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  Item # Description Price Unit
FreeSpecials 1 Warehouse Clearance - FREE Merchandise EXTRAVAGANZA!
Check the many "FREE" merchandise ITEMS with selected purchase. Great way to build inventory with less investment!
5.00 Dz.
jwsethe.fe 15" Heart Necklace & 7.5" Bracelet Set
Assorted colors.
11.76 Dozen
Y27226 - Y27227 Country Bread Board Plaques $4.12
Assortment "Welcome" and "Faith Family, Friends" Bread Boards.
* 5.50 Each (Min. 2 Pcs)
v.p8453 Dogs In Basket Assortment
2 Sets of 2 Dogs on pillow in a 3" H X 5"L basket.
2.44 Each (Minimum 3 Sets)
33019 Double Cookie Angels On Cloud $1.02
Approximately 2 7/8" L. Resin.
4.09 Unit (4 Pieces)
fboap Feather Boa - Pink
6' - 60 g. Pink Feather Boa. Great for dances, parties, play dates, Valentine's Day, & more.
* 4.10 Each Minimum 3 pcs.
jamesfl.r Floral Messenger Bag
8" X 6.5" Very colorful bag with adjustable strap.
1.88 Ea. (Min. 6 Pcs.)
fe.hz-6/1259 Fluffy White Embossed Bean Bag Dog WIth "Hug Me" Pillow
LIMITED SPECIAL $2.25 EACH. Embossed Dog With Hug Me Heart Pillow (Minimum 24 pcs.)
* 3.00 Each (Minimum 3 Pieces)
j42225 Glitter & Lace Leatherette Shoulder Bag Assortment $3.85
Assorted colors - gold, silver, & black shoulder purse. Great for an evening bag. $4.29 Each (6 Shoulder Bags) or $3.85 each (44 Shoulder Bags).
* 4.29 Ea. (Minimum 6 Pcs.)
Asstlockblades K_4.5" Folding Knife With Assisted Opening *$5.36
440 Stainless Steel Assisted Opening Blade. $6.69 Each Knife Special....= $5.36 each, minimum 5 assorted styles.
* 6.69 Each Minimum 3 Knives
Y14776 Kissing Cows - $4.51
6.75"H Resin. Save 20% on Resin Kissing Cows Figurine..See full description
* 6.02 Each (Minimum 2 Pieces) Laser Pointer Bullet Pen Flash Light Key Chain * 4 FREE
It's a pen! It's a laser! It's a flash light! It's a key chain! ***4 FREE Bullet Laser Pointers with each 2 dozen purchased.***
* 15.50 Dozen (Minimum 2 dozen) 3 FREE W/Ea. Dozen
nv1182 Mood Ring Band
Express your mood by your ring. Changes color as your moods (emotions) change.
* 7.42 Per Dozen (Minimum 3 Dz.)
sf4003 Party Poppers *FREE Box (72 Pieces)
AKA Champagne Poppers. Popping, burst of confetti when the string is pulled. $3.78 Per box of 72 Poppers (minimum 3 boxes); *Buy 4 boxes & get the 5th box FREE!
* 3.78 Box (Minimum 3 boxes) 1 Bx FREE w/ 4 bxs.
fe.whs Wood Heart Shelf
4" x 9.5" 2 Peg Heart Shelf.
4.67 Each
freefreightspec200 z. Freight = FREE Merchandise
Freight SPECIAL...FREE merchandise taken from inventory equal to the UPS ground freight charge on your order(1st price of item). Example: If your ground freight is $15.00, you will receive $15.00 of FREE merchandise. ******See full description for details.
CALL $200 Online-Qty & Sale Prices Excluded

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Orders processed within 24-48 business hours (Pay Pal orders may require an extra business day).

*As an added security for your information, we DO NOT ask for the CVV number (last 3 - 4 digits on the back of your credit card) online. In order to expedite your order faster, please telephone 217-826-6230 or 217-822-6230 with the required information (9 A.M. - 5 P.M. CST)

Warehouse Visits: 24 Hour "Advance Order" online or by telephone required (you may add to order upon arrival). Warehouse visits by appointment only.

We NO longer accept orders by e-mail from unestablished clients.

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