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Vertical Search Effectiveness

May 1, 2008
by Christopher Heine

Vertical search engines are continuing to grow in popularity because they only show the results that are relevant to a marketer's product needs. More specifically, unlike the Googles and Yahoo!s out there, vertical search engines do not spider the entire World Wide Web for every possible result to the queried keyword or phrase at hand.

Instead, if you are a retailer looking for a specific product line, the vertical search engine will streamline your efforts. For instance, a "sneakers" query at recently produced 415 matches, which all consisted of wholesalers offering items that the retailer would likely be looking for. The top rated result for "sneakers" was for a seller offering name brand high tops for only $84 per dozen (seller: Air -1 Shoes). By comparison, a "sneakers" query on Google brought to the fore 18.2 million matches, and the No. 1 natural search result was for the 1992 light hearted thriller, "Sneakers," starring Robert Redford. Not quite as targeted, one might conclude.

Furthermore, in the case of, not only has the site filtered out what retailers and buyers in general will not be interested in sorting through, but it also does due diligence on quality control. Of course, by now everyone knows that there are an unfortunate number of disreputable websites out there.

However, thoroughly does a fantastic job of communicating with everyone who is listed on the portal's directory and making sure they are real, live businesses and not scammers. The website charges a regular fee for its sellers, and this weeds out the sketchy players who are just looking for a free place to hang their shingle. Simply put, it is a carefully moderated environment that exists online. So it is not only more productive to search there, when compared to the consumer portals like Google and Yahoo!, it is also clearly safer in terms of commercial transactions.

The businesses listed in vertical search marketplaces benefit too because they tend to have greater control over the audiences they reach, and how their business is presented. For instance, allows wholesale suppliers to load products from their storefronts into the Wholesale Power Search on its home page. They know that the Wholesale Power Search is looking at the item name, item description, and product category of each item, for a match to the buyer's request. Therefore, if a seller uses at least moderately thoughtful keywords in these fields, they will get the results they are aiming for. If they are still not sure what the best keywords are, no problem.

Call a support representative at (see numbers below). He or she will help you find exactly what you are searching for. Then you will be on your way to reaping the benefits of a truly vertical search marketplace. The time you save in the medium, when compared to sifting through literally millions of Google or Yahoo! query results, will undoubtedly add even more value to the experience.

Time is, after all, money.

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