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INDEPENDENT RETAILER magazine is now the official news outlet for Wholesale Central visitors. Each monthly issue is packed with new product ideas, supplier profiles, retailing news, and business strategies to help you succeed.

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2007 Wholesale News Archive


January 2007

Business Strategies 10 Tips To Build Sales
Business Strategies Converting Shoppers Into Buyers
Business Strategies How the Small Survive Online
Business Strategies Positive Marketing From Your Limited Database
Business Strategies Private Label Revolution
Business Strategies Products & Prices Drive Sales At CloseoutCentral
New Products Confetti Gun
New Products Go Cart for Two
New Products Mobile Hot Meals
New Products New Marilyn Line
New Products Retail Friendly Incense
New Products Safe Staple Remover
New Products SugaRoX Debuts Handbags
Wholesale News Know Your ROI?
Wholesale News Managing Shipping
Wholesale News Many Unhappy Returns
Wholesale News Retail Theft Rises
Wholesale News Survival Index Update
Wholesale News Top Retail Trends
Wholesaler of the Month Salco Streamlines Web Sales


February 2007

Business Strategies Blogosphere Marketing
Business Strategies Borrowing to Expand Your Business
Business Strategies Enlisting Customer Support
Business Strategies Gift Cards Keep Giving
Business Strategies Personalize Web Shopping
Business Strategies Securing the Right Financing
Business Strategies Trimming Energy Costs
Business Strategies What's In Your Name?
Business Strategies Winning Marketing Tactics
Company Profiles A&W Auctions Expand
Kiosk Korner Develop Vendor Partners
New Products Apparel for Poker Players
New Products Crystal Manicure Files
New Products CZ Wardrobe
New Products New Products Pamper Men
New Products Nostalgic Art Signs
New Products One Stop Lingerie
New Products Storm Survival Kit
New Products Vanity Plates Boost Sales
Product Trends Sunglasses Sales Shine All Year
Wholesale News AARP Web Shopping
Wholesale News Biz Loans Rising
Wholesale News Dawn of mCommerce
Wholesale News Google & Marketworks Offer Web Solutions
Wholesale News Holiday Web Sales Update
Wholesale News Human Pets?
Wholesale News Icing on Your Email Cake
Wholesale News Mix Search And Display Ads
Wholesale News Solid Year For Online Toy Sales
Wholesale News Walgreens Adds Jewelry & More
Wholesale News WholesaleCentral.com Debuts Asian Sources
Wholesaler of the Month Galaxy Rock'N Rolls In Profits


March 2007

Business Strategies Avoiding Global Fraud
Business Strategies Boosting International Web Sales
Business Strategies Empathy Engine Serves Customers
Business Strategies Fickle Frequent Buyers
Business Strategies Long Tail SEO
Business Strategies Minimum Wage Debate
Business Strategies Multiple Shopping Channels
Business Strategies PC Costly for Big Boxes
Business Strategies PPA Helps Small Biz
Business Strategies Service Trumps Price
Business Strategies Strategic Web Planning
Business Strategies Teens And The Web
Business Strategies Time Values
Business Strategies Tips for Spring Sales
Company Profiles DVA Spells Entertainment
Kiosk Korner Jumping On The Kiosk Boom
New Products Heart Has Many Charms
New Products John Wayne Ammo
New Products Sassy Umbrellas
New Products Tasers for Protection
New Products Top Sellers For Unidus
Product Trends Closeouts for All
Product Trends Colors Turn Vibrant
Product Trends Cosmetics Sales Up
Product Trends Halloween Grows Up Online
Product Trends Hot Kitchen Items
Web Tech Tips CloseoutCentral.Com: Web Buying & Selling Made Easy
Web Tech Tips Finding Items with Product Locator
Wholesale News Dell Launches Web Resource
Wholesale News Email Personalization
Wholesale News Girls Gone Wild
Wholesale News Most Competitive Retailer
Wholesale News New Gadgets At CES
Wholesale News NY Gift Cash And Carry Show
Wholesale News PayPal Tests Virtual Cards
Wholesale News Short Changing Retailers
Wholesale News Social Retailing
Wholesale News Wholesale2U.com Aids Schools


