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Innovative Signs

Jun 1, 2008
by Judi Perkins, owned and operated by Andy Greenbaum, is an Internet business that sells signs. It carries close to 3,000 products, and is a comprehensive source of information about the wide variety he carries. A blog with news, videos, information and photos on the latest products; an explanation of signage letter types; informative articles by both Greenbaum and his manufacturers; a newsletter, and an article by the U.S. Department of Commerce about the importance of signage are just a few of the resources he provides.

In addition to the sixteen categories on the left side of the home page, a buyer can shop by price, by manufacturer, peruse the listing of individual products by name, view the latest products, or check out the specials.

Greenbaum does all of the website work himself, and says the customers appreciate the ease of navigation. "I try to provide helpful information, and have things organized so they can find them. The shopping cart shows customers things such as, 'If you bought this, maybe you want to look at this, also.' I have tried to organize the information to make the buying experience as smooth as possible."

He has been running for two years, having purchased the company from the previous owner, and has expanded it significantly. "When I first started, it had some portable signs, some LED and some neon products. I go to trade shows and find different products that were not available a couple years ago, as well as some bigger products," said Greenbaum. "For instance, I have a solar powered LED trailer mount sign on the website, and I have sold a few of those." He feels he now has a good product mix of both low and high end products, providing something for everyone.

He has also changed the software, the logo, and many of the suppliers, because he was disappointed with their service. "I am constantly changing, trying to make it so that the customer will get the best products. I also want to make sure my suppliers are communicating with me, and delivering in a way that I can feel comfortable representing their product."

One of his most recent additions is a product that has come out only within the last year: changeable module systems for both LED and neon signs. Said Greenbaum, "Instead of opting for a regular customized neon sign where they pay someone several hundred dollars, they can buy individual letters and make their own neon sign."

He stressed the advantage is that the customer can buy the letters, make their own sign, and be very happy with the results, without having to spend large sums of money. "And if they change their price or something else changes, they can just buy the new letters and swap them in."

He finds most of his products, such as the solar powered LED trailer mount signs, and the LED sign that allows a store owner to pull information directly off the internet, at tradeshows. "Someone can log into their website, change their message, and have it download directly into their LED sign, so I put some articles on the blog about that."

But his next innovation is his own idea. "I have had numerous calls from customers who want a battery operated LED sign. Hopefully within the next month I will have the prototypes for those." One of the uses he sees as most effective for this product is for limo drivers picking people up.

He is also in the process of designing a vendor program to assist companies or small sign shops in selling their products. In exchange for a small mark up, vendors can provide him with pictures and a spreadsheet of product information, which he will put on his site, optimized for the search engines. He is also willing to work out customized programs with eBay sellers.

Most of Greenbaum's customers are small mom and pops, but he does provide signs to some larger organizations or individual sign shops. Frequently, the smaller shops only buy a few times each year, and are not set up to buy direct. For customers who wish to buy more than one or two items, Greenbaum suggests they call for quantity pricing.

There is no minimum quantity or dollar amount to purchase. Orders can be purchased by credit card, PayPal, Google, purchase orders, and shortly, by bank drafts, as well. is a member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information, contact:
PO Box 173
Delaware, OH 43015
Toll Free: 866-825-4735
Fax: 614-543-9799

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