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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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04/01/2010 - Women's and Men's Fashion Accessories
Fashion is showing signs of coming into fashion again, with indications in some quarters that the much debated economic recovery is having a positive effect on apparel and accessories.

02/01/2010 - Online Shopping Boom Expected
The Internet looks to be poised to become an even bigger force than ever in the world of retail in 2010.

01/01/2010 - Small Electronics Review
Trying to recapture some "Ho-ho-ho," from this past HOLIDAY season, as opposed to the "No, no, no," that characterized most of 2009.

11/01/2009 - Toys R Us Opens Pop Ups
Toys 'R' Us Inc. has announced it will set up 350 temporary stores and toy boutiques during the HOLIDAY season.

10/01/2009 - What's Hot for the HOLIDAYs?
GottaDeal.com, which has released early predictions of big sellers for Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) for the past six years, predicts what's hot for Black Friday 2009.

10/01/2009 - Kiosks Rev Up for Christmas
What is true for every retailer is equally true, if not more so, for kiosk and cart vendors: the need to make the most of the HOLIDAY season.

10/01/2009 - Firefly Lighter
AMBIENTI GIFT & HOME introduces Firefly, a stainless steel, refillable candle lighter.

09/01/2009 - Toys & Novelties Extravaganza
Toys and novelties are in high demand this HOLIDAY season, as long as they represent good value for dollars spent on fun.

08/01/2009 - Turning New Profits With New Leaf Trading
New Leaf Trading has turned over a new leaf, restructuring both their market and their products; thus the origin of their new company name.

08/01/2009 - Housewares and Gifts Fall Forecast
Events conspire to help keep the housewares market strong, while gift giving remains an important part of family and social life.

07/01/2009 - Retailer Buying Strategies
Wary of the economy, web retailers are likely to buy less HOLIDAY merchandise this year.

04/01/2009 - Stimulus Bill Falls Short
The government's economic stimulus plan doesn't include many provisions that directly benefit small businesses, according to economists.

03/01/2009 - Indys Buck Tide
Examples of independent merchants that are weathering choppy economic waters better than their giant retail brethren continue to be reported in many parts of the country.

02/01/2009 - Words That Make Or Lose Money
During the recent HOLIDAY shopping season, I noticed many stores using terms that seemed to contradict their intended purpose (to generate SALES).

02/01/2009 - Survey: Independent retailers best at Christmas
According to a Christmas retailing survey by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, independent retailers fared better-relatively speaking-than chain stores during the 2008 HOLIDAYs.

02/01/2009 - Payroll Tax HOLIDAY
The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has called on Congress to pass a six month payroll tax HOLIDAY as part of any economic stimulus package.

02/01/2009 - NRF Seeks Tax HOLIDAYs
The National Retail Federation (NRF) has asked President Obama to incorporate a series of national SALES tax HOLIDAYs into the upcoming economic stimulus legislation.

02/01/2009 - Mall Wants Small Retailers
As more chain retailers shutter stores, pull back on expansion plans or go out of business for good, the owner of Clifton Park Center in Clifton Park, NY, has scuttled its plan to fill vacant anchor space with a single tenant.

01/01/2009 - Relaxed Return Policies
More than half (52 percent) of retailers surveyed by the National Retail Federation (NRF) said their return policies for the HOLIDAY season will be more lenient than for the rest of the year.

12/01/2008 - Walking Sticks & Survival Kits
WHISTLE CREEK manufactures approximately 50 different designs of wooden walking and hiking sticks.

11/01/2008 - Shipping Promotions That Drive SALES
With the HOLIDAYs quickly approaching, there is no better time to take a close look at the shipping offers you provide your customers.

11/01/2008 - Retailers See Strength Online
Online retailers reported profitability last year and believe online shopping will be more resilient than other channels in the months ahead, according to a newly released study by Forrester Research for Shop.org.

11/01/2008 - HOLIDAY Email Tips
Major online retailers began sending HOLIDAY emails on October 28th last year, 58 days before Christmas, according to a new report.

11/01/2008 - Conklin Earring Bonanza
CONKLIN FASHIONS has acquired more than 1,000 styles of earrings.

11/01/2008 - Challenging HOLIDAY Season
Forecasters see gains in retail SALES over the HOLIDAYs, but the gains are expected to be less than in years past.

10/01/2008 - Prep Websites for HOLIDAYs
More consumers are expected to shop online this HOLIDAY season. Now is the time to make sure your retail website is ready to maximize the potential.