April 2007

Business Strategies Avoiding the Discount Trap
Business Strategies Buyers Happy As Spending Grows
Business Strategies Capturing Tax Refunds
Business Strategies Keeping Clear Of Audits
Business Strategies Last Minute Tax Tips
Business Strategies Small Wholesalers' Marketing Tips
Business Strategies Troubles Mount From Data Breach
Business Strategies Understanding Boomers
Business Strategies Wealthy Love Bargains
Company Profiles Continental Offers TLC to Retailers
Kiosk Korner Fresh Products Boost Kiosk Sales
Kiosk Korner Versatile Kiosk From NCR
New Products Drain Your Umbrella
New Products Kitchen Fun With The Ex
New Products Learning Music Online
New Products Lighted Pocket Mirror
New Products Retractable Steel Leash
New Products Your Inner Beauty Queen
Product Trends Apparel Niches Boost Profits
Product Trends Housewares Unhurt by Housing Slump
Product Trends Jewelry Sparkles on the Web
Product Trends Skin Care Market Booms
Product Trends Wholesale Web Jewelry: Spring / Summer Forecast
Web Tech Tips Keeping Shopping Carts Safe
Web Tech Tips Web Re-Design For Success
Wholesale News Google Premieres Checkout
Wholesale News Kohl's Adds Chaps
Wholesale News Retailers Push Global Trade
Wholesale News SBA Ups '08 Budget
Wholesale News TMX Elmo Is Top Toy
Wholesale News User Revolution Alters Web
Wholesale News Visa/NFIB Grow Entrepreneurs
Wholesale News Web Browsing And Store Sales


May 2007

Business Strategies BOC vs. POP
Business Strategies Coping With The Housing Market
Business Strategies How And When To Add Staff
Business Strategies Shoppers Cotton to Email
Business Strategies Smart Email Means Sales for Salco
Company Profiles Heavenly Body Offers Bulk For Big Savings
Company Profiles New England Diamond and Gem Co.
Kiosk Korner Choosing The Right Products & Location
New Products 3D Drawing Pad
New Products Bargain Kids Apparel
New Products Blinking Cell Phones
New Products Blissfully Barefoot
New Products Blooms in a Bag
New Products Carved Clocks
New Products Cash In With Bamboo
New Products Decorative Dawg Tags
New Products Dollar Signs on Ice
New Products Fashionable Storage
New Products Four Wheel Scooter
New Products Gothic Collectibles
New Products Greenhouse Kits
New Products Jazz Up Laptops
New Products Karaoke Star Maker
New Products LED Flashlights Galore
New Products Mobile Solar Power
New Products No More Wasps
New Products Nostalgic Magnets & Postcards
New Products Open & Closed Sign
New Products Pets Peek Thru Fences
New Products Practice Net & Duck Cooler
New Products Purse Pleaser
New Products Skate Buds
New Products Snap On Shoes
New Products Sumseeds Sunflower Snacks
New Products Super Size Bargains
New Products Sweeper Slippers
New Products Sweet Smelling Feet
New Products Tattoos Made Easy
New Products Transparent Rolling Papers
New Products Versatile Walking Stick
New Products Wearable Prayers
New Products Where's My Beer?
New Products Windowsill Gardens
New Products Wine Bottle NightLights
Product Trends Sunglass Fashion Update
Wholesale News Closeouts Galore
Wholesale News Combating ID Theft
Wholesale News Find Products with Wholesale Power Search
Wholesale News Kohl's New Strategy
Wholesale News Phishers Try New Tactics
Wholesale News Retailers Court Business
Wholesale News ROI Marketing Tools
Wholesale News Tweeter Tweaks Biz
Wholesale News Union Bill Riles Retailers
Wholesale News Ups Changes The Delivery Game
Wholesaler of the Month Quality & Service In the Bag At Handbag Express


June 2007

Business Strategies Discover Your Audience
Business Strategies Marketing With Blogs & RSS
Business Strategies New Web Tactics Engage Buyers
Business Strategies Retailers Gain Edge Online
Business Strategies Sending Email Images
Business Strategies Social Network Marketing
Company Profiles Emergency Kits For All
Company Profiles Guayabera Expands Styles
Kiosk Korner Flexible Programs Drive Kiosk Sales
New Products Comfort Underfoot
New Products Digital Vaporizers
New Products Games From TV
New Products Helmets Stickers With Attitude
New Products Nostalgic Magnets & Postcards
New Products One For All Cosmetic
Product Trends Housewares & Gifts Summer Forecast
Wholesale News AmEx Expands Gift Cards
Wholesale News New Fraud Protection Fits In A Wallet
Wholesale News Register Stand Saves Retailers Space
Wholesale News Vietnam Trade Monitoring
Wholesale News Wholesalecentral.com Launches News & Article Archive
Wholesaler of the Month EZDROPSHIP.COM: American Dream Comes True


