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Sell More With Floor Displays

Dec 1, 2007
by Rob Kole

More items in your store mean more sales. It's a simple concept. If you have only one item and customers are looking for something else, they won't buy. If you have a billion items in your store, customers are more likely to find something they want, and buy it. The numbers in this example are exaggerated, but the point is valid.

Adding more items to your store is easy if you have a lot of empty shelves, but if you're running a successful store, your shelves are already full. If you get rid of items to make room for new items, you still have the same amount of items for sale as you did in the beginning.

What if you could add items to the store without giving anything up? This is easier than you may think. Store displays are available in many sizes, from small countertop impulse item displays to full-pallet floor displays. When used properly, displays will boost sales in your store by offering the customer greater variety. And you don't have to clear out shelf space to make room for a display. You will offer more choices to your customer, which will result in happier customers and more sales.

There are a few things to consider when selecting a display. Make sure you select a display that fits in your store. If you order a full pallet floor display, make sure you have a good place to set it up. Be sure the display is attractive. You don't want to put a plain brown cardboard box full of merchandise on your sales floor. You want something attractive, colorful and professional in appearance. A display should also be easy to set up. Ask the vendor how many UPC codes are in the display, if it contains many different items. If all of the different items in the display have the same UPC code, it will be very easy to add to your POS system.

What type of display merchandise should you buy? This depends on what your customers are inclined to buy, and what you already have on the shelf. The display will get people's attention, so you want it to present them with something they would be inclined to buy, and haven't found elsewhere in your store. Selecting items is up to you. If your store is next to a lake, a fishing item display would sell well. This wouldn't work if your store is in the middle of the desert. If you look at what your customers are buying and understand what they like, you'll be able to pick the right items for them.

As a wholesaler, we've listened to what our customers asked for and responded with a wide range of store display options, from small to large. We've expanded our line of displays and even created a new website,, to exclusively sell floor displays. We sell small freestanding displays, half pallets, and full pallets in colorful, attractive packaging. The pallets are designed to be very easy to set up in the store, and in a POS system. Just put the pallet where you want it, unwrap it, and it's ready to sell. All of the items in the display have the same UPC code, so setting it up in your POS system is easy.

Take a look around your store, and you'll find the perfect place for a display. More items in your store equals more sales and happier customers, and if your customers are happy, you will be successful.

Rob Kole, President
Kole Imports
24600 South Main Street
Carson, CA 90745
Tel.: 800-874-7766 or 310-834-0004
Website: or

Topic: Business Strategies

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