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Sunglass Fashion Update

May 1, 2007
by Christopher Heine

Summer fashion trends are often like the season itself. They come, go and come back again. Sometimes they look vastly different from the prior year; other times, the fashion is familiar to a time you almost forgot existed.

Such is the case this season with sunglass fashions that are emerging in the wholesale/retail marketplace. Most marketers are reporting that all early indications point to another great year for rhinestone decorated sunglasses. Others say that the beaches and convertibles of the world are going to be chock full of people wearing retro shades.

Luckily, the best wholesalers in the industry are here to take care of your needs. Just to name a few, there is Pacific Link, JCP Trading, LA Wholesale Distributors, Sunny Trading, NYC Collection and SolarEx. But that is just the tip of the snow cone when it comes to sunglasses available on the worldwide web.

Specializes in Chic
For instance, there is, one of the leading wholesalers in the country offering a wide variety of stylish discount and replica sunglasses. Check out the company's snazzy website, where you will see sunglasses that are selected based on their quality, popularity and current market demand.

"We take pride in partnering with manufacturers who have the highest quality sunglasses on the market," said Ray Leviste, marketing director at in Vancouver, BC. "One of the keys to our company is that we always have our ear to the ground in terms of the hottest products that are coming around the corner. Our international customer base has become accustomed to seeing hot deals as well. Seventy five to 80 percent of our customers are in the U.S. and Canada, but we are seeing a big increase in orders from Australia and the U.K."

For men, the firm has seen its inspired by X Loop replica line really take off. The sunglasses feature a polarized lens, are specialized to cut glare and cost $38 per dozen. Also for the guys are the inspired by Bio Hazard line that costs the same per case. Other inspired by brands include Armani, Aviators, Eddie Bauer, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Ray Ban, NASCAR, Harley Davidson and Nike, among others.

"Our goal is to have the best products before everyone else does, and we are having success of being one of the first, if not the first, to offer them," Leviste explained.

For the ladies, offers a similarly extensive collection of cool looking replicas inspired by designers like Versace, Prada, Gucci, Liz Claiborne, Guess, Tommy Girl, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Chanel and LaCoste. Be sure to take a gander at product numbers, such as the LV 450 ($48 per dozen), the rhinestone laden CD 1956 ($36 per dozen), BVLGARI 1870 ($30 per dozen) and Chanel 42 ($28 per dozen).

"We get our orders out the door and shipped as fast as anyone in the industry," he said. "Customer service is a matter of pride with our firm."

Leviste has implemented several interesting design elements to, perhaps most notably the revamped logo that befits the product offering, with its wavy but sleek sun-fiery script. He said that his goal was to emulate the success that IBM has had with their well known logo.

"We wanted a logo that told people what we were about, as well as one that was strong enough in design that we would not need to change it in the near future," Leviste explained. "It is important to have a logo that can become part of your brand identity. A long held logo is often the mark of a successful company."

Another crafty quirk at his site is the floating email signup link, which follows the viewer around on the homepage. But appropriately, the feature stays off to the right hand side of the screen, so it does not interfere with what people are trying to see. The floating button contains the copy, "Want Discounts? Join Our Mailing List! Click Here," and takes the visitor to an easy to fill out online form. Real Profits Solutions, a technology firm that is under the same corporate umbrella as, took care of putting the system in and manages it on the backend.

"Our email list has grown by 70 percent since putting it on the site," Leviste said. "We offer discounts and free shipping offers in our newsletters. Getting the discount or free shipping offer has gone a long way in acquiring the trust of first time customers. There are still lots of businesses out there that have not made that online purchasing jump. Putting forth incentives to the mailing list members has helped many of our customers make that leap of faith and order at the website."

70s Groovy
It has often been said that the best way to predict the future is to study the past. The same case can often be made in terms of prognosticating what products are going to take off and when. So it was smart when wholesaler TH Sunglass started riding the retro wave that has sent ripples through the consumer products marketplace.