July 2007

Business Strategies Launching New Products
Business Strategies Merchants Set Up Shop at Facebook
Business Strategies Savvy Retailers Seek Hot Holiday Products
Business Strategies Small Retailers vs. Big Boxes
Business Strategies Web Profits: Strategies to Skyrocket Sales
Company Profiles Aliz Has Liberace's Bling
Kiosk Korner Tested Programs Spell Kiosk Success
New Products Ethical Halloween Chocolates
New Products Fridge Funnel
New Products Hats Change Color
New Products Poker Glasses
New Products Wrist Water Bottle
Product Trends Fashion Accessories Grow Sales
Web Tech Tips News Archive Offers Insight For Retailers
Wholesale News Clothing Trumps Computers Online
Wholesale News Free Seminars at August Merchandise
Wholesale News Golden Triangle Adds LA Show
Wholesale News RightNow Delivers CRM Solution
Wholesale News Web Research Impacts Store Sales
Wholesaler of the Month Surplus Success At Via Trading


August 2007

Business Strategies Buyers Pay For Privacy
Business Strategies Create A Dress Code
Business Strategies Crucial Call Centers
Business Strategies PayPal's Mobile Checkout
Business Strategies Slow Back To School Sales?
Business Strategies Small Business Expands
Business Strategies Stores Catching Up Online
Business Strategies Web Bankers Spend Big
Company Profiles A & W Live Auctions On Roll
Company Profiles Best Sellers From Discount Wholesalers
Company Profiles DP Adds New Site
Company Profiles Dress Up America Expands Costume Line
Company Profiles Nostalgic signs
Company Profiles SilverSource.com Grows Online
Company Profiles Sunglasses Galore From Kachina
Kiosk Korner Impulse Is Key To Kiosk Sales
New Products Big Mini Plants
New Products Can Hugger
New Products Coleman Fish Pen
New Products iPod Accessories
New Products MP3/MP4 Players
Product Trends Apparel Heats Up Fall Sales
Product Trends Fresh Toys & Novelties Push Retail Profits
Web Tech Tips Choosing The Right Shopping Cart
Web Tech Tips Simple Navigation
Web Tech Tips Tailored Emails Boost Sales
Wholesale News Army Navy Expo
Wholesale News Biz Growth Tool
Wholesale News Dallas Toy Show
Wholesale News NRF Nixes Protectionism
Wholesale News Shoppers Want Info
Wholesale News Video Spurs Action
Wholesale News Wal-Mart MoneyCenters
Wholesale News Web Wholesaler Completes BPA Audit
Wholesaler of the Month FashionPenny.com: A Family Tradition Of Success


September 2007

Business Strategies Back to School Update
Business Strategies Crime Savvy Retailers
Business Strategies Diversify Finances
Business Strategies HSAs And You
Business Strategies Protecting SS Numbers
Business Strategies Shrink Is Big
Business Strategies Social Shopping Sites
Business Strategies Web Info Breeds Sales
Company Profiles Buying Made Easy At MegaDropshippers.com
Company Profiles Guayabera Expands Styles
Company Profiles Innovative Products From Hi-Dow
Kiosk Korner Harborplace Kiosks
Kiosk Korner Smarts & Sweat Equal Turnkey Success
New Products Affordable Urban Wear
New Products Arm Band Pouch
New Products Cold Sore Healer
New Products Dollar General Goes Private
New Products Stun Gun Knuckles
New Products Travel Security Case
Product Trends Fab Footwear Online
Product Trends Growing Dollars From Scents
Product Trends Plus Sizes Growing
Web Tech Tips Benefits of Vertical Search Engines
Web Tech Tips Buyers Network Streamlined Wholesale Buying
Web Tech Tips Vertical Search Engines
Web Tech Tips Web Profits: Proven How-To Strategies to Skyrocket Web Sales
Wholesale News Court Ruling Threatens Discounting
Wholesale News Email Less Effective
Wholesale News Match Landing Pages To Messages
Wholesale News Online Security Gap
Wholesale News Orbitz Biz Site
Wholesale News Private Label Booms
Wholesale News Shoe Stores Consolidate
Wholesale News Shopping By GPS
Wholesale News Web Is Everywhere
Wholesaler of the Month Teamwork Drives UB2B's Success


