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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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10/01/2012 - The Spirit of ST LOUIS WHOLESALE
ST. LOUIS WHOLESALE's owner and founder, Craig Pinkerton, has come a long way since his firST WHOLESALE purchase. Had he not taken an initial risk, ST. LOUIS WHOLESALE would never have been created.

01/01/2012 - Mother's Day Gifts
Every mother is different. Some moms love cute, sentimental gifts, while others prefer more practical items.

01/01/2012 - Air Play Fragrances
Air Play Fragrances launched in September of 2011, a line of four oil-based, all-purpose air fresheners, backed by hip-hop STars, Nelly and the ST. Lunatics.

04/01/2009 - Fashion Clutch Bag
K. PEER DESIGNS LLC offers, "The Clutch for Cures," collection of clutch bags, designed by company owner, Kellee Peer. The design is patented and exclusive to this supplier.

10/01/2008 - Soothes Sore Spots
HI-DOW INTERNATIONAL introduces two series of massage products: Massage Mouse; Massage Mouse II, which is an upgraded model, and Massage XP, which was designed as a model for professionals, but can also be used by consumers.

05/01/2007 - Sweeper Slippers
HI-DOW INTERNATIONAL introduces, Sweeper Slippers. They have a removable microfiber on the bottom of an attractive slipper that absorbs duST, thereby sweeping the floor while they are worn.

05/01/2007 - Cash In With Bamboo
MIDWEST DOLLAR SUPPLY allows retailers to latch onto the increasingly popular trend of bringing bamboo into homes. It offers a comprehensive line of bamboo STalks in various designs and sizes.

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