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Sweet Smell of Success

Feb 1, 2010
by Brian Solomon

Online fragrance sellers all face a similar, if obvious, challenge. However, this has not stopped Kendra Morgan of Scentimental Gifts, Etc. from building a thriving web based wholesale business. "Naturally, you can't smell things though the Internet," she says. "But we are able to offer better pricing because we are not open to the public. We're strictly Internet. We buy in bulk, so we have very little overhead. We're able to keep our prices low."

Scentimental Gifts, Etc., now represented via the website,, began as a small eBay enterprise launched by Morgan while at home, pregnant with her son, in the fall of 2006. Initially selling used baby clothes, she then began making her own scented beads; after filling up her closet with them over the course of a year, she decided that selling them online might be a more productive alternative to going back to work. Pretty soon, what started out as a small side project, carried out while on bed rest, transformed into something much bigger.

Morgan kept investing more and more in her burgeoning business, adding scents as she went. She also expanded her product line to include candles, fragrant oils, potpourri and more. Within a mere six months, the operation had outgrown simply working out of the house off an eBay account. "Rather than paying someone to build a website for me," she explains, "I taught myself HTML code, and I built the website. Later, I learned even more code, and back in June, we launched a new website,"

Selling through, Scentimental Gifts, Etc. now boasts more than 500 fragrances and more than 5,000 products overall. There is no minimum order, and in addition to the company's wholesale discount program, Scentimental Gifts even sells to individuals. Free dropshipping is offered, and for those just starting out in their own business, the company even does product labeling. Among the company's most popular scents is lavender, according to Morgan. Ocean breeze, strawberry and lemon are also very popular, but Morgan explains that it's important, given the nature of an online fragrance business, to maintain quality control over the scented product.

"I spend a lot of time with different manufacturers, trying to make sure that the scent is true to the smell," she says. "Strawberry needs to smell like strawberry. A lot of times, when you get the same scent from different companies, they all smell different. So we try to make our scents as true to the original as possible."

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