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Turning New Profits With New Leaf Trading

Aug 1, 2009
by Judi Perkins

New Leaf Trading has turned over a new leaf, restructuring both their market and their products; thus the origin of their new company name. In the process, they have moved swiftly from one success to another. Previously, the company sold retail through mall kiosks, yet with over 100 employees scattered throughout various malls, it was becoming overly complex. So it was only a short step to becoming entirely wholesale and supplying kiosks, as well as other retailers. Additionally, their knowledge from retailing contributes to their ability to effectively meet retailers' needs.

New Leaf Trading is owned and operated by Scott Goodman and his wife, Dionna, who have become remarkably successful in a very short time. They started their previous company in 2004 and formed New Leaf Trading in September, 2008. They focus on three product lines, all very popular, and all with significantly profitable markups. "One line is the fragrance lamps and the fragrances, which are super hot right now. We also carry Hair Twirlz, which are really taking off," said Scott Goodman, President. The Hair Twirlz are made of clay and come in 36 colors. "They are especially popular with people who do craft shows and flea markets, but boutiques are beginning to carry them too." he said.

The third line is an all natural, healing eucalyptus spray used for aches and pains such as arthritis or backaches. "Ben Gay only numbs the pain," said Goodman. "People rub this on the ache, and it relieves the pain rather than numbing it. We wanted to make something natural so people could use it without the side effects." The spray sells primarily at shows and kiosks, where it functions as an excellent demonstration product, which then results in sales. Health food stores and relaxation places also carry it with success. "We have been selling this for ten years. It was our first product," said Goodman.

Although the formula was outsourced to a chemist, the research and chosen ingredients were selected by the Goodmans. The actual spray is manufactured on site. "We mix and fill according to specifications," said Goodman. The spray is sold by the case and comes in multiple sizes and case packs. Retailers can purchase it in 2 oz, 4 oz or 8 oz bottles, and in case packs of 20 or 80. Recommended mark up is four to five times the wholesale price.

One of the many benefits to retailers of buying from New Leaf Trading is the virtual exclusivity of their products. Not only is the eucalyptus spray proprietary, but the fragrances for the lamps are designed and mixed on site. "We have a chemist on staff, and Dionna is the one who comes up with the new fragrances," said Goodman. "She has a good nose, and a good eye for what people want." The fragrances do not change too often, but Goodman said they are constantly adding new ones. "We are going to add another six that will be geared to the holidays," he said. "Recently, we pulled twelve off and added twelve new ones. We used to have 24, but now we have 18 because we cut the slower sellers."

The lamps are imported from China, where the Goodmans go once or twice each year. "Mainly we look for things that our customers ask us for. For instance, if our customers want new crystal lamps or mosaic lamps, we would see about finding those and add them to our stock," said Goodman. Kiosks, gift stores, and small chain stores are New Leaf Trading's primary market for the lamps and fragrances, and these segments have had great success with the products. New Leaf Trading has recently put together a starter pack to help new retailers realize immediate profits, as mark up on both products averages about three times the wholesale price.

The starter pack consists of a variety of everything needed to start. "There is a mix of the fragrance lamps and fragrances, as well as the signage, and a display that holds the testers," said Goodman. "The testers are what the customers need to smell to know what fragrance they want." The starter pack goes for only $349. Fragrances are sent in 16 oz bottles and although they can be mixed and matched, must be ordered in groups of twelve. Fragrance lamps can also be mixed and matched, but must be ordered in groups of four.

The Hair Twirlz are manufactured by a customer who has been buying the eucalyptus spray since its inception, which makes New Leaf Trading one of only two places from which the Hair Twirlz may be purchased. They are colored corkscrews in different lengths, which can be wrapped around a chunk of hair about the circumference of a pencil. Said Goodman, "They come with four or five beads on the end, and the colors of the beads match the color of the twirl itself. The shortest ones are 5", which will fit in short hair, but we are thinking of shorter ones for people with really short hair." They come by design in packs of one dozen.

There is also a starter pack for the Hair Twirlz. Goodman explained that because the Hair Twirlz are displayed, the starter pack comes with black jewelry trays to show them, an assortment of the 36 styles, and manikin heads to illustrate how Hair Twirlz are worn. "There is also signage," he said. "The pack comes with everything they need to start selling."

The Goodman's have found their products to be strong sellers and well received by both retailers and consumers alike. They attribute that to their outlook, and that of their customers. "Everyone talks about the economy being slow, but people are still buying," said Goodman. "I'd like to see people get the, 'it is slow', concept out of their head, because it becomes almost a self fulfilling prophecy. When we go to craft shows, people are still buying products that are of value to them. So are our retailers."

Both Scott and Dionna Goodman believe that when you surround yourself with positivity, good things happen. The most visible way that they stay positive is seen in the way they work with their customers. "We put a great deal of emphasis on courtesy, efficiency, and consistency. We work tirelessly to maintain that," Goodman said. "We listen to our buyers, and keep our fingers on the pulse of the markets. They are not just customers, they are business partners."

Minimum Order: $100 total of any combination of products. The eucalyptus spray is sold in case packs of 20 or 80 bottles, and 2, 4, or 8 oz sizes. Hair Twirlz are sold by the dozen per design. Fragrance lamps must be ordered in groups of 4, but can be mixed and matched. Fragrances must be ordered in groups of 12, but may be mixed and matched. They are packaged in 16 oz. bottles.

For more information:

New Leaf Trading
1720 Harrison Street
Penthouse A
Hollywood, FL 33020
Toll Free: 888-98-AROMA (982-7662)

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