web design and photography, so she asked me to create the company website, and we've been doing it since then. It's a family business."

Traitel continues to draw on her Internet and artistic areas of expertise. "I'm the one who adds everything to the site," she explains. "I add 30 to 50 products five times a week. I do all the ordering, picture taking, and web design. I update it and change all the content." That is no small task for a wholesale website that sells over 30,000 items. "The biggest challenge in creating the site was adding the items and making the information exact," says Traitel, from firsthand experience.

"The inventory is large, so the time to take the pictures, add the product descriptions, and put the info on the site has been substantial." However, that attention to detail has paid off, because a wide range of product offerings is a real competitive strength of the site. Asked why online retailers should shop her website, Traitel says, "To me, it's the prices, in combination with the quantity to choose from. I shop a lot online, and I think the most important thing we offer is variety and frequent additions to our inventory," she explains.

EMart Wholesale keeps its ordering process simple. Says Traitel, "We do all of our business through the website, and we only do online orders." However, the company offers exceptional customer service through email and phone support. "Customers can email us anytime or call during business hours and ask us any questions, and we can help them with the online process," Traitel notes. Those customers have to be businesses, however. "You have to register to use the website," explains Traitel. "Customers have to give their name, contact info, business name and resale tax ID. When we later review it, if the customer is not a valid business we will revoke the login information, but that doesn't happen very often," she adds. There is no delay in access to ordering, though. The moment that site users submit their registration, they can view wholesale prices, fill their shopping carts, and click to purchase.

EMart makes it easy for retailers in other ways as well, as the minimum order is just $50, and the company also offers fast shipping. "Someone in the same state or a nearby state can order by noon and get it the next morning," says Traitel. That's a part of the consideration that EMart shows customers. "Most business owners care about getting good prices and good items. They want to trust the company they are doing business with." With high margins, great variety, and a track record of good customer service, EMart Wholesale is working hard to build that trust.

For more information:
EMart Wholesale
5597 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340
Tel: 770-234-0323
Fax: 770-457-8820

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