"I think sunglasses that have a look and feel that reminds you of the 1970s are going to be big sellers," said Julie Yan, sales manager at TH Sunglass Corp., located in La Verne, CA. "The bigger frames and crystal colors are going to be a hit during what appears to be a nostalgia hungry summer in the making. We have been having luck with those leading into the spring, and we expect them to be popular for the months ahead. People like the vintage appeal of the sunglasses. They are fancy looking."

Per dozen, those styles run for $19 in the Fashion Plastic Frames section at and via's Sunglasses & Eyewear Channel. Yan, who has been with TH Sunglass for nine years, said her company has recently upped its dedication to customer email marketing. "We send email to show them our newest styles and also as a measure of customer service," Yan explained. "They can see pictures of what we just got into our inventory. We want to let them handle their buying needs as conveniently as possible."

Sharkeyes' Cool Shades
All good merchandisers know that offering the right selection is the key to achieving longevity in the marketplace. Few understand this better than Sharkeyes, based in Los Angeles. The veteran wholesaler offers nine different categories, filled with the latest trends in sunglasses wear.

While the company also offers party themed, polarized and sports logos sunglasses, it appears to be doing best in the area of women's fashion. The collection at represents the best in modern sunglasses, as well as 1970s, 1980s and other classic styles. Starter kit variety packages are available for $10.50 per dozen.

"We have definitely seen a climate lately for rhinestone sunglasses in the marketplace," said Deborah Crable, general manager with Sharkeyes in Los Angeles. "The rhinestone selections began to pick up last year, and it is likely going to be even bigger this summer."

Crable said that her firm has been growing its newsletter list ever since installing an attractive signup link, which appears as a letter envelope image (marked "NEWS") at the top right hand corner of the homepage. But the best advice she would give to industry newcomers is to treat your customers with care and respect.

"You have to earn your relationships with customers, and that is what we have always tried to do," she explained. "Marketing is only one part of the equation. You have to treat your business partners well, in order to make the marketing worth the investment."

Men's, Women's & Classics
If you need to pick up a few dozen sporty sunglasses for your countertop display, visit either Goldenshade's website,, or WholesaleCentral's Sunglasses & Eyewear Channel. In either location, you will find a glorious product line.

"We have not only the best items for women's sunglasses, but also an increasing number of men's," said a spokesman for Goldenshade, based in La Puente, CA. "The consumer market for men's sunglasses has been growing in North America. We have done well with male sunglasses, in everything from regular gift shops to liquor stores. Although the women's market is still incredibly viable for retailers."

Goldenshade forecasts that oversized sunglasses, which were popular last summer with women, will be hot again this year. The firm offers the oversized style for $17 per dozen, while also offering rhinestone sunglasses for $18 per dozen.

"We import many of our sunglasses from Taiwan, and they are higher grade than the ones being offered out of China," the spokesman explained. "The sunglasses are of very strong quality and still have the competitive prices."

For more information, contact:
1089 W. Broadway #74
Vancouver, BC V6H1E5
Tel.: 604-733-1266
Fax: 604-608-9309

T H Sunglass Corporation
1775 Curtiss Ct.
La Verne, CA 91750
Tel.: 800-784-8666
Fax: 909-598-7799

2240 E. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Tel.: 323-589-7828
Tel.: 877-405-EYES
Fax: 323-589-7992

Just Sports Sunglasses Inc.
241 S. 3rd Avenue Unit #2
La Puente, CA 31746
Tel.: 626-435-0128
Fax: 951-848-9640

Pacific Link Trade USA, Inc.
1223 Coronet Drive Suite 3
Dalton, GA 30720
Tel.: 866-824-0079

SolarEx Sunglasses
1215 Valley Belt Drive, Suite C
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Tel.: 866-298-0433

JCP Trading
491 Amherst St.
Nashua, NH 03063
Tel.: 603-880-7042
Fax: 603-386-6105

LA Wholesale Distributors
1401 South Beach Blvd. #I
La Habra, CA 90631-1142
Tel.: 866-452-3937

Sunny Trading Inc.
8900 NW 33rd St
Miami, FL 33172
Tel.: 305-591-3065
Fax: 305-599-1301

NYC Collection
Toll Free: 800-430-4211
Tel.: 718-436-1077
Toll Free: 800-430-4211
Fax: 718-436-1910

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