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10/01/2011 - Grill Topper Leaves a Searing Impression at Retail
Imagine you and your pals work at a foundry. After spending your shift pouring molten metal and hauling heavy loads, you hang out with your friends from the plant.

06/01/2010 - Home Furnishings & Housewares On Roll
The home furnishings and housewares segment of consumer goods has come through the economic downturn with mostly flying colors, according to both U.S. government statistics and purveyors of goods in the category

01/01/2010 - Trademark Global's Shark Line Of Value Priced Appliances
TRADEMARK GLOBAL is the exclusive distributor of the Shark and Euro-Pro factory service line of appliances.

10/01/2009 - Unique Selection at Red Barn Ranch
There really is a red barn at Red Barn Ranch Wholesale. It was built in 1910 on what was then a walnut farm, and it is now the warehouse for their inventory of beautiful and diverse products.

05/01/2009 - Vintage Bottle Openers
BROWN MANUFACTURING COMPANY supplies more than 200 different vintage wall mounted bottle openers and a line of about three dozen bottle cap catchers.

04/01/2009 - Roth's Choice
This company specializes in closeouts of name brand personal hair care products, including blow driers and curling IRONs.

12/01/2008 - Sporty Wall Decor
WORLD UNIQUE IMPORTS INC. has introduced IRON decorative sports silhouettes that can be hung indoors or out.

12/01/2008 - Aurora's Adds Diffuser
AURORAS.COM adds a black wrought IRON fragrance diffuser to its extensive line of ash catchers, smoking bottles, incense, oils and related products.

11/01/2008 - Village Wrought IRON: A Touch of Tradition
In a high-tech world where manufacturing mass quantities has become the cost-effective norm, it is refreshing to find a company that retains traditional values of domestic labor and hand-crafting.

07/01/2008 - Windfall Of Success For IRON Stop
The process today of manufacturing wind spinners is not much different than it was when Ron Spinks, President of IRON Stop, came up with the idea and began creating them in his garage.

05/01/2008 - Patches of Honor
IRWIN SALES has added the, "Defenders of Freedom," IRON-on patch to the company's line of about 2,500 different designs.

05/01/2008 - Brand Your Beef
SPORTS BRAND INC. introduces stainless steel BBQ branding IRONs that put a personal touch on outdoor summer dinners.

03/01/2008 - Letters & Numbers
VILLAGE WROUGHT IRON INC. has expanded its line of wrought IRON letters, designed for outdoor use, but can also be used for indoor decoration.

12/01/2007 - One Stop Shopping At Ohio Wholesale
The concept for Ohio Wholesale, Inc. began more than thirty years ago, when Nick and Terry Harbarger traveled to Mexico to purchase giftware items, which they sold in the US.

12/01/2007 - Decorative Wind Chimes
EVOLVE introduces a series of five different wind chimes imported from India.

12/01/2007 - Blossom Crown
ANNABELLE NOEL DESIGNS introduces The Blossom Crown, a bendable, shapeable wire grid in the form of a flower that fits over the top of a vase.

04/01/2007 - Housewares Unhurt by Housing Slump
The housewares market has not suffered from a softening of the housing market, according to the International Housewares Association.

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