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Ten Tips for Improving Your Wholesale Buying

Apr 1, 2010

Working with the right web-based general merchandise wholesaler can make or save you money and time. Working with the wrong one can cost you. John Dohm, President of, based in Hartford, CT, strives mightily to incorporate the following key benefits into his firm, and suggests that those retailers looking for new vendors use them as benchmarks to compare one wholesaler to another. Here are his ten tips:

1) Does the company keep an updated inventory? Trends change constantly in the marketplace. Look for a wholesale supplier you trust, that is willing and able to keep up with these changing trends and to supply new, hot selling products. Says Dohm, "We are always looking for newer, hot-selling items. Right now we have the purse hooks, for example, and we sell a ton of them. They will die out eventually, but that is the type of product we look for."

2) Does the wholesaler sell by the case? Sometimes you may not need an entire case of the same merchandise. Look for a wholesale supplier that lets you buy smaller lots of multiple products for your order. This way, you can control inventory better and maintain a larger variety of products to sell.

3) Do they find good shipping rates? Shipping costs can quickly cut into your profit. Look for a wholesale supplier who will work with you to get the lowest shipping rates possible. "If the shipping rate is too high, it cuts into our customer's profit. If we can save the customer $10 here or $20 there, it is meaningful. On our website, the two options to choose from are Priority Mail or Parcel Post. In special circumstances, we are very proactive in helping customers get the best rate for what they need shipped."

4) Is the wholesaler easy to communicate with? Communication is key. Look for a wholesale supplier who will answer your questions in a timely manner. "We have a live chat on our website."

5) Do they import directly? The more times the merchandise changes hands, the higher the cost of the merchandise to the ultimate buyer. Look for a wholesale supplier who imports directly from the manufacturer.

6) Does the wholesaler make it convenient to order? Ordering should be easy. Look for a wholesale supplier who gives you different options to order, either online, by phone or email.

7) Do they have the merchandise in their warehouse and are they ready to ship? "Anything we sell is in our warehouse in Connecticut, and is shipped out of there." When you place an order, you want a fast turnaround time for delivery. Look for a wholesale supplier who has inventory in stock and ready to ship within one business day. "Today in the wholesale world, dropshipping is prevalent. A wholesaler will portray himself as a U.S. company, but once you place the order, it is then shipped from China, which can take awhile. When it gets here, it has to clear customs."

8) Does the wholesaler have a lot of overhead? A company's overhead can increase the cost of the merchandise for you, which will cut into profits. Look for a wholesale supplier who does not have a high street presence, large showrooms and a large sales force. "We are not out on the street pitching people. We are simply Internet sales, so our overhead is low. Less overhead means less cost for our customers. When they are buying Internet, that is what they are looking for, along with excellent customer service."

9) Does the wholesaler have a good variety of merchandise? It can save you on shipping costs when ordering different merchandise from the same wholesale supplier, because there is only one shipping charge. Look for a wholesale supplier who has a good variety of general merchandise.

10) Do they have excellent customer service? Life is too short. Look for a wholesale supplier you enjoy working with.

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