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Showers Burst with Aromatherapy

Jan 1, 2013

hydra, a company dedicated to creating pampering products that provide an exceptional bathing experience, recently introduced a line of Shea Butter Soaps. At 6.5 ounces, hydra's Shea Butter Soap is triple-milled in the French tradition, creating a long lasting bar. Four aromatherapy blends are available, all made with the company's signature essential oil blends and no fragrance oils. "Refresh," a blend of grapefruit and lavender, is an invigorating combination; "Relax" combines the calming properties of lavender with the delicious scent of bergamot; "Clarity" mixes eucalyptus and peppermint; and "Healing" combines lavender with tea tree, known for its cleansing and restorative properties. The Shea Butter Soaps are unisex, and evoke occurrences that people appreciate because, for example, "everyone needs to relax," says William Kyle, co-owner and general manager of the company. "Our customers appreciate that our aromatherapy products are made of completely natural ingredients." hydra Shea Butter Soap wholesales for $3.95 and retails for $8. Like all of hydra's products, they are packaged in the colors of the rainbow, and create bright and colorful displays. hydra, launched in 2002, offers its aromatherapy blends in five product lines.

hydra's signature essential oil blends are also the basis for the company's most popular product, Shower Burst. "You unwrap it and place it in the shower," explains Kyle. "When it gets a little wet, it begins to slowly dissolve, releasing essential oils into the steam." Also available in "Cold & Flu," made of eucalyptus and lemon; "Hangover," comprising juniper and rosemary; "Headache," a blend of peppermint and lemon; and "Stress," with both lemongrass and ylang ylang, each Shower Burst lasts three to four showers, on average. Cases of 12 of one scent, as well as starter sets, are available. Each starter set includes two cases of each style in a collection, an instruction tablet and four acrylic display boxes. The tablet's tear-off instruction sheet is said to ensure a great experience for first time users. Shower Burst wholesales for $2.10 and retails for $4.50 each.

Among hydra's other products is a line of Extra Fine Bath Salts, available in six scents including "Ocean," "Waterfall," "Lavender," "Rose," Cucumber Melon" and "Mango Mango." The company also manufactures the Chill Pill as part of its Organiqa line. When dropped into the bath, the Chill Pill releases moisturizing almond oil. The product is available in several scents and starter kits.

hydra products are handmade in San Francisco, CA. "We source everything in the U.S. as well," Kyle notes. The company uses non-synthetic, plant-derived ingredients in its aromatherapy products, and it uses fragrance oils and food-grade color in its lively bath salts and Chill Pills. The minimum order is $250, and the minimum reorder is $100. hydra has various options for point-of-purchase displays, including glass jars and acrylic boxes.

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