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Plant Essences Make Profitable Scents

Jul 1, 2009

As shoppers gain access to information regarding health and environmental issues, they are looking for retailers to mirror their awakening, and ideally become a reputable source for knowledge and wisely chosen products. By carefully vetting the quality and integrity of the growing ranks of green products, merchants offer an added service, not unlike a fine wine pairing provided by a sommelier.

Aromatherapy candles are an elegant, affordable luxury that offer the ability to alter moods, uplift spirits and heal. True aromatherapy products contain only pure essential oils. Essential oils are obtained through highly labor intensive processes which extract the vital essence of aromatic plants from the flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees. These oils are often referred to as the, "life force," of plants, and contain unique and varied therapeutic properties.

In contrast, synthetic fragrance oils are primarily made from petrochemicals and attempt to duplicate the smell of a specific plant. By dismantling the unique chemical compound of an essential oil, chemists re-assemble a, "Frankenstein," fragrance. A 1986 report by the National Academy of Sciences reports that 95 percent of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum, and include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other known toxins and synthesizers capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.

Synthetic fragrances appear in a host of household and personal care products because it is incredibly cheap to scent such products artificially, and those scents tend to have a stronger odor, with much less oil. Without the intact complex chemical components of unadulterated natural essential oil, the aroma therapeutic effects are not present. This is what separates true aromatherapy products from merely scented products. By offering products that are only scented with pure essential oils (rather than fragrance or synthetic fragrance chemicals), retailers not only provide a healthy shopping experience, but aid in a collective shift toward improving the health of our bodies and our environment.

Aromatherapy candles further complement conscious living when they are made using natural, biodegradable and renewable ingredients, are featured in recycled and recyclable packaging, and manufactured by ecologically and socially responsible businesses. Soy wax is made from U.S. grown (renewable) soybeans (look for a non GMO certification) and travels within the USA, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Look for candles made without dyes or synthetic fragrances. Ask for unbleached cotton or hemp wicks (beware of metal core wicks), GMO free soy wax, and unique eco ingredients. For example, Vermont candle aficionados at Way Out Wax use hemp seed oil in their candles because hemp seed oil increases candle luster and prolongs burn time.

What we choose to buy or sell impacts our health, our environment and our economic landscape. By providing all natural alternatives to traditional products, retailers can align themselves with the changing needs and preferences of their customers. The higher prices commanded by these goods are beneficial in two ways: consumers view their retailers as providing high quality goods and services, and retailers are given the opportunity to make more money per unit than lower quality, traditional merchandise. Set yourself apart by seeking out and providing the, "real deal." Your customers will thank you!

Eric Wilder
Eco 1 Network
P.O. Box 807
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Tel.: 800-775-1969

Contributing Writer:
Anna Barrett
Way Out Wax/Vermont Naturals

Topic: Product Trends

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