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Pain Relieving Massagers Provide Soothing Profits

Feb 1, 2013

Healthmate International recently introduced updated models of its Plus-6IS, Plus-6AB, Pro-8IS and Pro-8AB HealthmateForever portable, hands-free massagers. The HealthmateForever units combine Chinese acupuncture with deep tissue massage sensations to effectively relieve tension and severe discomfort without drugs or side effects. The product sends low frequency bioelectric pulses directly to muscle tendons and sore joints to relieve chronic discomfort and inflammation from many health conditions, such as: arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia and sciatica; sitting or standing for long periods; and muscle injuries including tennis elbow. Users place the electrode pads over an area of pain, select the settings they prefer and increase the intensity as needed. The products also can be used to assist in weight loss and toning. For lower-back ache or abdominal toning, the HealthmateForever system comes equipped with an adjustable belt that holds the adhesive electrode pads firmly in place on either side of the lower spine or abdomen. With this belt, HealthmateForever stimulates major stomach muscles at the same time providing abdominal contractions, so upper abs, lower abs and obliques get a workout.

HealthmateForever has numerous modes, intensities and speeds, which can be combined in myriad ways for hundreds of treatment levels. Devices are FDA cleared Class II for safety and effectiveness. No prescription is needed. All the company's massagers are compact, about the size of an iPod, and powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. HealthmateForever's batteries have a shelf life of two years, and they can last longer if not overcharged, according to Mei Dodson, president of the company.

"Our 2013 models have several exciting new features," Dodson notes. "Our Plus models have six modes and 20 levels of intensity. Now we also have 20 levels of speed to give consumers 240 options for more precise massaging. Our new models also have backlights. Many people suffer from arthritis and pain wakes them up during the night. Instead of taking a steroid shot or pills, they use our products for natural relief to help them get back to sleep. Now, with this backlight, they don't need to turn on the bedroom light and won't wake up their loved ones." The updated versions also have a battery label indicator to show how many minutes of both power and massage remain. Pro models, encased in luxury stainless steel, have eight modes along with a very large screen. "This is especially helpful for elders or people with bad eyesight," Dodson explains.

Independent retailers, especially mall kiosk operators, are finding a great deal of success selling these products, Dodson points out. "We launched the company in 2010 and we are expanding very rapidly. We are the only company in the U.S. to design these products and we are applying for a patent." HealthmateForever retail prices are as follows: Plus-6IS, $399.99; Plus-6AB, $449.99; Pro-8IS, $499.99; and Pro-8AB, $549.99. Wholesale pricing is available by phoning the company. "Wholesale prices are very, very low compared to retail prices," Dodson shares. "It depends on volume. We do everything we can to bring the price as low as possible for our buyers." Minimum order is one case, which generally comprises 28 units.

More than 76 million Americans suffer some sort of chronic pain, and relief is available from Healthmate International. HealthmateForever, massagers that combine traditional and innovative methodologies, promises relief from all types of soreness along with high profit margins for sellers.

For more information:
Healthmate International
Tel.: 816-248-1318

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