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Hot Liquidation Deals on Electric Scooters

Jan 1, 2009
by Judi Perkins

Sasser Distributing, the only U.S. distributor for the electric HCF scooter, has announced a fantastic buying opportunity in these eco-conscious times. The company is now liquidating its entire inventory of quality HCF scooters at closeout prices.

HCF scooters are set apart by the materials from which they are made. The frame is made of high tensile carbon steel, and the rims are constructed from aluminum, not plastic. The tires are bigger in diameter, and the motor is 375 watts, rather than 100 watts. HCF scooters are made to be durable and dependable, not disposable.

Another significant difference between HCF and other scooters on the market is that when a belt, battery or tire is needed, the part is actually available and easily replaced. The replacement parts for many other scooters are often seemingly non-existent. Kim Hill reveals that when the company was open to the public, she would occasionally see the service department maintaining the scooters. "I am not mechanically inclined, but they looked easy enough to work with," she says. "Also, each model comes with a user's manual."

Kim is the daughter of Jesse Sasser, who has owned Sasser Distributing for 35 years. He began selling scooters eight years ago, carrying other brands, as well as gas scooters and models that required a driver's license and license plates. "My father sold his retail division in 2004," said Kim. "We kept the distributorship for the HCF scooter, but on a wholesale-only basis. We are not open to the public any longer." Now that Jesse is getting ready to retire, he is liquidating his inventory of HCF scooters.

Since Sasser is the only U.S. distributor, their buyers are considerably varied. "We have dealers that travel the horse show circuit and others that travel the dog show circuit," said Kim Sasser. "Both animals are shy to noise, and electric scooters are wonderful in that market." They also have dealers that travel to RV shows and flea markets. "We have sold to auto parts stores, small regional department stores and ebayers," said Sasser. "Dealers range from one-person operations to department stores."

Sasser Distributing will ship the scooters directly to the dealer, or dropship to their customer at no extra charge. "I invoice the dealer for the merchandise, and then he is in charge of collecting from whomever we are dropshipping to," says Kim.

To become a scooter dealer for Sasser, all it takes is a phone call for a brief phone interview and an application that describes the applicant's business. Says Sasser, "We have dealers all around the U.S. We even have one in Quebec. A week or so ago, I dropshipped one to Hawaii. We ship everywhere."

Sasser Distributing carries six different models. All six are foldable, although the 301 and 302 models each have four wheels, and are heavier than the two-wheeled models. "You can lock the handlebar down, pick it up, and go with it," said Sasser. "The 302 is just like the 301, except it has a reverse. Turn the key, and it backs up. If you want the 301 to go backwards, you put your feet down and push it."

Due to the fact that Jesse Sasser is liquidating, he has already lowered the prices on each model between $80 and $100, leaving the current wholesale prices ranging from $320 to $575. Dealers should be able to double their money easily.

With their durability, the liquidation prices and the convenience to the consumer, the scooters are a natural add-on for any dealer. Also to consider are Jesse Sasser's reputation and technical knowledge. Says Kim, "He has been in business for years, and is full of wisdom and good advice. He has the scooters and the parts down to a science."

Prior to selling scooters, the company sold wholesale to convenience store distributors, a business now owned and operated under another name by Kim. "My father has based his successful career on honesty, dependability and respect for his customers," said Kim. "If he said he is going to do it, he is going to do it."

Minimum: one scooter. Sasser Distributing is open to Dealer Take All offers, and is willing to provide discounts on large quantity orders.

For more information, contact:

Sasser Distributing
100 Centura Drive
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Tel.: 919-735-7576

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