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Rhino Mart Charges Ahead

Apr 1, 2008
by Judi Perkins

Like the principles in Rhinoceros Success, the book that inspired him, Drawlon Tsang, owner of Rhino Mart, is a focused, take charge person who has always accomplished his goals. From a one person operation at local flea markets to a national business with 35 employees, Rhino Mart continues to evolve.

But as Rhino Mart charged toward success, the market changed. Large companies, from whom Rhino Mart had been buying their closeouts and liquidations, began selling smaller quantities to smaller customers. As Tsang explains, "It opened the door for smaller buyers to go direct, and the big companies were willing to take them as customers."

But in keeping with the symbolism of the company name, Tsang turned in a direction that would offset the potential loss. "We got a lot of local accounts, closeouts from warehouses and businesses going out of business. We sent our own trucks to get it." This enabled him to retain a steady flow of diverse products and eliminate shipping costs.

The online business has evolved significantly, and like the rhino, its momentum appears to be unstoppable. As recently as February, there were 3,500 items on their website. Now, after the ASD show, there are easily 10,000. But Tsang has always been very customer focused, and nowhere is that more evident than through his website.

In its earliest inception, it was simply a reference point. Visitors saw pictures of available lots, but needed to call the company to place an order. Since then, the website has continued to grow. "We wanted to create a site where the information can be presented in its entirety. Then the customer can decide if it is what they want," he said.

Rhino Mart's priority, in addition to providing great deals at great prices and passing them on to customers, is to make the process as easy as possible, both on and offline. The inventory is shown in real time. They have added several ease of use functions for customers: the FedEx tracking look up, an automatic shipping calculator, and live chat, which Tsang emphasizes is always staffed. "When you click on it within business hours, you are going to find someone there to answer your questions."

Additionally, Tsang has lowered the minimum order from a truckload to $100, so smaller companies can buy with minimal risk. The search function helps buyers see what is listed. Certain products are segregated so that customers can buy in assorted or specific lots.

"Before, we did not detail products as we lotted them. But now, if I have two pallets of lids but no cups, I will be able to find a buyer. We are able to match the buyer to what they are looking for," said Tsang.

On the home page is the link, "Wholesale Industry Articles," followed by a list of titles. While most companies focus simply on providing product, Rhino Mart goes one step further by providing wholesale buyers with information to assist them in running a successful business.

"It has got to be a give and take," said Tsang. "If we can write and research articles and publish them on our site, you will find that interesting and educational, maybe helpful for your business. It also gives us credibility, because we are offering free information to our customers, whether they buy anything or not."

Rhino Mart's customers vary from mom and pop retail stores and flea market sellers to larger buyers, although most are online resellers. Tsang's goal is to make it easy for customers by having everything come through the website first. His reason is simple. "If you are a business owner, you are not making any money if you are not selling."

For those who do not want to run around town all day looking at pallets, Rhino Mart presents an alternative; looking at the products online, doing the research, putting the items in their shopping cart, and checking out. Once the decisions have been made, the buyer can mark the purchase for pick up. "We will call them. We will pull everything down, and have it waiting for them. They can inspect all the goods on site," said Tsang.

Though Rhino Mart is there during business hours, Tsang said, "It is nice that buyers can have all the resources on our site, and if they need to speak with someone, we are here to assist with any issues or questions."

Minimum order is $100.00. Unit quantities of items vary. Rhino Mart sells in truckloads, pallets, and small lots.

For more information:

Rhino Mart Inc.
15632 Dupont Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
Tel.: 909-287-0911
Toll Free: 877-447-4466
Fax: 909-287-0811

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