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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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2008 Wholesale News Archive


January 2008

Business Strategies Generating Post Sale Buys
Business Strategies Time for Updated Fixtures?
Company Profiles Awesome Treating Buyers Like Family
Company Profiles Entrepreneur Earns Success
Company Profiles My Bargain Bin Tests Sales
Company Profiles New Items from Bottom Line
Company Profiles US Marketing: Great Deals for Big Profits
Kiosk Korner Catching Eyes at Kiosks
New Products Fog Free Protects Surfaces
New Products New Scents from R Expo
New Products OliZoid 3D Puzzles
New Products Plush Phone Covers
New Products The Gas Gripper
New Products Tickle Me Plant
Product Trends Closeout & Liquidation Forecast
Web Tech Tips CloseoutCentral.com: The Ultimate Source
Wholesale News CA Sues Toy Co's
Wholesale News Costly Retail Rents
Wholesale News House of Hoops Debuts
Wholesale News Low Net Usage for Hispanics
Wholesale News New Tactics for Sears
Wholesale News Retail Crime and eFencing
Wholesale News Shoppers Need Visuals
Wholesale News Web Buying Habits
Wholesaler of the Month Siezing an Opportunity: Kalan Aquires Funworks


February 2008

Business Strategies Bolster Global eCommerce
Business Strategies Building Customer Loyalty
Business Strategies Golden Compass Increases Web Sales
Business Strategies Kapa Boosts Profits
Business Strategies New Ways to Sell
Business Strategies Retail Tax Debate
Company Profiles Dazzle and Fun from Blaychon
Company Profiles Double Dragons Inc.
Company Profiles Flipping Over Flipo
Company Profiles Pain Eliminating Products
Company Profiles Toy Wonders: Titans of Toys
Kiosk Korner Catchy Kiosk Suppliers
New Products Cool Pain Relief
New Products Durable Spending Slips
New Products NFL Air Fresheners
New Products Novelty Night Lights
New Products Religious Jeans
New Products Rocket Pockets Water Sport
Product Trends Great Toys at WholesaleCentral.com
Product Trends Sunglass Fashion Forecast
Wholesale News 2008 Economic Climate
Wholesale News Affluent Love Bargains
Wholesale News Ali Cards Debut
Wholesale News Boomers' Web Use Rising
Wholesale News Harvey Files Chapter 11
Wholesale News Largest ASD Vegas Show
Wholesale News Mobile Marketing Rises
Wholesaler of the Month Buyers & Sellers Win with Liquidation.com


March 2008

Business Strategies Building Relevance And Sales Momentum
Business Strategies Regulations Anyone?
Business Strategies Small Biz Trends
Company Profiles Customer Is King At Amglo
Company Profiles Experience & Choice at Mid-America
Company Profiles Movies 4 Wholesale
Company Profiles Profit From Consumables
Company Profiles Sales Popping At Party Celebration
Company Profiles Something Exciting At Advanced Creations
Kiosk Korner Kiosks Tap Today's Trends
New Products Baggler Carries Bags
New Products Bamboo Galore
New Products Letters & Numbers
New Products Plush Animal Therapy Wraps
New Products Stunning Straw Hats
New Products Vaporizer Line
Product Trends Halloween & Party Items Spell Fun
Product Trends Niches Boost Apparel Sales
Product Trends Protective Gear Sales Rising
Web Tech Tips Best Web Sourcing
Wholesale News Chinese Consumers Buy Directly From U.S. Retailers
Wholesale News DVD Biz On Roll
Wholesale News Electronics Firms Recycle
Wholesale News Footwear Prices
Wholesale News New Click Fraud Filter Improves Traffic Quality
Wholesale News Vertex Launches Tax Automation Tool
Wholesale News Wal-Mart Food Fight
Wholesale News Wegmans Snuffs Tobacco
Wholesaler of the Month Style & Service Drive Sales At Pacific Link


