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Stunning Low Cost Product Photos

Nov 1, 2012

  When it comes to selling merchandise online, it's all about high quality images that share product features in a way that replicate their in-store allure. Photo Cubics Inc. specializes in innovative photography solutions that empower online retailers to create such detailed images at a fraction of the cost of professional photography. Company founder Steven Bolson, a skilled jewelry photographer who also is trained in production engineering, developed and markets FlashBoxes, photography studios compressed into desktop boxes with specialized lighting. "When you look at commercial photography for both catalogs and ecommerce, products are often presented on a pure white background," Bolson explains. "That's the industry standard." In fact, many online sellers, such as Amazon, require a white background. "It's a very challenging type of photography, particularly the lighting and editing techniques," Bolson continues. "We are the only company in the world that makes FlashBoxes," he asserts. "Our emphasis is on getting the white background instantly with the highest quality image." In addition to clean white backgrounds, Photo Cubics' desktop studios also enable retailers to photograph products with any background color needed, including pitch black.

  Photo Cubics' products include its patent-pending FlashBoxes, the A10, A21, A32 and Orbital 14-each of which contains a built-in strobe unit?as well as camera accessories and editing software. The Orbital 14 takes 360 video as well as still shots; the A10 is for jewelry; the A21 is for larger products, like shoes, sunglasses and watches; and the A32 is for even larger fashion accessories such as tall boots. "Our FlashBoxes are easy to use, and don't require any prior photographic experience. We've made photography as simple as it's ever been in the history of mankind," Bolson emphasizes. "With our products, an image that would take somebody 30 to 45 minutes to shoot literally takes just 30 seconds and the picture quality surpasses that of a professional studio." Photo Cubics' customers also save thousands of dollars in outsourced photography costs. "Retailers can kick the cost down to one thirtieth of what they are paying now and they are in control of producing amazingly stunning photographs and videos for their advertising campaigns."

  Customer support is extremely important to Bolson and every Photo Cubics studio purchase includes personalized training. "We have several videos on our website that demonstrate how easy our products are to use. We have tutorials for all kinds of products, and if we don't, we'll make one. I'm more than willing to walk customers through the process, too. We make sure our customers succeed."

  FlashBoxes range in price from $1,700 to $5,000, and the Orbital 14, for example, costs $3,500 without accessories. "I have customers who were spending between $50,000 and $175,000 a year on jewelry photography," Bolson remarks. Most retailers get new merchandise in frequently, and with Photo Cubics they can shoot it as it comes in and get products onto their websites immediately. "There is no delay in getting new images posted because retailers won't have to wait until they have enough products to warrant going to a studio," Bolson notes. "Customers don't have to go to the trouble and expense of wrapping and packing up products, and taking them to a studio, and most important, they don't have to wait two days to get their pictures."

  Photo Cubics introduced the Orbital 14, A21 and A32 at JCK Las Vegas 2012, a show that featured more than 2,500 jewelry brands, individual designers and manufacturers. "I had people at the JCK show photographing jewelry, which is the hardest thing to do, with the Orbital 14," Bolson recalls. "I put the camera in their hands and let them take the pictures. When they saw them on the big screen, they asked, 'how can that be?' I'd remind them that they took the picture themselves. That's how easy it is. They were stupefied." Photo Cubics products do not require any special equipment, only an entry-level DSLR camera.

  For more information:

  Photo Cubics Inc.
  607 Hill St., Plaza 38
  Los Angeles, CA 90014
  Tel.: 323-428-2479

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