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Minimum Order: $100.00

Pencils & Stationery Items :

  • Erasers
  • Pencils: School Motivational
  • Pencils: Animals
  • Pencils: Assortments
  • Pencils: Awards
  • Pencils: Foils
  • Pencils: Holidays & Seasonal
  • Pencils: Inspirational
  • Pencils: Motivational
  • Pencils: Teacher's
  • Pencils: Water Life
  • Space
  • Stickers

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    (*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
    Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

      Item # Description Price Unit
    mpftnm "Find The Series" FOIL Pencils
    "Find The Series" Motivational Pencils. Find The more..see options.
    *1.86 Per Dz. (*12 Dz. LIMITED to assorted styles)
    ftsp "FIND THE" Series
    FIND THE Series Pencils. Wide range of motivational pencils for all ages. Styles may be mixed to obtain "Quantity Pricing".
    *1.50 Dozen
    100thdaypen 100th Day Pencils
    100th Day Pencils. Red Foil with white print.
    *1.55 Per Dozen
    GoFPWt 3 D Gold Fish Paper Weight
    3 D Gold Fish Paper Weight. Heavy glass.
    *4.35 Each
    Animalpenasst Animal Pencil Assortment
    Animal Pencil Assortment: Bears, Cats, Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Giraffes, Elephants, Monkeys.
    *1.50 Dozen (Minimum 12 Dozen).
    animpen Animal Pencils
    Standard Animal Pencils. Choose from Bears (Assorted Bears in quantity), Cats, Horses (Assorted Horses in quantity), Sheep, Pigs, Monkeys, Giraffes, Elephants.
    *1.50 Dozen
    PanhonBearAsst Bear Assortment Pencils
    Honey Bear and Panda Bear Pencils. See Description.
    *1.50 Per Dozen
    Blkcelestpen Celestial - Moon & Stars - Space Shuttle Pencil
    Black Celestial - Moon & Stars - Space Shuttle Pencil.
    *1.50 Dozen
    CelSpacepenasst Celestial - Space Pencil Assortment
    Celestial - Space Pencil Assortment: Celestial, Moon & Stars, Space Shuttle.
    *1.50 Dozen (Minimum 12 Dozen).
    cc Color Crayons
    64 Piece Color Crayon Assortment.
    0.75 per box (Minim 6 Boxs)
    sy.5261 Dove Pen Holder
    *4.88 each (MINIMUM 3)
    a.ep Easter Pencils
    Easter Foil & Standard Pencils. As LOW as $1.25 / dozen (in Quantity).****See "Full Description" for details.
    *1.50 Dozen (Minimum 2 dozen per selection)
    FAASST Farm Animal Pencil Assortment
    Farm Animal Pencil Assortment. Assorted Pigs, Horses, Sheep & Ducks.
    *1.50 Dozen (Minimum 12 Dozen)
    pencflrs Foil Flowers Pencil
    Foil Rose Pencils, Foil Sunflower Pencils, Foil Daisies.
    *1.55 Dozen
    horsepenasst Horse Pencil Assortment
    Horse Pencils. White pencil with black print and assorted pastels. See full description.
    *1.50 Dozen **Quantity Price limited to Assorted Styles
    Relpinbkmk Inspirational Pins & Bookmarks
    Light of The World Bookmark with a lighthouse lapel pin. Come Follow Me Bookmark with fish (Jesus) lapel pin.
    3.60 Per Dozen
    readlib Library - Reading Motivational Pencils
    Motivate young minds with "You Can Find It In The Library", "Readers Are Leaders" and "Wonderfull Reading Progress" Motivational Pencils.
    *1.50 Per Dozen
    penpawprt Paw Prints Pencil
    Paw Prints Pencil. May be assorted colors.
    *1.50 Per Dozen **Quantity Price limited to Assorted Sty
    penwatlife Pencils: Water Life
    Water Life Standard Pencils: Frogs, Gators, Whales & Dolphins.
    *1.50 Per Dozen (Styles may be mixed for case pricing.
    pigpen Pig Pencil
    Pig Pencils. As LOW As .10 each....See Quantity Pricing.
    *1.50 Dozen**Quantity Price Limited to Assorted Styles
    sumasst School: Pencils - Summer Assortment
    Summer Pencil Assortment: "Have A Nice Summer", "I'm Outta Here", "School Bus", "Congratulations Graduate". Great graduation & school motivational item. OVER STOCKED! MAKE AN REASONABLE OFFER on 48 Dozen or more Assorted Pencils!
    *1.50 Per Dozen (Styles may be mixed for case pricing.
      stickers Sticker Assortment
    Assorted stickers (carded with hangable header).
    6.00 Dozen Cards
    tpawb Teacher Pencil Assortment
    Assorted Teacher penils with display box.
    *9.25 Unit (50 pencils)
    whaleofajob Whale Of A Job
    Standard Motivational - Whale Of A Job.
    *1.50 Per Dozen **12 Dz. price LIMITED to Assorted Style
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    27 items found: Page [ 1 ] [2] <Next Page>

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    Orders are shipped by UPS or USPS Ground Service.

    *As an added security for your information, we DO NOT ask for the CVV number (last 3 -4 digits on the back of your credit card) online. To expedite your order faster, please telephone 217-822-6230 with the required information (9 A.M. - 4 P.M. CST)

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