April 2008

Business Strategies Dollar Stores Thrive In Tough Times
Business Strategies Exist or Not Exist: Securing the Buyer's Attention
Business Strategies Grooming a Successor
Business Strategies Setting Up a 401K
Business Strategies Shoppers Shift Channels
Business Strategies Specialty Retail Success
Business Strategies Tax Refunds
Business Strategies Web Cash Payment Sparks Sales
Business Strategies Wireless Broadband Soars
Company Profiles Rhino Mart Charges Ahead
Company Profiles Salco Launches Ezwholesaler.com
Company Profiles Selling By Instinct At OBI
Kiosk Korner Shine With Bright Products
New Products DayClocks
New Products Heat Transfers Galore
New Products Hillary Nutcracker
New Products Look At Me Shirts
New Products Mermaids From Luscious Lures
Product Trends Bright Sales Trends For Jewelry & Watches
Product Trends Power Your Profits With Electronics
Web Tech Tips Combating Security Fraud
Wholesale News Google Tops Searches
Wholesale News Hands Off The Web
Wholesale News Online Visibility For Small & Medium Businesses
Wholesale News Owners Express Confidence
Wholesale News Payment Fraud Grows
Wholesale News Rebates Reward Retailers
Wholesale News Redbox Expands In Walgreen's
Wholesale News Tech Points to Upturn
Wholesale News Toy Safety System
Wholesale News Value Price Expo Debuts In Vegas
Wholesaler of the Month Turning 10 Cents into $10 in Two Minutes at Tatstore.Com


May 2008

Business Strategies Going Organic: Optimizing for Search to Increase Website Sales
Business Strategies Identity Marketing
Company Profiles Cool Feet Are Hot Items
Company Profiles The Joy of Accessories
Kiosk Korner Keys To Retail Success
New Products Affirming Tees
New Products Air Soft Guns From DP
New Products Alarm Clock Sports Balls
New Products Aqua Clip
New Products Bargain Underwear
New Products Belt Buckle Logos
New Products Brand Your Beef
New Products Cooler With Extras
New Products Disney Characters Answer Calls
New Products Energy Saving Kit
New Products Expanding Towels
New Products Five Hour Boost
New Products Fragrant Picture Frames
New Products Garden Fountains
New Products Have a Seat Anywhere
New Products Humane Pet Harness
New Products Illuminating Art
New Products Jewelry Honors Heroes
New Products Krazy Cutter
New Products Lipstick Stun Gun
New Products Modern Budget Apparel
New Products Monster Spray
New Products Necklaces Reveal Moods
New Products Patches of Honor
New Products Pet First Aid
New Products Pewter & Glass Jewelry
New Products Service Tracks New Movers
New Products Shoe Cover Up
New Products Snowglobe Xmas DVD
New Products Tea Facials
New Products Thumball
New Products Unique Scale Cars
New Products Wine Saver
New Products YogaToes
Product Trends Sunglasses & Eyewear Forecast
Web Tech Tips Vertical Search Effectiveness
Wholesale News Coupons On Cell Phones
Wholesale News Craft Show in Philly
Wholesale News Cross Channel Retailing
Wholesale News Dell Tests Biz Service
Wholesale News Hasbro Buys Trivial Pursuit
Wholesale News MarketLive Launches FastTrack 2008
Wholesale News SBA Offers Help
Wholesale News Shoppers Research Online
Wholesale News Veteran Web Buyers VS. Rookies
Wholesaler of the Month CheapWholesaleJewelry.com Creating An Online Leader


June 2008

Business Strategies Wholesalers Ease Web Buying
Company Profiles Innovative Signs
Company Profiles Laura's Country Candles Expands
Company Profiles Licensed Characters From NJ Croce
Kiosk Korner Year Round Kiosk Sales
New Products Changeable Banners
New Products Frame Memories in Words
New Products Latest Urban Fashions
New Products Strapless Sun Visor
Product Trends Home Furnishing & Housewares Review
Web Tech Tips Tips for Designing Websites
Wholesale News Blockbuster Expands Games
Wholesale News Course For Small Business
Wholesale News Education For Sellers At eBay Live 2008
Wholesale News Gas Prices Drive Shoppers To Web
Wholesale News Hispanics Respond to Email
Wholesale News India Retailer Targets U.S.
Wholesale News Payment System for Retailers
Wholesaler of the Month Remote Control Zooms Sales


July 2008

Business Strategies 12 Tips For Savvy Retailers
Business Strategies Customer Surveys Reveal Site Weaknesses
Company Profiles Galan Expands Line
Company Profiles Nostalgia Reigns At Desperate Enterprises
Company Profiles Win with Liquidation.com
Company Profiles Windfall Of Success For Iron Stop
Kiosk Korner Vendors Profit From Quigley MD
New Products Growing Creatures
New Products Portable Pillow
New Products Reusable Cotton Totes
New Products Stretching Shopping Bags
Product Trends White-Hot Holiday Products
Web Tech Tips Buyers Network Speeds Transactions
Wholesale News Amazon Sues New York
Wholesale News ClassifiedFlyerAds Makes 'Bid' to Help eBay Sellers
Wholesale News Coping With Site Objectives
Wholesale News FTC Proposals Hit Resistance
Wholesale News Meeting Global Challenges
Wholesale News Nordstrom Adds Store Pick-Up
Wholesale News Office Depot Teams with Google
Wholesaler of the Month JSK Computer Services: Buyers' One-Stop Shop


