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Quality Magnetic Healing

Nov 1, 2008

As a pioneer in the magnetic healing industry for more than a decade, Magnetic Product Marketing Inc. remains in the forefront of testing products that are introduced to this field, while also expanding the forms of magnetic products it offers. Now, in addition to jewelry made of magnetic hematite in stainless steel, the company also supplies car seats, mattresses, pillow pads, body wraps and insoles utilizing neoprene magnets.

The foundation of the company started by Josh and Gigi Duclos was magnetic beads that were found to reduce everyday pain. "With all the positive feedback from our customers, we decided to explore all the avenues offered by magnetic powers," says Josh Duclos. That included products made from an alloy, regular hematite and titanium.

"We found that the alloy not only loses its magnetic power rather quickly, but also does not have as much power as ours, and the same is true of titanium," Duclos reports. As a result, Magnetic Product Marketing's magnetic jewelry lines consist only of magnetic hematite in stainless steel. Magnetic hematite is not the same as hematite, Duclos points out. Furthermore, the company now has jewelry of triple power magnetic beads for people who suffer from excessive pain.

His company's magnetic hematite products in stainless steel do not contain lead and release more energy than the inexpensive competitors. "According to medical studies, items of magnetic hematite were found to relieve pain 91 percent of the time, versus zero percent among people who used ordinary hematite, the alloy or titanium," Duclos says.

Gauss is the term indicating the energy level of magnets. Magnetic Product Marketing's jewelry units measure at 5,000 gauss of energy.

Beyond jewelry, the company has added a full line of pads using neoprene magnets. There is a car seat, mattresses for all sizes of beds, including the California king with pillow pads. These are made of the same fabric used by hospitals, and Magnetic Product Marketing has the magnets sewn in. These, like the jewelry, are made in the USA.

The company also now offers 12 different sizes and shapes of body wraps containing neoprene magnets. They include units for the wrist, shoulder, neck, knee, elbow and thumb, among other body areas that are prone to aches and pains. These are made of a fabric blend with a Velcro closure.

More recently, Magnetic Product Marketing has added a line of new and improved magnetic insoles. Duclos says his company's neoprene magnets have a measure of 3,950 gauss, "Which is more than twice the energy level of competing product," he says.

Magnetic Product Marketing Inc.
1026 East Alfred Street
Tavares, FL 32778
Toll Free: 866-742-1108
Tel.: 352-742-1108
Fax: 352-742-2069
Websites: and

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