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  • Apples
  • Bears, Bears, Bears!
  • Birds
  • Bridal & Anniversary
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Chickens, Roosters, Cows, Pigs
  • Children & Clowns
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    (*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
    Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

      Item # Description Price Unit
    Y14229 "Camp Run A-Muck" Stepping Stones
    "Camp Run A-Muck" Stepping Stones. 11.75" D. 2 Assorted.
    7.50 Each
    "My Garden" Solar Frog. 15.5" H Resin.
    *20.65 Each (Save In Quantity)
    ptp 2. Pumpkin Tea Pot
    9" X 5" H Ceramic Pumpkin Tea Pot. Get into the fall mood and adorn the table with pumpkin décor.
    2.65 Each (Min. 2)
    GoFPWt 3 D Gold Fish Paper Weight
    3 D Gold Fish Paper Weight. Heavy glass.
    *4.35 Each
    Y13272/Y13275/Y13276 Apple Wall Plaque- Trivet With Bow, Towel Ring, & Wall Pocket
    Apple Wall Plaque- Trivet With Bow, Towel Ring, & Wall Pocket.
    *14.97 Each Assortment
    Y23231/Y23231 Apples In Basket & Apple Harvest Napkin Holder Assortment
    It's "apple picken time"! 5" H assorted apple themed napkin holders.
    *3.35 Each (Minimum 2 Pcs.)
    B250A-D Baby Girl With Bear Assortment
    Baby Girl With Bear. 2.5" H Resin. 4 Assorted.
    *1.25 per piece (Minimum 12)
    y26880 Bear "Welcome" Rock
    Resin Bear "Welcome" Rock. Very detailed. As low as $8.81.
    *12.50 Each
    Y26370 Bear Bird Watcher
    Resin Bird Watcher Bear. See Quantity pricing.
    *3.00 Each (MINIMUM 4 Pieces)
    del.11726 Bear With Cubs Assortment
    Bear With Cubs Assortment. 8" X 6.5". Resin. 2 Assorted.
    6.21 Each (Minimum 3 Pieces)
    Y56052 Birds on the Birdhouse
    Very cute resin birdhouse.
    9.99 Each
    espdj288 Black Bear With Cub
    Momma and cub climbing tree.
    *9.25 Each Minimum 2 pieces
    Y56168 Cardinal Family With "Welcome Sign"
    Cardinal Family With "Welcome Sign". Resin.
    *13.00 Each
    FM 3086 Carousel Rocking Horse
    Carousel Rocking Horses 2.75" H X 3" L. Poly Stone.
    1.44 Each Piece (Minimum 6 Pieces)
    chrteaset Christmas Tea Set **$2.70
    Christmas 10 Pc. Tea Set.
    *3.60 Per Set
    cwga Christmas Water Globe Assortment
    Christmas Water Globe Assortment. 3" H.
    3.23 Per Unit (6 Pieces)
    Y16624 Country Apple Salt & Pepper Set
    Country Apple Salt & Pepper Set. 3.75"H.
    *3.00 Each (Minimum 3 Sets)
    Y27226 - Y27227 Country Bread Board Plaques Special $4.12
    Assortment "Welcome" and "Faith Family, Friends" Bread Boards.
    *5.50 Each (Min. 2 Pcs)
    Y20444 Cow Print Milk Can Soap Pad Holder $4.25
    Great kitchen accessory.
    *4.85 Each ( Minimum 3 Pieces)
    wgs.ch1369/12 Cute Double Piggy Cookie Jar $21.39
    12.5"L X 9.3"H Cute Double Piggy Cookie Jar.
    *28.38 Each
    wgs.ch1369/01 Cute Piggy Salt and Pepper Set
    4.1" H Cute Piggy Salt and Pepper Set.
    *9.71 Each
    y13643 Dolphin Filled Candle Jar - 6.75"L $7.30
    Candle jar adorned by playful dolphins.
    *8.50 Each (Min. 2 Pcs.)
    dwg.rn Dolphin Water Globe - SPECIAL $2.70
    3.5" Water Globe with Dolphin on resin sand beach.
    *3.20 Each (Minimum 3)
    33019 Double Cookie Angels On Cloud $1.02
    Approximately 2 7/8" L. Resin.
    4.09 Unit (4 Pieces)
    ak.88476 European Fruit Cookie Jar (Hand Painted) *SPECIAL $16.97
    European Fruit Cookie Jar. Very detailed. Hand painted.
    *22.86 Each **SPECIAL PRICE $16.97 **Minimum 3 Pcs.

    70 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] [3] <Next Page>

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