August 2008

Business Strategies Broadband Ramps Up
Business Strategies Consumers Flock to the Web
Business Strategies Fees Squelch Web Sales
Business Strategies Fighting Organized Retail Crime
Business Strategies Gaining Customer Confidence For More Sales
Business Strategies Long Waits Harm Retailers
Business Strategies Refresh Your Brand
Business Strategies Shoppers Like Peer Reviews
Business Strategies Social Networking Primer
Company Profiles Belatriz
Company Profiles E. Rossi Thrives in Little Italy
Company Profiles Easy DVD Profits
Company Profiles Great Selection at Blanket Depot
Company Profiles Infotech America Offers Web Promo Services
Company Profiles Sterling Forest Adds Stainless
Kiosk Korner High Margins Spell Kiosk Success
New Products Art From Behind Bars
New Products Banking on Nostalgia
New Products Bye Bye Bugs
New Products Close Action from Sperry
New Products Friski Boots Take London by Storm
New Products Handy Purse Holder
New Products Pens Carry Messages
New Products Personalized Dog Collars
Product Trends Footwear & Apparel Forecast
Product Trends Toys & Novelties for Fun & Profits
Web Tech Tips Checkout Options
Wholesale News Amazon Adds Office Products
Wholesale News BabyEarth Unveils Demo On Demand
Wholesale News DollarDays Merges with Insignia
Wholesale News Economy Favors Online Growth
Wholesale News French Court Finds eBay Guilty
Wholesale News Martha Stewart Alters Strategy
Wholesale News New Incense from Evolve
Wholesale News Online Fraud Rises
Wholesale News Overstock.com Offers PayPal Later
Wholesale News Web Searchers Offer Advice
Wholesaler of the Month REAL Wholesale Deals from TrademarkCommerce.com


September 2008

Business Strategies Back to School Trends
Business Strategies Call Center Tracking
Business Strategies Early Holiday Web Marketing
Business Strategies Holidays Require Planning
Business Strategies Luxury Retail Update
Business Strategies Promiscuous Purchasers
Business Strategies Snare Holiday Shoppers
Business Strategies Social Networks Build Brand Awareness
Company Profiles 15,000 Choices and Growing
Company Profiles Focus Is Quality Sunglasses
Company Profiles Healthy Alternative
Company Profiles Liss Eliminates The Middleman
Company Profiles Magnetic Healing
Company Profiles Sticker Empire
Company Profiles Wacky Shirts For Big Margins
Kiosk Korner Winning Kiosk Programs
New Products New Incense Line
New Products Solar Teeth Whitener
New Products Super Flying Monkey Returns
New Products Toothbrush Whitens
Product Trends Gifts & Housewares Spell Holiday Sales
Product Trends Health, Home & Housewares Trends
Product Trends Product Preview: Small Electronics & E-Games
Web Tech Tips Ranking Wholesale Marketplaces
Wholesale News Beauty Boutiques At Bloomie's
Wholesale News Best Buy Music Centers
Wholesale News Ebay to Emphasize Fixed-Price Sales Format
Wholesale News Inflation Dilutes Rebate Impact
Wholesale News JCPenney Adds Private Brand
Wholesale News The Facebook Edge
Wholesale News Wal-Mart Updates Logo
Wholesale News Web Satisfaction Survey
Wholesale News Web Shoppers Cut Store Buys
Wholesaler of the Month RedRoller Perfects Shipping & Savings


Ocotber 2008

Business Strategies Marketing on a Shoestring
Business Strategies Prep Websites for Holidays
Business Strategies Using Live Chat to Boost Sales
Company Profiles Baby Inspires New Line
Company Profiles Custom Marketing From Buy Wise
Company Profiles Kole Boosts Closeouts
Company Profiles Silver and CZ.com
Kiosk Korner Personalization Moves To Video
New Products Excellent Costumes
New Products Phubby The Wrist Cubby
New Products Power of Prayer Watches
New Products Safe, Cheap Batteries
New Products Soothes Sore Spots
New Products Toothbrush With Toothpaste
Product Trends Fashion Accessories Galore
Product Trends Jewelry & Watches Add Holiday Dazzle
Web Tech Tips Email Marketing Minefields
Wholesale News Alliance Expands Prepaid Cards
Wholesale News Congress Eyes Hot Web Goods
Wholesale News Offline Advertising Drives Online Traffic
Wholesale News Retail Thrives in Cities
Wholesale News Service Speeds Gift Card Access
Wholesale News Tiffany Fights eBay Verdict
Wholesale News Vitamin Shoppe Opens Web Dialog
Wholesale News Walmart Goes Tailgating
Wholesaler of the Month Mediak Lets the Kids Do the Talking