Ocotber 2007

Business Strategies 10 Tips for Press Releases
Business Strategies Fit Consumers Spend Big
Business Strategies Five Business Burdens
Business Strategies Fraud Tops Retail Worries
Business Strategies Stores Within Stores
Business Strategies Strategies to Skyrocket Web Sales
Company Profiles Awesome Heavyweight in Scales
Company Profiles Buy Wise Expands Mix
Company Profiles Celebrate Your Dog
Company Profiles Fun Friends
Company Profiles SemiPrecious
Company Profiles Sports Watches From Game Time
Kiosk Korner Crystal Fresh Tailors Programs
Kiosk Korner Gift Giant Joins Santa's Pen
New Products Always Time for Pets
New Products Barton Blades From CKB
New Products Funky Fruit Snacks
New Products Personality Poster Metal Prints
New Products Skull Collectibles
New Products Team Spirit Lights Up
New Products Twirling Machine
Product Trends Anti Aging Market
Product Trends Fashion Accessories: Never Out Of Season
Product Trends Gifts & Housewares Spark Sales
Product Trends Linking Housewares To Foods
Web Tech Tips CloseoutCentral.com Adds Google Search
Web Tech Tips New Daily Closeout Alert Newsletter
Wholesale News China Fairs Expand
Wholesale News Ghosts Push Halloween Sales
Wholesale News List Turnover Troubles
Wholesale News OfficeMax Aids Small Biz
Wholesale News Retailers Facing Fines
Wholesale News Tiffany Wins Suit
Wholesaler of the Month Web Dreams Come True For Blue Bay


November 2007

Business Strategies Dollar Store Strategies
Business Strategies Five Steps To Successful Pay Per Click
Business Strategies Small Biz Seeks Health Care
Business Strategies Web Apparel Sales Skyrocket
Business Strategies Websites to Get Facelifts
Company Profiles Beaver Gumball Machine
Company Profiles Master of More Than Price
Company Profiles Pewter Dezigns
Company Profiles Source for Great Deals
Company Profiles Sticker Shoppe
Company Profiles Wholesale Unlimited Expands
Company Profiles Wuu Jau
Kiosk Korner Selling Unique Products
New Products Edible Greetings
New Products Frame A Fish
New Products Hearts That Float
New Products Images in Motion
New Products Light Up Your Pup
New Products Night Lite Aroma Lamps
New Products Popcorn Apparel
Product Trends Bargains on Blank Ts and Sweats
Product Trends Body Jewelry with Teeth
Product Trends Jewelry & Watch Bonanza
Product Trends Novelties & Souvenirs On Hot Streak
Web Tech Tips Optimizing Product Pages For Sales
Web Tech Tips Revamped Travel Site Increases Conversions
Web Tech Tips Why Pros Need Vertical Search
Wholesale News Consumers Want Cross Channels
Wholesale News Email Results
Wholesale News Immigration Rule Challenge
Wholesale News NFIB Battles Death Tax
Wholesale News NRF Pushes Web Tax
Wholesale News Seller Sues eBay
Wholesale News Stress Shopping Experience
Wholesale News TJX Settles Suits
Wholesale News Tying Online/In-Store Channels Together
Wholesaler of the Month Lighter Leash Catches Fire


December 2007

Business Strategies Abandonment Solutions
Business Strategies PCI Compliance Update
Business Strategies Sell More With Floor Displays
Business Strategies Store Display Merchandising
Business Strategies What Do Buyers Want?
Company Profiles FashionPenny.Com: Demand Drives Sales
Company Profiles Kalan Acquires Funworks
Company Profiles One Stop Shopping At Ohio Wholesale
Company Profiles Price Perfect Gems
Kiosk Korner Stock Kiosks With Top Sellers
New Products Bargains on Brand Watches
New Products Blossom Crown
New Products Bra Straps That Sparkle
New Products Bubbling Bath Treats
New Products Cell Phone Keeper
New Products Compression Garments
New Products Decorative Wind Chimes
New Products Disposable Panties
New Products EasyCal(tm) From Awesome
New Products Eliminates Odors
New Products Exclusive Pottery
New Products Fish Lamps
New Products Friski Boots from Itasca
New Products Fun Face Gear
New Products Golf Club Weed Whacker
New Products Gourmet Lip Balm
New Products Healing Inhalers
New Products Inspirational Decor
New Products Keyboard Stick Ons
New Products Light Up Umbrellas
New Products Messages that Stick
New Products Mulitfunction MP3/MP4
New Products Natural Pain Reliever
New Products New Dad's Tools
New Products Nostalgic Magnets & Postcards
New Products Perfect Product Photos
New Products Photo Frame Night Light
New Products Profitable Parkas
New Products Reggae Treasure Trove
New Products Scarves with Style
New Products Scrapbooking with Love
New Products Smoking Bottle Incense Burners
New Products Source for Socks & More
New Products Steady Light Source
New Products Teaching Toys For Tots
New Products Warming Buddies
Product Trends Sweet Smell Of Scent Success
Wholesale News Amazon.com Ranked #1
Wholesale News Build-A-Bear Expands
Wholesale News ECommerce Helps Small Biz
Wholesale News Family Dollar Adds Food
Wholesale News Home Depot Targets Women
Wholesale News Running Out of Addresses
Wholesale News The Affluent Shop the Web
Wholesale News Walgreens & AARP Join Forces
Wholesaler of the Month Vision For Growth
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  • Kole Imports

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