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Sep 1, 2012

How can a business inspire harmony? How does making a purchase result in a deeper connection with nature? Most importantly, what in the world does the web have to do with it? Kheops International has answers, all of which come in the form of meaningful gifts. As a leading wholesaler and drop shipper of candles, treasure boxes, figurines and other spiritual items, Kheops shares its appreciation for harmony and nature via its selection of gifts and jewelry.

Established in 1994 in tiny Colebrook, NH, Kheops handled three products made by a glass artist, but the company was soon importing from a number of different countries. Eighteen years later, Kheops now sells 3,000 assorted products to retailers in Canada and the U.S., and imports an increasing variety of new items from Bali, India, Peru, Morocco, Brazil and Turkey. The majority of Kheops' customers are metaphysical retailers and gift shops, but health food stores, garden centers and smoke shops carry Kheops lines as well.

"Our slogan is 'The source for meaningful gifts,' because we carry items that bring meaning to people's lives," explains Mylene Miron, web and advertising manager. "We have a lot of hot sellers, but our line of statues from Bali has some of our best items. In its mission to provide meaningful gifts that inspire the beholder, Kheops International makes a point to support sustainability and humane manufacturing practices in as many of its transactions as possible. The annual budget, in fact, makes arrangements to reduce the company's carbon footprint. In 2011, Kheops purchased solar panels to help replace its coal energy use, and this year the company plans to donate trees.

"We like to support sustainability and our local community, so we're really trying to help locals with our business," Miron points out. Among the initiatives Kheops has taken on is challenging the issue of children's hunger in rural Northern New Hampshire. When the company learned that 60 percent of children in rural communities were going without food, it used its purchasing power to buy healthy foods in bulk to donate to the local food pantry. This process was greatly accelerated by an announcement on the company website and social media pages.

Kheops relies heavily on its online voice to help carry out its mission and keep the company moving forward at top speed. "What we love about our website is that it is great for finding leads and increasing exposure," Miron explains. "So is social media. We use Facebook to promote our sales and also to do branding." The importance of branding, she finds, is not to be underestimated. The company recently added social share buttons to all of its website pages so that products can gain visibility on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other media, and establish Kheops as an identifiable brand. The response has been positive thus far.

More so than the home website, the Kheops social pages house special deals such as free shipping, the addition of new items and flash sales. When an item that is a strong seller comes back in stock, it is posted on Facebook and Twitter, usually to a great response, Miron says. Devoted fans of the company's Facebook page drive traffic to Kheops' detailed homepage. Meticulous detail did not require the company to sacrifice ease of use, however. "Our website is straightforward," Miron states. Potential customers have to register with Kheops in order to view prices, ensuring that the company does business strictly with retailers interested in purchasing wholesale lots. Items are sorted by product category and type, and can be navigated by choosing one of two main menu panels. A left sidebar offers 34 different product categories from handbags to wind chimes, while a top menu organizes items by spiritual affiliation, including Buddhism, Inca, Maya and Pagan gifts. A retailer's first minimum order is $150, reduced to a minimum of $125 for any subsequent reorders. Retailers can expect to make about 75 percent profit on the company's products.

There is also online monthly news that gives a stylistic nod to an actual three-columned newspaper, showcasing the latest company information. A separate page for customer support contains downloadable forms and links to frequently asked questions. In short, Kheops keeps its bases covered. The most daunting challenge the site faces is in updating inventory information.

As the company is steadily growing, and drop shipping can cause information to change in a matter of minutes, Kheops must constantly strive to update its site so that online stock corresponds with real time. "It's something we work on constantly and we're working to streamline that process in the future," Miron says. "Making sure that information on a website is always up to speed requires daily attention." By remaining mindful of customers' needs, Kheops maintains balance and harmony among all its moving parts.

For more information:

Kheops International
P.O. Box 177
Colebrook, NH 03576
Toll Free: 800-215-8705
Tel.: 603-237-8188
Fax: 603-237-5855

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