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Something Exciting At Advanced Creations

Mar 1, 2008

There is something exciting going on at the Advanced Creations headquarters in Miami, FL. The new fragrance division, Onaya Fragrance Co. has just been born, and this baby has arrived to introduce a haute, new reed diffuser collection to allure your senses and jump start your sales.

For the past three years, the Onaya Fragrance Lamps (catalytic burners) have been a popular item that lovers of beautiful glass art, fragrance and sanitized air have been buying with devoted fervor. Made of mouth-blown and some machine made glass, the Onaya Fragrance Lamps destroy the bacteria in the air and replace odor with a wonderful fragrance. If you live with pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, paint fumes or your loved one's potent un-aromatic feet, the Onaya Fragrance Lamp is a definite must have.

Another branch on the Onaya Fragrance Co. family tree is the extensive line of fragrance oils. Available cut and un-cut, from .5 oz to by-the-pound, Onaya has whatever you need if you want to provide your clientele with bulk oils or like to do your own private manufacturing. Customized private label and product manufacturing is also available to those that like to leave that to the professionals.

The Onaya Fragrance Co.'s new arrival just in time for spring, is an exotic, modern and eclectic line of reed diffusers. The diffuser set comes packaged in a frosted glass bottle with signature black sticks and a cool silver cap. The exclusive new fragrances in this line were created from high quality oils to continually fragrance your space with exciting blends designed to make you fall in love again with the air you breathe.

This year's first line of scents include:
Morocco - a deep, exotic & seductive blend of patchouli, rose, fig & ginger. Olive & Fig - a bright yet subtle balance of fresh olive leaves & fig (perfect in the kitchen)
Tobacco Sky - a powerful & spicy mix of tobacco, pumpkin, lavender & cedar Lavender Luxe - a calming blend of french lavender, rosemary & coriander Orange Amber - a warm & rich blend of amber, blood orange & pine
Cool Cilantro - a refreshing, crisp & sweet rendition of the cilantro herb (great in the kitchen)

From fresh to musk, Onaya Fragrance Co. has got you covered on fragrance combinations to keep you and your customers coming back for more.

For those who are not familiar with reed diffusers, here are some FAQ's:

Q: What are reed diffusers?
A: Reed diffusers are by far, the best alternative to candles. They provide a consistent fragrance without the danger of an open flame or electricity. A reed diffuser set consists of a glass or plastic bottle or vase filled with a fragrance and reed sticks that are simply placed into the bottle/vase. After about 24-36 hours, the fragrance soaks up the reeds and eminates the scent into your space. Q: How do you refresh the scent?
A: Simply flip the sticks over to expose more fragrance.

Q: How long do reed diffusers usually last?
A: Reed diffusers typically last for months at a time.

Q: Where can I use them?
A: They are safe to use virtually anywhere: Classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, closets, bedrooms, baby nursery, spas, salons, etc.

Candles, incense and sprays are sometimes toxic, unsafe and not as decorative as reed diffusers. Reed diffusers have been around for centuries in Europe for aromatherapy purposes. They have become popular in the United States since the beginning of the millennium. Reed diffusers can add a relaxed feel to every room, with its simple design and soothing aromas. Through aromatherapy, reed diffusers can create a relaxed, luxurious, energetic & inspirational feel to any space.

Home fragrances are even crossing over into decorative concepts due to a growing trend in "scenterior" design, combining fragrance and color to create a full sensory aesthetic in the space. Whether their taste is simple, traditional or chic, Americans are spending an estimated $9 billion in the home fragrance market, driven by consumers' desire for their homes to have a pleasant scent. Some 80 percent of all American adults bought some kind of home fragrance product in the past year, including candles, candle accessories, sprays, plug-ins, room fresheners, potpourris, air purifiers and more.

As consumer demand for home fragrance grows, more marketers are exploring the bright opportunities in exciting fragrance alternatives. While candles remain consumers' top pick, the market for distinctive home fragrance products is growing faster than that for candles. In 2006, reed diffusers, the newest product to market, grew at an extremely fast rate. They started in the prestige end of the segment and now have trickled down into virtually every channel of distribution.

Customers generally tend to favor "true-to-nature" or nature duplicated fragrance combinations. Buyers have increasingly grown to expect fragrance companies to constantly deliver fresh & exciting products every season. Companies that are able to meet these expectations will be able to continually grow in sales throughout his competitive market.

For More Information:

Advanced Creations, Inc.
8097 NW 67th Street
Miami, FL 33166
Tel.: 877-391-5924, 786-845-9444
Fax: 786.845.9222

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