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Minimum Order: $100.00

Toys: Inflates :

  • Animal Inflates
  • Character Inflates
  • Guitar Inflates
  • Hammer Inflates
  • Specials
  • Weapons

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    (*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
    Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

      Item # Description Price Unit
    jlbatma Batman Inflatables - 24"
    Super Hero character figure toy balloon. Great decoration, prize, or party favor. Not for Retail sale. For Amusement Industry only.
    * 27.00 Dozen
    inclo27 Clown Fish Inflatable - 27"
    Bright colored fish balloons. Great for prizes, party favors, rewards & more. HOT!
    15.60 Dozen
    inclo40 Clown Fish Inflate - 40"
    Bright colored Clown Fish Inflate.
    16.80 Dozen
    inclo40pcs Clown Fish Inflate - 40" (By The Piece)
    Assorted colors Clown Fish Inflate.
    1.65 Each *Min. 4 Pcs.
    20180530-60 Deluxe Inflate Assortment - 60 Pieces
    Assortment of character, animal, sword, & guitar inflatables. Get more bang for your buck with little investment.
    1.39 Each Piece (Minimum 60 pieces)
    nddgo24 Diego Inflate - 24" SPECIAL
    Not for children under 3. For Amusement Industry ONLY...not for retail sales.
    * 16.80 Dozen
    jndoltr_pc Dolphin - 36" Transparent Dolphin Inflate
    Great for school carnivals, game prizes, birthday parties, street festivals, & more.
    1.35 Each (Minimum 6 pieces)
    in-dolpe_dz Dolphin - 40" Pearlized Pink and Blue Dolphin Inflate
    Also available in the "DELUXE INFLATE ASSORTMENT".
    15.60 Per Dozen
    indolpe_pc Dolphin - 40" Pearlized Pink and Blue Dolphin Inflate (By Piece)
    Very popular item! Also available in Deluxe Inflate Assortment.
    1.45 Each (Minimum 6 pieces)
    indolt2 Dolphin: 24" Pink and Blue Pearlized Dolphin Inflate
    Not for children under 3.
    * 11.50 Dozen
    indoltr Dolphin: Transparent Dolphin Inflate - 36"
    Kids will love these playful looking dolphins.
    * 15.60 Dz.
    indolga Dolphin_36" Galaxy Dolphin Inflate $1.25
    Great theme party prize.
    * 18.60 Dozen
    nd-dor24 Dora The Explorer Inflate
    Not for Retail Sales. For Amusement Industry ONLY.
    21.00 Per Dozen
    in-hamflr Flame Hammer Inflate - 36"
    Bright colors.
    * 13.20 Dozen
    infrogr Frog Inflate - 24" Mr. & Mrs.
    2 Styles in Frog Assortment. Sooo cute. Special price $18.90 dozen ($1.575 each); minimum 6 dozen.
    * 21.00 Dozen
    in-frolo Frog Lollipop Inflate - 36"
    Assorted Colors.
    * 15.00 Per Dozen
    ingiral Girly Alien Inflate - 36" $1.40
    Assorted bright colored Girly Alien Inflate. Great for parties, festivals, parades, prizes & more.
    * 1.50 Each Minimum 6 Pieces
    in-guifl Guitar: 42" Flame Guitar
    Great item! An air guitar must.
    * 12.00 Per Dozen
    hamrinfasst Hammer Inflate Assortment
    Assorted hammer inflates and lollipop inflates (assorted).
    14.95 Dozen (Minimum 2 Dozen)
      closeoutinfl Inflate Assortment Special *Special $1.046
    Special inflate assortment. Special pricing.
    * 15.69 Per Dozen (Min. 3.5 dz.)
    inmer24 Inflate_Mermaid Inflate - 24"
    Cute toy for a mermaid theme enthusiast.
    * 15.00 Dozen
    vipspecial JAX FOLLIES SPECIAL - FREE Merchandise GIFT
    Gift taken from inventory for our Jax Follies Facebook friends to show that we value your friendship.
    CALL Ea.
    inkit24 Kitten Inflate - 24"
    Very cute, attention getting game prize. Assorted colors. $2.00 each.
    * 27.00 Dozen
    immer36 Mermaid Inflate - 36"
    Also available in the DELUXE INFLATE ASSORTMENT.
    16.20 Dozen
    inmonlo Monkey Lollipop Inflate - 36" *$1.05
    Assorted colors Monkey Lollipop Inflate. SPECIAL PRICE $13.30 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen.
    * 15.60 Dozen

    59 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] [3] <Next Page>

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