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LLD Gift of Knowledge

Jul 1, 2009
by Judi Perkins

The Life Learning Device (LLD) is a revolutionary new tool which allows people to expand their wisdom with a touch of the button. The user receives one piece of wisdom per day, no matter how many times he or she hits the button.

What makes it an endless source of revenue for retailers, regardless of their market, is that its design lends itself to an endless array of topics. Marty Parker, President and creator of LLD, says makes a perfect gift. "Sometimes it is difficult to think of what to give a person. What do you give someone who has everything related to their hobby? What if you could give them knowledge? Our research shows people buy the LLD and ship it somewhere else."

The LLD is still in its relative infancy. First available in December, 2008, it debuted with Secrets of Life and Words of Wisdom, closely followed by Daily Devotions, Twelve Steps and one created by Les Brown, world renowned motivational speaker. Since then, additional topics have debuted or are in the works, including Golf Trivia, Fishing Tips, NASCAR Facts, Weight Loss Tips and Gardening Wisdom. "There is a huge market out there," said Parker. "We can create different topics quickly, so end users only need one device." Initially it was all one unit, but now each topic has its own SD card. "The user just changes the information they are listening to, so retailers can carry any or all of the SD cards, depending on what markets they sell to."

The LLD solves the gift problem so well, it is easy to see why consumers are tempted to buy multiple devices and SD cards, particularly over a period of time. "The neat thing for wholesalers is that if you have a niche market, eventually we'll have an LLD that will go with it, no matter what the market," Parker said. Even better is retailers' ability to co-brand an LLD at no cost. As an example, Parker uses, which has an online store and also offers golf tips. "We made their logo into a label and put it on our golf LLD. It didn't cost them anything." The advantages of this are considerable, because a co-branded product anchors the retailer into the end user's life. "Now they have a 24-hour, 365 day/year marketing billboard," he said.

Additionally, since LLD dropships, a web retailer does not need to stock inventory, whether he co-brands or not. While brick and mortar stores can click the wholesaler button on the top navigation bar to register on the website, the best bet for those who only sell online is to join LLD's affiliate program, which pays 35 percent. Said Parker, "They take our banners, our copy, our videos and send them to their list. We are creating an array of tools for retailers to use to help them sell." The Affiliate page on their website,, provides clear and comprehensive information about exactly how the program works.

The entire website is interesting to visit and fun to play with, because you can test some of the different products. Each time you click "Try Me" button, you are treated to a sample audio clip from that product. Each product description is extensive and detailed with its purpose and theory, as well as more than twenty sample quotes. The About Us page relates the charming evolution of the product, with an amusing story about handing knowledge down through generations.

There is also a 2.0 version for retailers who carry language or study products. "This will revolutionize how people study, because it is instant immersion," Parker said. On this version, there are two more buttons on the front that go around the rim. One goes forward and one goes backward, so the student can study multiple chapters. "LSATs, MCATs, SATs, foreign language. There is no need to get in front of a computer or hook up an mp3 player," he said.

Parker said that a huge advantage of an LLD is its consistency. "That is why it is different from an mp3 player or a CD or DVD player, because all those things involve a lot of action. Every other device in the world has to be moved, watched, read, hooked up, or charged," said Parker. "An LLD allows people to have instant, easy, consistent access to knowledge and wisdom about their favorite passion or hobby."

The minimum order for SD cards and the LLD is six at $17.50 each. For dropshippers and affiliates, the minimum order is one, and the wholesale price of SD card plus the LLD is $20. Suggested retail price is $29.95 to $34.

For more information:

Life Learning Devices
9317 Brock Road
Plain City, OH 43064
Tel.: 614-873-8452

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