10/01/2008 - Personalization Moves To Video
Personalization is a hot trend in all of retailing, and particularly successful in cart and kiosk programs. Consumers like to have things that are made just for them.

10/01/2008 - Custom Marketing From Buy Wise
BUY WISE has introduced a custom, personalized Relationship Marketing software program for everyone, including retailers, that enables them to stay in touch with customers, friends, and prospects frequently, easily, and personally.

09/01/2008 - Winning Kiosk Programs
Winning cart and kiosk programs can be fashioned around a wildly diverse choice of product categories.

09/01/2008 - Snare HOLIDAY Shoppers
Three sure fire tactics for engaging HOLIDAY shoppers online are: 1) an ever changing list of top gift items, 2) gift finders and 3) limited time SALE offers. So say several online retail experts.

09/01/2008 - Ebay to Emphasize Fixed-Price SALES Format
Acknowledging that most online shoppers cannot be bothered with auctions, eBay plans Wednesday to announce changes to its fee structure that emphasize fixed prices over bidding.

09/01/2008 - Early HOLIDAY Web Marketing
While most consumers don't start HOLIDAY shopping in earnest until the day after Thanksgiving, online retailers should begin marketing for the season as early as October, according to MarketLive Inc., an eCommerce platform provider.

08/01/2008 - Checkout Options
Some retailers and wholeSALErs are still using their websites as more of an online catalog than an ecommerce engine and it is a shame to see them leaving so much money on the table.

03/01/2008 - Small Biz Trends
While the Federal Reserve is focused on the problems of the large banks, small business owners are showing some worry about inflation.

03/01/2008 - Customer Is King At Amglo
Amglo Inc., located on the web at www.amgloinc.net, is a direct importer and wholeSALEr of an all encompassing selection of seasonal merchandise.

02/01/2008 - Largest ASD Vegas Show
More than 3,100 top exhibitors from around the world will gather in Las Vegas March 2 through 5 for the 2008 ASD/AMD Trade Shows

01/01/2008 - Catching Eyes at Kiosks
Products sold from kiosks and carts must have visual appeal. The greatest new products can get lost in the shuffle, if they are not displayed in a manner that attracts shoppers' attention.

12/01/2007 - One Stop Shopping At Ohio WholeSALE
The concept for Ohio WholeSALE, Inc. began more than thirty years ago, when Nick and Terry Harbarger traveled to Mexico to purchase giftware items, which they sold in the US.

10/01/2007 - Gift Giant Joins Santa's Pen
Although kiosks and carts are increasingly present all year long, they swell by double digit proportions during the fourth quarter HOLIDAY season, propelled by none other than Santa.

10/01/2007 - Ghosts Push Halloween SALES
Halloween is second only to Christmas in the HOLIDAY decorations market.

09/01/2007 - Smarts & Sweat Equal Turnkey Success
Any reliable product supplier to a kiosk or cart program will want a prospective operator to have a business plan for success.

08/01/2007 - Impulse Is Key To Kiosk SALES
Merchandising from a kiosk or cart, more than from an inline mall store, relies on getting attention and stopping passersby in their tracks.

08/01/2007 - Fresh Toys & Novelties Push Retail Profits
The number of new toys and novelties that come to market each year is a tribute to the imagination of inventors, designers, and suppliers.

08/01/2007 - Dress Up America Expands Costume Line
Dress Up America, Inc. has extended its line of high quality, affordable costumes, from an initial 35 designs to more than 100.

08/01/2007 - A & W Live Auctions On Roll
In the two years since A&W Surplus has been conducting online auctions, the response and SALES volume "has grown tremendously," says Wayne Peckham, Owner of the Fresno, CA, wholeSALEr.

07/01/2007 - Tested Programs Spell Kiosk Success
Kiosk programs that have been market tested provide prospective kiosk and cart operators with more than product.

06/01/2007 - Flexible Programs Drive Kiosk SALES
Kiosks devoted to multiple product categories, can generate SALES and profits at HOLIDAY time. But what does a kiosk vendor do after the HOLIDAY lights come down?

06/01/2007 - AmEx Expands Gift Cards
Targeting the increasing consumer demand for gift cards throughout the year, American Express announced the launch of three new special occasion gift cards.

05/01/2007 - Smart Email Means SALES for Salco
WholeSALEr, Salco Distributors, has been using consistent, content rich email campaigns to drum up SALES and maintain relationships at www.ezdropshipper.com.

03/01/2007 - PC Costly for Big Boxes
Political correctness at some of the country's big box chains may explain why Best Buy and others underperformed over the 2006 HOLIDAYs, and why some independents thrived.

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