November 2008

Business Strategies Aiming for Super Rich
Business Strategies Assessing a Store Location
Business Strategies Consumers Love Coupons
Business Strategies Early Holiday Shopping
Business Strategies Global Supply Chain Safety
Business Strategies Holiday Email Tips
Business Strategies How to Build An Email List
Business Strategies Internet Searching Soars
Business Strategies Monitor Social Networks
Business Strategies Retailers See Strength Online
Business Strategies Shipping Promotions That Drive Sales
Business Strategies Stop Shoplifting & Protect Your Store
Company Profiles CLS Offers Solutions
Company Profiles CSB Offers Sizzling Housewares
Company Profiles MBK Guarantees Sales
Company Profiles Purses to the Max
Company Profiles Quality Magnetic Healing
Company Profiles Scrubs For Profits
Company Profiles Shielding the Face of Technology
Company Profiles Top Sellers for Parks, Resorts and Gaming
Company Profiles Village Wrought Iron: A Touch of Tradition
Kiosk Korner Taking Kiosks Personally
New Products Conklin Earring Bonanza
New Products Editor's Hot Product Picks November 2008
New Products Jewelry with Healing Power
New Products Mesa Pottery Adds Crosses
New Products Norton Show Nov. 15th
New Products Swim with Music
Product Trends Designers Move from Class to Mass
Product Trends Sweet Smell of Success
Wholesale News 99 Only Stores Raise Prices
Wholesale News Challenging Holiday Season
Wholesale News Consumers Consolidate Trips
Wholesale News Gift Card Protection
Wholesale News Overstock.com Goes Global
Wholesale News Ranking Buyer Satisfaction
Wholesale News Value Price Expo
Wholesaler of the Month Integrity Drives Liquidation Innovation


December 2008

Business Strategies Combining Search for Higher Conversion
Business Strategies E-Tail Marketplaces
Business Strategies Sales Tips for Indy Retailers
Company Profiles Easy Shopping At Shoenet.com
Company Profiles Pro-Rider Leathers
Company Profiles Swiss Watches for All Buyers
Company Profiles Vapor Stores
Kiosk Korner Partnering With Suppliers
New Products Aurora's Adds Diffuser
New Products Bakugan Bandwagon
New Products Beer on Your Belt
New Products Birthday BlowOuts
New Products Body Shapers Shed Weight
New Products Burlesque DVD Yule Log
New Products Cigar Cutter Key Chain
New Products Color Changing Candle
New Products Customizing Wallets
New Products Editor's Hot Product Picks December 2008
New Products Express Yourself with Emotibuds
New Products Fizz Cup for Ice Cream Floats
New Products Flavored Wooden Skewers
New Products Footwear Fresheners
New Products Great Gifts from JKE
New Products High Profit Incense Kits
New Products Hookahs Galore
New Products Kole Fashion Deal
New Products Kruzer Kaddy
New Products Lighted Tiny Helicopter
New Products Live Crickets
New Products Lucky Lotto Dice
New Products MP3 Sunglasses
New Products New Mini Pleat Fashion
New Products No Rain on Windshields
New Products No-Pierce Body Jewelry
New Products Pirate Farkel
New Products Reserve Your Spot in Heaven
New Products Sporty Wall Decor
New Products Sunglasses for Helmets
New Products Tattoo Print Belts & Buckles
New Products Tattoos Help Needy
New Products Top Reggae DVDs
New Products Topless Mermaid Lures
New Products Walking Sticks & Survival Kits
New Products Wine Whisk
New Products Wow! On Windows
Product Trends Bio Bags Improve Environment and Increase Profits
Product Trends Marketing Closeouts, What Makes a Good Closeout?
Product Trends Retailers Smell Success with Scented Products
Wholesale News eCards Add Gifts
Wholesale News Good Web Shopping
Wholesale News In-Store Pickup Improves
Wholesale News Shoptopia Merges Bricks and Clicks
Wholesale News Web Video Marketing Soars
Wholesaler of the Month High-Flying Sales at HobbyTron.com
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